When stopping this skill, although it is almost bug-like, it takes a lot of power to ban this powerful ghost Dao. At the same time, this ghost Dao has another special feature, that is, the stronger the power of things to stop life, the greater the scope, and the greater its consumption power, which will also be weakened to some extent. Tang Yi’s release to cazac will consume the same power to stop the knot, but it will last for several minutes, while the release to Alucard will stop him for just a few seconds.
Even let Arouca stop for four seconds in the long river, but it has already consumed nearly thirty percent of Tang Yi’s mind. This is an extremely horrible proportion. You know, although he is still not enough compared with Maxim, it is not too bad for him. Thirty percent of his mind consumption is almost equivalent to Maxim’s release of a quarter of his body strength in an instant.
This kind of instantaneous release of a quarter-force attack means that the force attack is two concepts. It is really a matter of fact that the limit of a force strike is also the maximum force that can be exerted by an attack, but this release of a quarter-force attack is to burst the energy in an instant and attack the body four times, and then the two powers will swing. However, it is not the same.
However, even if Tang Yi scattered one-third of his strength in one breath, it was only when he took the initiative for a few seconds. Arouca would be defeated because he was too careless and unlucky to touch Tang Yi, an opponent with disadvantages and general power.
Although Earl Alucard’s soul escaped from the body to save his life at the same time when he was defeated, two people in the battle can be so used as Tang Yi to slowly search and induce whether it really killed Alucard. Therefore, after detecting the fall of the powerful vampire Earl, whether it is ambitious Asmode or new dog-legged Bruma, it is a shock in the heart at the same time. Manual is not slow for a few minutes.
Brumma’s side is a little better. Soros, although he played badly in Tang Yi scattered places, actually he completely mastered the initiative. Although he moved slowly because of restless thoughts, he didn’t have any bad situation now. He just took the initiative a little loose, but he looked unlucky compared with Asmode.
This chest is full of ambitious efreet, although he has some cards and is powerful, but today he is faced with many breakthroughs and his hand artifact has also been aided by Angel. Many good things can also be used to change the dilemma. In his hand, the Excalibur is strong, and the whip that was extinguished by the holy ice has been cut off for a long time. Even a few disposable magic props lost in his hand have been faint by this strong cold force, sacred hard ice, and then it was forcibly destroyed by waving Excalibur when it was not released.
When the props were destroyed, the remaining energy impact was made by this little girl who was at the top of her game, depending on her body, and the powerful defense force to protect her body became the breeze stroke.
In this battle, Asmode was completely in the wind, and he was held up by the angel. At this time, Asmode unconsciously had distractions in his heart. Immediately, the angel seized the opportunity to enter a force in vain with the wavy blade in his hand. Seeing this Excalibur face, the burning golden sacred flame suddenly soared and turned into a golden torch. The torch was a full meter long, and the golden flame of hunting actually spread almost to a meter thick diameter. Then, In her white palm, waving the golden flame seemed to be an endless tidal surge, which quickly crossed the distance of nearly 100 meters and surrounded some absently Asmode.
Stupidly, efreet, although you are very strong, it seems that your mind is still not much different from those wild animals. Let my angel purify you. Staring at the corner of Asmode Angel’s mouth surrounded by the golden flame, a faint sneer hangs. After this short-term battle, the heaviness in her heart seems to have eased a lot. Although the human being is more evil than the devil, some words are very confusing.
Eyes glanced at Tang Yi scattered the fingertips and shot a bunch of blue, white and purple interwoven with each other to Lei Guang. She just stared back at the brilliant golden sacred eyes in front of her, full of vigilance. Although she was very confident, she was not blind enough to recognize herself, but she could finish killing this efreet with this golden sacred.
Angel took a deep breath and silently released the body strength evenly, which has been transformed into black wings behind the tight-handed weapons. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind was aroused in the air, combined with the huge strength of the body, which made her personally drag a residual image into the golden sacred.
Cracking that a bunch of fingers is thick and strong. Lei Guang heard a continuous crackling sound in the air, and even he could see some remnants standing still in the air and shining a little. This bunch of blue-and-white thunder is wrapped with two slender purple snakes. Compared with the main body, these two purple snakes are very slender, but they can’t stop twisting and winding, but they still have a proud and fierce feeling. In the process of moving, even a purple image remains around them. Although this image passes by, it still has a very dazzling visual effect.
This bunch of blue-and-white thunder pillars, two purple snake-assisted white thunder scattered at Tang Yi’s fingertips and then immediately crossed a long distance. Almost at the same time, it hit Soros and flew backwards to Bruma’s forehead, and then penetrated the vampire with red light and penetrated his eyebrows in the vampire’s incredible eyes full of despair.
This bunch of Lei Guang is as thick as a finger, but its hole is almost three or four centimeters in diameter, leaving a burning hole on Bruma’s forehead, braving bursts of smoke.
A finger of Bai Lei will kill Tang Yi, the weakest vampire, with a slight relaxation. In an instant, it will surround Asmode’s golden sacred body. After searching again, the corners of his mouth show a shallow smile. Although efreet is strong, he also gave up his plan to continue fighting in Wang Zhi. He easily learned that efreet intends to hold a rune stone that looks like a stone in his hand. Although he doesn’t know what it is, from Asmode’s point of view, all his forces are to protect himself. This efreet is obviously fighting hard and resisting attacks. Pay attention to it.
Tiedao 61 Rikujoukourou
Although Rikujoukourou can’t hold Asmode for too long, Tang Yi didn’t expect too much from this skill. What he did was to fight for a little bit. He wanted to stop Asmode’s escape plan a little. Both Angel and he had enough ways to kill this efreet.
Seeing the ferocious face of Angel Asmode flying in front of him, he showed a proud and mocking smile. Holding this magic stone in his hand, his power is about to be activated. Before he can wait for a breath, he can launch this treasure with special effects to make himself go back to the boundary ten times faster than the limit. He doesn’t think that this fallen day can kill himself at that speed, but even Count Alucard can achieve almost comparable teleport speed with his physical strength.
Not in this critical life and death, he would never have bought this precious treasure at the beginning, but he spent a lot of money to get this precious prop from the treasure warehouse, and it also played a lot to get this magic stone and his great importance of seizing the law enforcement team.
The thought that Alucard died in battle and he could take advantage of this period to seize the law enforcement team, big Asmoder’s heart could not help but get hot. If he mastered the law enforcement team, his position in the organization would be even higher. It is not impossible to climb the top with the help of the law enforcement team.
Suddenly, I heard this obviously wrong sound in my ears, imagining a bright future in my hands. Asmode immediately became nervous and didn’t notice the scene because he was distracted. In an instant, he saw four trapezoidal bands of light, and I don’t know when they had stopped around his body, which firmly stuck his waist.
The narrowest place of these four light belts is about 15 centimeters wide, and the width increases as it extends back. By the time it reaches the end of the sawtooth shape, it has increased to nearly 10 centimeters wide. Compared with the length, the thickness of these four light belts is not very thick, just about 3 centimeters. It looks a little subtle and it is very delicate. To be continued, there are more chapters on the funeral.
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Chapter three hundred and twelve From
Death watching wrapped around six semi-transparent belts, De Gu no longer went to anger, drink and scold, and encouraged the power to suddenly and violently oscillate several times, which forced the six belts to be bound.
It was he who delayed an opposite angel a little, but he had already waved the Excalibur in his hand heavily to create an artifact from the celestial light Lord. At this time, she gathered her strength to wave the smooth wave, and the body surface of the sword contained the golden sacred flame shrouded in blue light, which was annihilated at the same time, and then forced a white light blade as wide as a palm from the body surface.
This white light blade is full of pure sacred gas. In addition, it is obviously a little hot or cold breath. It has given up other additional attributes and directly condensed the light holy force into this thin light blade. The thickness of the light blade is less than a finger, and even the width is 12 or 13 centimeters wide, but its length is actually more than 40 meters. From the other end of the golden sacred flame that is gradually disappearing, it has been stretched out for a long time.
Angel’s arm swung slightly, and the white light blade forced from the blue angry blade suddenly drew a beautiful arc and split from Asmode’s head.
This light blade, which is stretched out from the surface of the artifact’s blue anger sword, is extremely slim in appearance, but its power was revealed in the moment of contact with Asmode. This light blade actually forcibly broke Asmode’s body surface to protect his defense force and then directly cut off his left arm.
The fact is that if Asmode didn’t deviate from his body when he felt wrong at the first time, he was afraid that this light blade would have been completely split in half by now.
Although in the absolute wind during the battle, it doesn’t mean that Asmode is weak, but because Angel is in a state of almost equal disadvantages at this time, she will cling to it from all aspects, whether it is speed skills or weapons and equipment in her hands. Now Angel is taller than him, so it is strange to fight without being tied behind his back.
Poof-hoo, red blood just blew up from the shoulder position, and then immediately it burned a scorching flame in the air. The powerful physique brought strong pulsation, and at this time it also became fireworks. The best power flame was almost sprayed for more than 20 meters, just like a flame thrower, and the dark red blood in efreet was the best fuel.