? Chapter 6 Silver Needle Lowers the Evil Snake
Xiao Lingyu walked out of the tunnel and immediately felt the warmth wrapped around him in the valley.
After staying in the dark place of the ancient gods’ abode of fairies and immortals for several years, he almost forgot that the sun was shining on him at this moment, which made him feel reborn.
It took him a while to narrow his eyes before he looked up at the sky.
I saw several feathers of different colors flying slowly in the sun, covering the sky and looking spectacular. Some of them were hundreds of feet long but as soft as catkins.
Xiao Lingyu remembered what Jiang Lanyue had said. This is the land of the fix-the-true world, and it also reminds me that this is the depths of an ancient forest. In this ancient forest, there are several fierce beasts and monster beasts, but many successful practitioners in the land of the flying feather dare not easily set foot in places.
"How can I get out of this ancient forest when I am out of the ancient cave?"
Xiao Lingyu can’t help but feel a little upset now without any repairs.
No matter what, let’s take care of the injury first. Fortunately, it’s protected by that colorful brilliance. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll become a pair of bones in the cave of ancient gods for thousands of years.
Thought of here, Xiao Lingyu naturally misses being with Jiang Lanyue. At the same time, she is a little more grateful for Jiang Lanyue’s protection and hates the so-called "cousin"
Old and you have a grudge, you should first deal with old and fail, and then attack old and fail at last. It is because you are always a mortal that you will become a master one day, and you will definitely step on your feet!
Ant? Never be an ant!
Xiao Lingyu secretly swears in his heart that this is a man who should react after being stimulated, but he just doesn’t know if this can be remembered by him and this motivation. Usually, many men vent and will forget it soon. After all, the gap between the two is too big.
After another day in the valley, Xiao Lingyu’s injury is almost better, not because of how strong his original recovery ability is, but because Jiang Lanyue has blown too many colorful brilliance on him over the years, which still remains in his body, making him hurt and slowly disappear, and making him not hungry and not losing his life.
Although Xiao Lingyu has grown a few years in the past few years, he is almost twenty-five years old except for his height and appearance, as a boy of ten or nine.
Xiao Lingyu finally made up his mind to get out of the valley, but when he reached the valley exit, he heard the roar of animals and made his heart tremble and looked around guiltily.
This valley may not always be in a wild forest, and it may die at any time, and Xiao Lingyu will feel hungry again in a few days, and he can’t afford to delay.
Xiao Lingyu still resolutely left the valley, picked a direction and went straight ahead.
Half a day after leaving the valley, Xiao Lingyu met a fierce beast.
The fierce beast looks like a tiger, but it has three eyes, and its body is as big as a small mountain peak. Its appearance scared Xiao Lingyu to stand still on the spot, but when Xiao Lingyu was desperate and felt that he was doomed this time, the fierce beast that had jumped on him suddenly stopped at a place more than ten meters away from him.
What makes Xiao Lingyu even more unimaginable is that the fierce beast sniffed around with his head down and seemed to smell something that made it feel scared, but it turned around and disappeared in front of Xiao Lingyu.
"What is this?" Xiao Lingyu some puzzled thought way
Naturally, he couldn’t understand where he was. After his mood calmed down a little, he moved on.
Nine days passed quickly, and Xiao Lingyu met several fierce beasts, but every time it was a false alarm. When those fierce beasts saw him, they didn’t dare to get too close, just like seeing the gods. Every time they started to run.
But after nine days passed, Xiao Lingyu felt hungry and he couldn’t help aiming at those wild fruits in his arms.
Xiao Lingyu is a little hesitant. These wild fruits seem sweet, but after all, this is the fix-true realm. Wild fruits here can’t be eaten casually. Once he swallows the fruit containing horrible energy, he will burst his body even directly.
These things Jiang Lanyue told Xiao Lingyu long ago.
But if you don’t eat, you will starve to death sooner or later. Is this good?
Don’t eat it yet. Maybe you’ll walk out of this ancient forest in a little while.
With such hope, Xiao Lingyu has been enduring it, but she is getting weaker and weaker, and this barren forest root is still endless.
Finally, Xiao Lingyu stopped beside a waterfall pool, slumped down in his mouth, panting, and his eyes were a little trance. He knew that he had gone on.
Lying flat beside the pool, listening to the rumbling sound, the last hesitation in my heart was also dispelled.
He took out all the wild fruits he had picked in the forest and put them in front of him to choose which one to eat first.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t realize that it was in the pool behind him that a huge snake head as big as a house surfaced. It was noisy, but it was covered by the waterfall falling and roaring.
When Xiao Lingyu finally made up his mind to eat a red fruit that looked the most common, suddenly a red wind swept in and the red fruit in his hand was gone.
Xiao Lingyu looked very surprised and puzzled at Ruye’s palm. Where did the fruit go?
These fruits are really not simple, and they will run away by themselves, but if they run away, they will run away. It is not a good thing for me to eat that kind of spiritual fruit.
Xiao Lingyu comforted herself and picked up a fruit, but it still disappeared after a red wind, which naturally made him feel too strange.
It doesn’t wait for Xiao Lingyu to get other fruits lying beside him, but those fruits will swing in the future, but Xiao Lingyu has also noticed something strange behind him.
He turned around slowly, and then his brain crashed immediately, and his eyes were so wide that he couldn’t stop shaking.
Behind him, in the pool, a snake head covered in blue is floating on the water, and the snake head’s green eyes are staring at him closely, which makes him feel creepy.