In the future, if you set foot on Kunlun Mountain, you will be challenged not by Xiaoyu but by Su Mei, so that Xiaoyu can continue to practice.
I’m afraid Su Mei is already a fairy, and he has to catch up to beat this terrible nv man.
Acacia robs depression.
What do you mean, Mu Longcheng is angry, but it’s hard to kill again.
I said that the battle has just started leitian, and Lei Guang himself is also hiding in Lei Guang. Once Lei Guang hits and hurts Mulongcheng, he will stab him with a gun.
Once this acacia robbery is launched, it will be exhausted unless the thunder and water in the thunder bead are exhausted.
Mu Longcheng’s face sank in syin’s heart, but he thought that this small city had to hone its own tactics or just cut his sword. I think he would not challenge the whole city in the future and challenge Uncle Su Mei.
Mulongcheng instantly calculates the future knot and sells it to Xiaoyu. This leitian can’t challenge Uncle Su Mei.
Thought of here, Mu Longcheng’s swordsmanship changed, and the cloud of heaven’s sword could not hurt him by Lei Guang bombardment.
Yun Jian is the elder brother of Kunlun. When he was feeding, he cast a hidden needle in the wool, hoping that the dragon city didn’t kill him. That final attack will never be released. The swordsmanship all the way in the hands of dragon city has become a common style.
Is he misjudged leitian strength see leitian sword in heaven can also continue to attack this Yun Jian display is also sharp-edged leitian duels.
Although Tang Xiu can see the situation clearly in the then period, she is also very surprised to see this knot. That eternal robbery is really mysterious. It is no ordinary way to avoid attacks. Every Lei Guang is also a death warrant.
Stay in the cycle of attack and create a world of compound laws so that once an attack is launched, it will be an enemy.
Leitian acacia robbed LeiLian and put a hundred thoughts to calm him down. It’s not that yin Yangleizhu killed Mulongcheng Xianjian. He wanted to break the heavenly sword, but he couldn’t.
Leitian Leiguang changed a black-and-white two-S dragon to pounce on that longed for Longcheng.
He is now physically weak to avoid the sword of heaven. This dragon is weak. This is the only chance to absorb the lotus fragrance of the seven-star magic gun. Immediately, God jing restores the Qinglong Sword Wheel to attack again.
This time, the dragon sword wheel is full of immortal sword without reservation.
This sword has consumed 90% of it, but he is not willing to give it up. But he doesn’t kill the immortal sword. That longed for Dragon City is the sword ancestor’s style, so let him use the dragon sword wheel method to display it.
Leitian Suo ing didn’t keep this sword, and put the moonlit dragon rain sword to good use.
The sword wheel pike Leizhu three weapons, the heaven sword fight in one place longed for Longcheng Vietnam War, the more frightened he was, and he wanted to run out of Leitian Dan Yuan force, even if he didn’t expect the Leitian offensive to be more and more fierce, the attack frequency of the sword wheel was close to the realm of spectroscopic shadow.
Don’t really want to become this little grindstone?
Yes, I have just gone to Yun Jian. Others can’t understand my pool, and that person Wang Wei’s light dust must have been laughed at by the white killer.
Just as he hesitated for a moment, the Leitian Qinglong sword wheel felt a shock wave in the high dispersion. Leitian, the first world war, realized the means of splitting light and changing shadows in such a short time.
Mu Longcheng can’t believe that it took him several years to practice from firm but gentle Lei Yin to spectroscopic imaging, which is the fastest speed in Kunlun in a hundred years.
A trace of jealousy can never be erased from the bottom of Mu Longcheng’s heart.
If you can’t kill anyone, I’ll break him, Lei Zhu.
Mu Longcheng thought of here and secretly took a yu operator to shake a red S box of cutting.
This square box’s rune flashes and leitian is horrified. This square box’s breath is even more terrible than when Wei light dust released Leijie, and it is closer to the yu magic power.
This box has been blown up in a blink of an eye, and it has retreated to avoid the attack. On the day of the attack, the black and white two S dragons were directly hit by the dragon, crashing and crushing, and three hundred and sixty red beads were no longer condensed.
Leitian found out that he had actually summoned those red beads and immediately longed for Liuzhou. The idea turned out to be to destroy his own Tao.
Fortunately, these red beads are relics, but Buddha’s N things are Tao’s N Daos, and they have really been restored by the destruction method of Mu Longcheng.
Mu Longcheng released the yu character, but it was Kunlun’s famous scattered yuan character, and the Leitian Dungeon lun character was similar to the special N villain’s equipment. Even if the gas refiner was hit, it would destroy the road.
Purple and gold bowls of red beads were not hurt, but the three hundred and sixty red beads were swallowed by purple and gold bowls of red beads.
Leitian was broken, and Lei Zhu was also angry in his heart. He offered a fake Dan directly.
This fake Dan is called Zi Shafei yin Dan, which contains Shaqi which is even more horrible than that in Leitian Dunsha lun rune. Can this Zi Shafei yin Dan not be equipped with bad guys? The biggest thing is to shake the gas refiner Yuan Shen.
Yuan Shen, also known as Yuan Ling, is a false fairy who cultivates things that are one hundred times more powerful than Yang Shen.
That longed for dragon city, although strong enough to practice, is also a Yang Shen Daoism, not a fairy. This purple evil spirit flies yin Dan, and he suddenly lost his mind and couldn’t help but be frightened.
He didn’t fight for a long time in Leitian, but everything in Leitian was equipped in Kunlun. The pike was just a weapon that was broken by his sword, and he didn’t even cut thousands of swords.
He didn’t know that the key to the seven-star magic gun was the seven-star stone, but the seven-star Shi Gen didn’t accurately locate it. Even if he could cut off the seven-star magic gun, he would instantly recover. If he wanted to cut off the seven-star magic gun, he would really repair the man Wang Wei and light dust, and he couldn’t destroy it.
What’s more, the seven-star magic gun was refined in vain, and there were 120,000 lotus flowers, each of which was harder than Buddha N’s monk relic. The difference is that the Qing Di violet lotus body is soft, and it takes nine realms higher than Leitian to cut off this gun.
In Tao N, the number of nine is just higher than nine realms. This seven-star magic gun can’t withstand the attack force even if it is strong.
Purple evil spirit flies, yin Dan, the dragon city suddenly loses fencing, lun Leitian peeks at a fake Dan Bang and hits the heavenly sword sideways.
Mu Longcheng’s hand trembled. His hand was empty and holding the heavenly sword. It was not a real sword fight, but a tactic. After this fake Dan hit the heavenly sword, he felt that the sealed sword spirit in the heavenly sword suddenly woke up.
It’s not good for Mu Longcheng. Now it’s the golden elixir period. The sword spirit of heaven has been sleeping by his master’s seal, because he can’t control it. yin Dan hit the sword of heaven and broke his master’s seal.
Mu Longcheng is still thinking about strengthening the seal of the Xianjian challenge. Besides, the purple evil spirit flies, but yin Dan flashes terror light to illuminate dozens of challenges.