"Of course it’s true, but that guy is really difficult to talk to. His mother told me two sentences for a long time in front of him. The first two words were’ Feng Ning’, and the last one was’ good’, which was a promise to my request."
"Haha, if you had said that earlier, I would have believed it."
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Chapter ninety-four Leaks
Huo Xiang also laughed, but soon became serious and asked, "Feng Ning, I have already brought it. When are you going to find Zhanyi and that big girl?"
"Big girl? ! I said, can you keep your mouth shut? Sister Dou is only 16 or 17 at most. If she hears you, you can’t make people cry. " Xiao asked didn’t good the spirit tunnel
"Oh, it hurts so soon?"
"…" Xiao asked clearly that Huo Xiang was absolutely white. His meaning was deliberately understood in the wrong direction …
Huo Xiang "hey hey" jiān smiled two fat faces and looked rather awkward. After laughing, he said, "Why don’t you go and sound out the breeze first? I guess there are probably many people who have looked for them. In addition, I don’t really approve of bringing them in."
"How do you say?"
"The two of them are weapons, and so are you and Feng Ning. There are four weapons in a five-person team. In fact, it is better to have five or four weapons in a five-person team so that it is easy to play coordination and tactics."
Xiao asked immediately, learning from Huo Xiang’s tone, "Oh, you are quite knowledgeable?"
"Just a little understanding" Huo Xiang’s expression is not modest at all. See Xiao Wen disdainfully skimming the pie mouth. Then he added, "I won’t bother you. You should remember to sound out the wings and the little girl sometimes."
Xiao asked "…"
Xiao asked that he was a little behind Huo Xiangsi’s way, and then he could watch that guy swing his fat body away.
At this time, he couldn’t help seriously thinking about the problem that it is said that it can only be confirmed after soaring. That problem is the potential of each road base
Huo Xiang obviously has a waterway foundation, otherwise it is impossible to play that skill in the garden.
There are five elements, five elements and ten channels in the matrix of celestial bodies, which is one of the five elements. People who own the channels have advantages in displaying their magical powers in water. This is something that celestial bodies can personally experience but they can’t-there has long been a saying that the boundaries have changed.
Most people who cultivate immortals in a high realm will take two courses at the same time. This is a change. When fighting, the magical powers emerge one after another, and the speed of the flow of power and the route are different, which is still a change; If you get a new and better Daoji Xianfa, you will simply change your body strength, which is even more change …
And if someone has a waterway foundation, he will have a certain advantage in all changes, which is the true meaning of "waterway foundation change"
The other nine bases are very special, except for Youer and Youer, and the other seven have the potential similar to "the change of waterway bases". However, this potential celestial display is not obvious, and people in this field only know a little about it and don’t take it seriously.
Xiao Wen, a native of the celestial world, has no different attitude towards this statement than others. If Huo Xiang, a freak, suddenly appeared, he would not have been able to recall this statement. Generally, people associate Shuidaoji with practice, but who knows whether it will affect a person’s style? Look at Huo Xiang’s posture. It’s really changed to a dazzling degree …
Out of the meeting at the door, God Xiao asked Suoxing, and he planned to go to Zhanyi to ask.
A moment later, Xiao asked, there was no strength, so he found Wings. Sure enough, many people have invited him and Dou Cardamom, and they have promised to come.
Xiao Wen didn’t feel anything, but spread his wings a little guilty, which made Xiao Wen feel that this young man was really quite virtuous.
Then Xiao Wen was completely all right. Among the testers, he didn’t know anyone well. It was difficult to pull people, or it was all left to Huo Xiang to do well. When Xiao Wen thought about it, he suddenly found that he had unconsciously accepted Huo Xiang’s arrangement. It was quite amazing!
Only after careful consideration can we know that the reasons are nothing more than two aspects. First, Huo Xiang is out of tune but with a sense of joy, which makes people feel bored. Second, he doesn’t care much about who he is with, if it weren’t for those annoying people …
In the next day and a half, Xiao asked nature to concentrate on mining again. He never thought that Huo Xiang had brought him another surprise.
In fact, no one knows that Ming Jianzong will make arrangements in the end, but according to the principle of "Ning Qian Bu Qian", Huo Xiang has set up a line with four people …
The four men Xiao Wen went to see the level, but since they can survive two rounds of tests, it can’t be bad
Soon the last day and a half passed, and in the morning, all the testers finally saw Ming Jianzong again, and the old man promised to meet Hao.
More than 90 testers gathered in the Trial Peak Square, and those accompanying relatives were waiting anxiously.
At the northernmost end of the square, I saw an old road saying something that almost surprised everyone. "Last night, a brother reported that the third round of tests had been leaked, so I temporarily changed the last round of tests. After seven weeks, I will take you to the designated area. After the official test, everyone will be given a piece of life, which will be enough to block the fairy realm. After three days, you are not allowed to leave the designated area, or you will be eliminated if you change hands. If you want to pass the test, you must not only stay in the designated area after three weeks, but you should also perform well."
Xu Jian’s voice is old, heavy and a little hoarse. It sounds like there is a strong voice at the end, which can make people calm down. Xu Jian added, "Before entering the designated area, testers can find their own partners. All teams should eliminate all the remaining teams before protecting themselves. Whether they can finally pass the test or not is accurate. Even if someone passes the test for three days, they will not pass if they do not perform well in the process."
"During the test period, there is a basic restriction on the magical power, that is, the magical power of Xiaoxian realm is allowed. In addition, the real symbol that the tester should bring should be in fifty arrays, and the array that the tester should bring should be in three sets, and the rest five should be said goodbye. The tester is used to making fairy devices and so on available in the third round of tests. Six days from now, the tester will not be able to meet his relatives. The trial peak will give all the testers the materials they need, and you will be fully prepared for the test."
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Chapter ninety-five Busy and idle
Xu Jian’s words fully said that there is no impenetrable wall in this world, but they are not afraid of impenetrable walls at all.
Since everything is likely to leak, we should simply choose a test method that is not afraid of leaking. The new rule of Ming Jianzong’s third round of testing is to let the tester play as much as possible, which is no different from allowing him to take the exam. At this time, if someone sneaks around and hides a small note, his head will be hit by a fairy device, because he can take it when he is finished …
Then Ming Jianzong came forward to ask the relatives of the testers to leave and solemnly remind them not to think about contacting the testers in recent days. Then it was the turn of the more than 90 testers, who were asked to communicate with other testers in the next six days. Not only that, Ming Jianzong also specially placed some people to monitor them.
For some testers, living like this is no different from resting, because their residence hasn’t changed, the rules of accommodation and meals have been completely controlled by themselves, and the only change in the buildings near that big garden is that they can’t meet the relatives who accompany them, but those who are less in contact with relatives than those who are tested by dú lì are even worse. What’s more, Xiao Wen asks if there are any relatives like this?
At first glance, it’s like another six days off.
But as a list of materials was sent to the testers, most people got busy immediately!
Because they had no idea that the test would turn into such a situation, although Ming Jianzong had allowed them to exert their strength, quite a few of them were not prepared enough to exert their strongest strength!
Just like the tester, how can they know that the fairy realm is all made? If I had known this, they would have brought the best fairy in the house. Now, since I didn’t bring it, I can forge it myself …
Obviously, the busiest testers are Fu, Dan and Array, because their strength can be improved by physical objects. After that, they can greatly increase their real strength, Dan medicine and array in the next six days, which is actually no different from directly improving their strength.
It may not sound like much to bring 50 cards, but in fact, those operators will wake up laughing in their dreams! Their real characters are completed by means of various materials. Now it takes more J and jīng force, but it’s just necessary to stimulate them with a little force. It’s as simple as blowing a breath, but exerting their power not only includes their own realm level but also the power in the real character materials! Now their only worry is that Reagan can’t save 50 real characters in the next six days …
Those who cultivate immortality through Dan Tao are even more enjoyable. They don’t even have 50 pills of Dan medicine, which is similar to limiting the celestial world, Dan Dao Tai Hua Qi, and pursuing all substances of Tai Hua Qi. The energy source is often in the virtual space-for Brother Dandao, it is the Taihua Qi-and it is not difficult to condense all kinds of magical Dan medicines, which are condensed by the stone gas. Dan medicines can greatly enhance people’s defense, while Brother Dandao has been dealing with Taihua Qi all the year round and his body has been infiltrated by Taihua Qi, which is similar to the "natural spirit". In fact, it is not difficult to petrify the skin with the help of Dan medicines condensed by stone gas.
Nowadays, the biggest restriction for those who test the Dan Dao is actually a restriction that all the Dan Dao monks in this world can’t make too many kinds of Dan Dao pills at the same time. The reason is very simple, and it is impossible for Brother Niu Dan Dao to make his body look like water, fire, stone and beast, which is completely contrary to the laws of nature … At most, they can make his body have several kinds of Dan Dao pills at the same time. If each one is equivalent to a fairy, it can actually exert its strength.
Three sets of array tools are a little less, but I’m afraid all array tool testers can complete three sets of array tools in six days, and it should be considered efficient if they can complete two sets … The celestial realm has long come to the conclusion that the most difficult to repair is the array tool, but once Dacheng is the strongest, it is also the array tool, but God knows what Dacheng is like. It seems that the whole array tool has never appeared in the celestial realm, because it is said that the higher the realm of this road, the more advantages it can show, and the highest realm is allowed in this realm.
This time, there are five people who have qualified for the Ming Jian Zong array test. It is rare that these five guys stayed after two rounds of testing. Now they naturally have to enter the third round of testing and are quite popular.
The prohibition at the exit of the black mine is a typical example of the magical power setting up such a thing. It’s almost like having an extra gatekeeper dog who will never sleep a wink. Generally, he has had the experience of being a mine slave. Xiao Wen is quite sure about Brother Dao.
At this time, the testers of Qi, Fu, Dan and Array are too busy to look at the tactic, beast and ghost. It is really too idle to make people hate their teeth itch, but it is only natural that they can’t prepare anything in six days without the help of foreign objects, and it is difficult to have immediate results in practice.
However, the success was influenced by the tense atmosphere. After two days of leisure, the three testers also hid in their rooms to practice. The strength can be as big as it can be …
Xiao asked this because they decided on the first day which five people the team was made up of. Feng Ning and another person disappeared from the first day, but Huo Xianghe, a beast named Cai Linfeng, wandered around all day and came to sāo from time to time to disturb him …
These two people are really idle!
Six days later, two days later, the situation was better, and then Xiao Wen finally settled down to mine.
Most of all, he actually moved the idea of simply singing Jianzong materials to refine fairy wares. After all, it’s not white, it’s not cheap, and if you don’t take advantage of it, you will regret it …
However, there is an obvious problem that the immortals refined from materials by Ming Jianzong are definitely not as good as those refined from materials in stone paintings. Do you want to take those inferior immortals to participate in the test? Or you can refine it, but it doesn’t make it. What’s the point? Just to take advantage?
Xiao asked himself if his head had been hit by a fairy, and then he gave up the idea completely. It is business to concentrate on digging up a mine and dig out a fairy that is comparable to a clear door!
Soon on the fifth day, after coming out of the mine again, Xiao Wen went directly to turn over the "Qi Dian". Now he is eager for fairy wares and obviously needs to understand the mineral materials.