A moment later, this green rainbow flew to this raised swamp and circled once, and then the green light gathered Yang Xiu’s figure and stopped nearby.
He looked at the fog in front of his eyes and then his eyebrows wrinkled. Suddenly, his fingers flickered in the sleeves and a yellow meteor rushed straight to the front of the cold fog.
As a result, when the yellow light touched the surface of a cold fog, it suddenly burst, and a layer appeared like a pale white mask.
On the mask, there are two people looking up at his face with faint smiles. It is Miao Zen Master and Tianshi Man.
"Ha ha! It’s a blessing that Yang Daoyou can come safely! " With a twist of his long beard, Tianshi man laughed and said, then with a wave of his hand, the mask suddenly disappeared.
"Oh, haven’t other Taoist friends arrived yet?" Yang Xiu smiled and answered you’re welcome. He slowly entered the mask and walked to the front of the two men.
"I’m afraid other Taoist friends didn’t get away so well. When we were hiding separately, Mrs. Meng, Hua Lian Taoist friend and Di Daoyou all had armored crocodiles behind them. I’m afraid it’s not a simple matter to get rid of them." Miao Zen master shook his head and said calmly.
"But Yang Daoyou is also surprising. If I am not mistaken, it seems that there is also a chase to Daoyou. You Daoyou can get away easily and come first. It seems that Yang Daoyou’s mana is also profound." Tianshi people seem to be very happy and praised.
But Yang Xiu took a sip of his lips and faintly heard a trace of indecision from these words.
"Nothing is my luck. I was chased by an armored alligator and gave up after seeing it for a while."
Yang Xiu face from the mouth is not false bifurcation topic jokes.
"How wonderful Zen master and Tianshi man didn’t catch up with the armored alligator? It seems that those animals are also bullying us soft persimmons!"
"It’s just luck that Taoist friends will really make those evil monsters afraid that I dare to be a great Buddhist monk!" If the Stone Man means something, haha laughed
"Hum where comparable to your magic work in this kind of Yin cold will also increase the power of three layers! Of course, our Buddhist achievement method specializes in subduing demons and ghosts, and we really have a better chance of winning when we meet them. "Miao Jackson takes his time and secretly sneers."
Tianshi man saw the wonderful Zen master’s face unchanged, and he really took irony as flattery, but he also slandered the magic work and couldn’t help but sneer at a way with anger.
"The Buddha’s skill is great, but the Immortal realm is not the most prosperous in Taoism. Our magic door has also had a glorious moment of unifying the Immortal realm. I have also had this experience in ignorance but no Buddhism. Since the great Zen master is a Buddhist monk, he must know. Can you tell us?"
The stone man’s words were so vicious that he hit the Buddhist point
For a long time, there have been doors thriving and magic doors rampant, and there has been such a situation of common prosperity as it is now. Although the Buddhist forces have never declined and have always maintained their position as the leader of heaven, as Tianshi people said, Buddhism has never really become the first Sect in the realm of repairing the truth.
Of course, this is also because Buddhism advocates seclusion, abstinence, abstinence and abstinence, and everything belongs to us. The life-span doctrine includes
Anyway, Tianshi Man hit the nail on the head, and the pain in Miao Zen Master’s heart made Miao Zen Master retort.
Yang Xiu saw that they had a big argument because of their family background, so he retreated early and had to implicate himself in the accident.
In the dispute between the two people, a lot passed unconsciously.
Suddenly, the wonderful Zen master was talking and looked into the distance.
Yang Xiu and Tianshi people also feel slightly dignified as they look.
This place is full of dangerous and cold swamps. Not only are these scattered monks here, but it is more likely that some spectre and beast pass by.
In an instant, I saw Guanghua flashing in the cold fog in the distance, and two green mountains flew straight here.
Miao stared at it for a while and then looked stunned.
"It’s okay that Mrs. Meng and Hua Lian are friends," said Miao Zen master Zhan Yan
When others heard this, they also relaxed.
Sure enough, after a while, the two Guanghua schools flew closer to some Yang Xiu, only to see that it was Mrs. Meng and Hua Lian Daoyou.
It seems that Miao Zen master is much higher in god knowledge than Yang Xiu and Tianshi Man.
"Yang Daoyou arrived first, and I saw an armored alligator following Daoyou!" See Mrs Meng Yang Xiu also in a few people a pair of calm has been resting for a long time sample can’t help but show a little surprised and said.
"By luck! But I heard wonderful Jackson and Tianshi Man say that there were three armored crocodiles chasing the two, and now they are not hurt at first sight, which makes Jae Pei very "Yang Xiu look like a sincere admiration."
"Nothing can’t be done in other ways. We are still more confident in escaping. We took a circle to get rid of the armored alligator before we came here." Mrs. Meng smiled and immediately banned the mask and joined hands with Taoist Hua Lian to come in
Mrs Meng didn’t see Debye and asked the follower.
"How Didaoyou hasn’t arrived yet? I saw a monster chasing him at that time. "
"Hehe, when it comes to Didaoyou, it seems that we are all lucky. The department arrived here safely." Of course, the first one is Miao Zen Master.
They smell speech and can’t help but look into the distance, but it’s still a cold fog.
"Hey, there is another immortal knowledge with Di Daoyou. Is it chased by something?" Wonderful Jackson suddenly face a change and mouth indecision way
Hearing this, Yang Xiu and others were all surprised. If Debye attracted any monsters and ghosts, everyone was difficult and in trouble.
Tianshi man also quickly started the front face again. In an instant, this protruding swamp became calm and completely disappeared to Yang Xiu and others.
In a blink of an eye, I saw an armored alligator running in the depths of the white fog. To everyone’s surprise, a monk was sitting on the neck of the armored alligator. It was really Debye.
Chapter seventy-seven Trapped beast circle
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"It seems that Didaoyou is better than others. Make all the alligators as mounts!"
They saw that Debye was riding on the back of an armored alligator, and what happened was not in vain, but knowing that Yang Xiu had several doubts, it was even worse.
You know, the monster beast is not so easy to tame, especially this monster beast who lives in the cold swamp all the year round and is extremely violent and ferocious.
Generally speaking, it is best to domesticate the Godsworn’s familiar from the secret method of animal eggs. This domesticated familiar is closest to the Godsworn, but the disadvantage is that the monster beast must be upgraded to a certain level to help the Godsworn fight.
There is also that it is not too difficult to domesticate the monster beast who has already enlightened the spiritual wisdom because they have a certain wisdom and can smell the situation.
However, because they have spiritual intelligence and are easy to betray, it is necessary to give them a very overbearing ban to domesticate such monsters in order to reassure their owners.
The advantage of this kind of monster beast is that it is obvious that all the monsters with intelligence and intelligence have reached their infancy at least, and all of them have magical powers or have a specific skill. With the help of such a monster beast, it will be even more powerful, but the problem is that it is difficult to beat this monster beast, let alone live and domesticate it.
The last monster beast is the most difficult to domesticate, that is, it is as fierce, cruel and intelligent as this alligator.
Be unruly by obstinacy
This kind of monster beast is usually tamed slowly after years of slowly eliminating the rage in their hearts, or simply by directly erasing their gods and refining them into a walking corpse that knows how to fight.
"It’s just a coincidence there." Debye was still shy and fine.
Seeing that there is no danger, Tianshi people beat the array again.
"hmm? Is Di Daoyou’s alligator neck and neck wearing a’ trapped animal circle’? " Celestial man saw the alligator wearing a black decorative hoop on his neck. He was shocked and asked with a surprised face.