Yang Xiu and others first went to Dunyiliu to set up a shop, and the location was next to the "Xianshi Association".
The name of the shop is "daoist magic", and there are three floors selling all kinds of character seals and Lei puppets. Because of the unique types, there are not many magical sects in the repair world, so the business inside is not bad.
However, most of the things selected in the shops are during the practice period and the foundation period, and the monks patronize only a few of them.
This is mainly due to the scarcity of high-level symbols and puppets in shops and the exorbitant price, which makes many high-level monks discouraged.
Escape from armour stream is named after making symbols and refining all kinds of embarrassing puppets, and it is also called this school.
However, the higher the order of symbols and seals, the harder it is for Lei puppets to refine the materials they get, and the deeper the skills they need to master.
But now all kinds of materials in the field of repair are much less than before, so it is difficult to collect all the materials.
The less materials there are, the fewer opportunities there will be for monks to try their mobile phones, so it is not easy for them to master the technology, which has caused this situation in the shops today.
Besides refining Fu Zhuan and Lei Puppet, there are no other particularly profound techniques to escape A-stream, so their strength is worse than that of Nanling School, and they are still going uphill these years.
Yang Xiu and his party walked into the hall and immediately attracted the attention of all the monks in the hall. The hall suddenly fell into silence. The monks present showed surprise and carefully looked at Nanling Pie for trimming.
In the shop, a shopkeeper looks like a friar in the foundation period, and then immediately reacts. Suddenly, he acts quickly and comes half-bent, ready and respectful to all.
"In Shu Qiren’s shop, the shopkeeper doesn’t know how many seniors can help?"
"It turned out that the younger brother Ji Xiong Shen Xiong Zhao Xiong Wen Xian and all the Taoist friends came!" Her tendons haven’t come to listen to a bright and clear voice out of the hall, so I fuels to all the way
As the voice fell, the monks from Nanling Sect saw two old men coming from the hall to the crowd with a smile.
"It turned out to be Brother Jia and Brother Ram". Ji Jin looked at the monk with Nanling Sect and told the other two people to fuels respectively.
Called "Jia Xiong" by Ji Jin, the old man’s name is Jia Ding Yi, and he has a neat goatee, and his face is red and smiling from time to time, giving people a kind of intimacy.
The monk named Ram Hao, who is called "Ram Brother", looks very powerful in purple embroidered robe and buckskin brocade shoes.
A Ding Yi warmly said to everyone, "Please come in quickly. There are many people here. We will introduce them in detail in the backyard!"
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Chapter two hundred and fifty
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and fifty
Nanling sent a line to repair the tenth, followed by Jia Ding and Ram Hao to the Dunjia Liuer.
The backyard is deep, secluded and wide, and the rockery gardens set each other off. There are also thousands of colorful flowers in full of green.
In the courtyard, there were seven monks in the Dan period. When they saw that Nanling sent people in, they immediately warmed up and greeted each other with enthusiasm.
After several introductions, Yang Xiu got a preliminary understanding of these monks who came out of the school of dun Jia.
They all cultivated until the end of Dan’s reign, and one by one, they gathered their essence, raised their hands and cast their feet, and there was no hidden law.
However, the people who escaped from the A stream were mainly Ding Yi and Ram Hao. Obviously, both of them have something extraordinary.
Friar Dun A Liu and the Nanling Sect came to know most of them, especially Shen Fang, Dao Shuang and Ji Jin, who became one with each other.
Because Yang Xiu avoided being noticed, he didn’t repair his whole body and hid it when he went to town except for the veil in the cloud.
Therefore, A, B, D and others easily saw that he should have just married Dan, and soon there was something else.
After all, which monk who came here didn’t practice like Shen Fang and others and have reached the advanced stage of dzogchen in the late stage of Jiedan or have all kinds of magical powers to rely on like Daoshuang.
Therefore, for this kind of monk who only succeeded in Dan, it is really a bit shameful.
However, when they learned that Yang Xiu was actually a real brother of Tianxuan, they were shocked. The enthusiasm was strong for a few minutes.
Of course, they are also polite because of Tianxuan reality. If you want to really get respect from each other, you still have to come up with something that can make them respect their strength.
However, we didn’t say much about all kinds of deeds of Yang Xiu and Jianmen fighting.
Although escaping from the A stream is a friendship with Nanling Sect, it will also join hands this time, but in the end, it is not a sect who may have a special magic weapon and conflict at the end.
So of course, it is better to keep a mystery.
And Yang Xiu doesn’t like to show off people and see others focus mostly on Ji Jin, Dao Shuang, Shen Fang and other monks, but he feels more relaxed and happy.
After introducing each other, they came to the hall directly facing the courtyard and sat down in turn. They mainly talked about what sects would go to the "Underwater Fairy House Light" and what famous monks would go to the fix-true world, and now how many sects have continued to Lin ‘an City, and so on.
Yang Xiu also learned a lot of anecdotes about the fix-up world, such as the deeds of Chen Zai, the spiritual root in Daomen, and the fame of Qin Yan, a teacher in the dust pavilion, which has disappeared far and wide, and the first fairy city in the fix-up world has never been heard, and so on.
But at most, I’m still talking about those powerful demons that suddenly emerged from across the Grand Canyon this time.
Brother Dun A Liu talks about these demon spirits, but it seems anxious. After all, Dun A Liu Men is not far from the Grand Canyon.
If it weren’t for the sudden stop of these demon spirits in this area across the Grand Canyon and the Huangheng Prairie, they wouldn’t be rushing around like a net, otherwise one of them would be fleeing the A stream.
Yang Xiu office set up some materials by making an excuse to leave the Dun A stream shop for a while and then came to the Renault restaurant in Zhuangshangnong carefully.
The restaurant is still quiet as usual, and there is the bartender dozing in the whole hall.
When I saw Yang Xiu coming in, the bartender quickly walked a few steps in front of Yang Xiu and respectfully said, "I don’t know what would you like to drink?"
Yang Xiu ignored the store’s mind and directly controlled a Zhuang Shangnong’s champion beads.
See you in the shop soon.
Zhuang Shangnong had been waiting respectfully at the door to see Yang Xiu and immediately saluted, "Please forgive him for not going out to meet his master in person!"