Suddenly, I came to swim in the green air and shouted that Xiao Wen didn’t come to look back, so I jumped to one side and then listened to Mi Rui Xiao’s rapid approach to the edge of the field of vision and a green light flashed!
When you look at it again, you will see a road three feet long, green and Se firm but gentle, which has been connected into a rainbow across the distance, green gas and the hostile beast. The tester didn’t stop at the man and his white tiger! Every instant, the man and the white tiger are less attacked by ten firm but gentle attacks, and those firm but gentle fears have exceeded two hundred in the whole day!
At this moment, the attack power displayed by Youqing made Xiao Wen stunned after reading it, and then in less than one breath, the white tiger took the lead in giving up its body and turned into blood. A white light rushed into the tester’s abdomen, and then he listened to the sound of "Lindsey". When the tester’s waist broke on the spot and blocked the subsequent firm but gentle, Fu Guangzhong, the tester had already sat down and looked at those firm but gentle faces like soil.
It was not until then that Xiao Wen reacted and pounced on Huo Xiang with one force. From one Huo Xiang to one enemy two, at this time, he was already struggling to hold on.
Someone immediately shouted across the street and then retreated, but how could it be that easy? !
Then listen to "choke" a ring Feng Ning sword that just jumped the opponent and split back to the ground. At this moment, the firm but gentle Changhong on the hillside finally swept over and directly covered Feng Ning opponent!
Even a breath is less than that person’s life operator, and it will burst between firm but gentle and Feng Ning!
Feng Ning wordlessly rushed to Cai Linfeng’s side, while that firm but gentle Changhong was biased towards Huo Xianghe and Xiao Wen’s position.
Huo Xianghe and Xiao asked the two opponents that they were going crazy, but it seemed that there was really an army annihilated in front of them, because Huo Xianghe and Xiao asked the two men that it was so wicked to cooperate!
Chapter one hundred Goals
The thickness of two buckets is ten feet long, and the water is dancing endlessly in the water. It seems magnificent, but in fact, it is extremely powerful. If someone is unfortunately hit, it is no different from being hit by a siege wood.
Now, these two streams have formed a big circle, and the hostile two testers are not reliably enclosed in it. After all, the defense area of the two streams is not so big, but when Xiao asked for a clean door and added it, the defense area would not be a problem. People who missed the stream were turned back by a clear door, and people who were not blocked by a clear door were turned back by the stream …
Huo Xianghe and Xiao asked if he didn’t want to hurt the enemy, but it seemed that he couldn’t hurt the enemy at all, but he blocked the two opponents in the circle of heaven and earth. One of the testers might know the soil evasion technique, but Huo Xianggen didn’t give him the opportunity to display the soil evasion technique by repairing the same tactic.
Then that amazing shock wave Changhong finally flew over and rushed directly into the circle surrounded by the current and a clear door. The two men were almost left and right in an instant. Huo Xiang and Xiao Wen wanted to continue to be trapped like that and solved the two men with shock wave, but suddenly they heard the hillside shouting "Let’s do it together!"
You Qingyin hasn’t fallen yet, and when Xiao Wen asks, he feels that the firm but gentle wave coming from the hillside has become smaller and thinner, and the feelings are that you Qingyin can’t hold on!
These two people will not hesitate to attack immediately, and then after three breaths, when there are seven firm but gentle waves left in the whole day, "Lindsay" and "Lindsay" sounded one after another, and the two men’s life characters burst.
When Xiao Wen turned to look at the hillside, he saw a quite amazing scene. The trees and leaves in the area where Youqing was located turned yellow. At first glance, it seemed that the whole hillside was a unique area in autumn.
But Xiao Wen finally saw Youqing’s attack circle, which turned out to be two parallel circular patterns composed of green light. Each pattern has not too complicated lines, and the two patterns are connected by some straight or curved lines. At first glance, it actually looks like an energy round cake with a diameter of five feet and a thickness of about half a foot, but everyone knows that this "cake" is not so easy to make …
The most difficult thing to learn is not the wind coming from the cave!
At this moment, there was another light ring of "Lindsey". When Xiao Wen turned to look at the hair place, he saw that Feng Ning had grabbed the last man with Cai Linfeng … The man was caught alive when Cai Linfeng had his hands cut back, but his life was still exploding. Obviously, he deliberately preferred to ruin himself and not leave it to Xiao Wen.
"Let me go! ! Old people have been eliminated, so why are you still holding on to old people? ! !” The man became angry from embarrassment and roared as he struggled
Cai Linfeng zheng and then let go of his hand. The man gave Cai Linfeng a hard stare. This just left his sleeve and walked to the hillside and sat down on a big stone and bowed his head in silence.
Until now, Xiao Wen and others are gradually returning to absolute being, that is, a cup of tea kung fu. They have already finished playing and put out another team …
Should I be happy? But those five guys are still sad and disappointed. Isn’t it cruel to be happy at this time?
But this is the rule. If you don’t eliminate others, you will be eliminated by others. You can only achieve your original goal until the end. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be in vain to join Ming Jianzong this time?
Perhaps Ming Jianzong also used this round of tests to make everyone practice the road in vain?
This is obviously not Xiao Wen and others can guess that everyone is lost in thought "sou" and a person comes out of nowhere to see that it is the master of Ming Jianzong.
"You five have been eliminated. Leave with me and affect other testers." The man calmly tunnel.
After counting interest rates, Xiao Wen and others watched the master of Ming Jianzong take away the five-person team with mixed feelings for a while.
A total of three days after the test, one team was completely eliminated by them. I wonder if they will be included in the future?
If there is one, who will be the first one? Or will it be eliminated like this group of people just now?
Seeing that the atmosphere is getting worse and worse, Huo Xiang suddenly said, "Let’s all play J and jīng. This is our first battle. There are still many fierce battles waiting for us!"
In fact, Huo Xiang’s words obviously don’t apply to everyone except Feng Ning. This guy has always been that kind of cold jǐng admonishing super state from the beginning, and it is still that state. There is no such thing as "no J and NG God".