"You, you, and you, all four of you are picking things up." Xiao asked before, while the supervisors were digging, they saw it clearly. At this time, it was a drop to give directions.
Celestial practitioners can kill people and rob them, but there are fairy houses where these things are allowed to happen on some specific occasions.
On other occasions, drunkards who dare to touch pedestrians have to get hit with a finger, and individuals are inviolable.
See the character ring?
Have you asked Xianji House? ! !
In normal times, Xiao Wen would never be allowed to watch Meng Xiang’s four-character ring, but today is the exception.
Seeing that Meng Xiang and others didn’t move Luo Yun further, they directly asked a guard around them to "pick it!"
Luo Yun’s escort turned out to be a true fairy realm, and several strides forward. Meng Xiang and others left no room for resistance and the ring fell into his hand.
The guard didn’t look closely and directly threw the ring into Xiao Wen’s hand.
Xiao asked striding up next to the high platform, standing straight on the edge of the high platform, holding the four objects in his right hand, reaching out of the high platform and narrowing his eyes, as if he couldn’t bear to see anything.
Things ring Guanghua suddenly lights up and then see Xiao Wen’s palm suddenly falling directly to the ground.
"ah! !”
At that time, I don’t know how many people exclaimed that it was a corpse that fell to the ground!
However, this is obviously a second and a third body. More and more bodies have fallen out of the ring and soon piled up into a hill. Xiao asked not to walk along the edge of the high platform, otherwise the bodies would roll to the high platform.
Meng Xiang and other supervisors have been shaking like wrecks. At this time, I heard Xiao Wen’s calm words again.
"There are more than 400 slaves in this mine, but there are more than 200 bodies outside. I’ve been wondering where the other 200 people are, and I specially asked Brother Shi to look around. Since there is no one outside, it can be inside or you have it. I guess you actually want to put all the bodies in the ring, but the root is not big enough to bury a part outside, right?"
"In fact, you can bury all the bodies outside, but as we came too fast, you have no time to bury and hide more bodies. Maybe there are people who hold the idea that the fewer people buried outside, the less likely they are to be found. You always left these bodies in the ring. To tell the truth, if it is me, I won’t be able to throw it away. What if someone picks it up? It is the safest place to wear it on your own hands. "
The more bodies piled up, the more quickly the high platform was surrounded, and many people could hardly stand the visual impact.
Fortunately, the body was finally finished, but something new fell out.
Hundreds of ore hoes, ore baskets, bunks and dozens of sets of supervisors dressed and dozens of fairy whips …
Xiao Wen grabbed a suit and a whip to the supervisors and said, "Are these the ones you are most familiar with?"
It is rare that the whip is still dripping blood beads …
"Other people’s words are framed for you to recognize physical evidence, and I will give you physical evidence. Now these, these and these …" Xiao asked, pointing to the high platform and falling down those things, and finally pointed out to the supervisors. "And you are also physical evidence! Do you still have something to say? "
It’s already here. In fact, what Meng Xiang and others say is all in vain. Luo Yun directly said, "Take it all!"
Fairy machine mansion people immediately a surge and will stupefied Meng Xiang and others quickly moved.
"Meng Xiang, you are such an evil obstacle that you have done such a heartless thing!" Qian Fu suddenly pointed to Meng Xiang’s nose and scolded the big pimple on the left corner of his mouth, which made him very upset.
Several people sneer and don’t know how to play. You go on playing!
"Elder sister! I ….. "Meng Xiang really showed a look of regret and then suddenly turned decisively to Luo Yundao." The mine of the Lord’s adult was really handed over to me two years ago, and what happened behind it was that my brother-in-law didn’t know that Meng Xiang was willing to do things alone, and I still hope to learn from the Lord! "
At that time, many people were stunned. What is this singing? Is Qian Fu really koo?
However, there are many people who are quick to react, and they soon understand that Qian Fu can do more if he is fine, and maybe he can fish out a few people. And if Qian Fu is finished, they will be completely finished. I wonder if they had such a plan before?
Xiao Wen has always been so calm to see Qian Fu and Meng Xiang acting there. The former forgot all about what happened in the mine in the past two years, while the latter desperately took the blame.
Seeing the accomplices bow down and plead guilty, the black hand will be cleared after the curtain. No one can be willing! Niu Tong, Lu Yuan and other former mine slaves are even more anxious to get out of the fire!
Everyone can’t help but look over to Xiao Wen. They have unconsciously pinned their hopes on Xiao Wen.
Xiao asked at this time, but in his heart, he said, Qian Fu, Qian Fu, you should be a normal person except greed and unconscionability, right?
Finally, Xiao asked again, "Boss Qian, pour out everything in the ring yourself."
Qian Fu frowned and was about to speak, but Xiao Wen added, "Don’t say anything because the root can’t change the result."
The words to his mouth were blocked back, and it was blocked back by a former mining slave. Qian Fu also had a fire in his heart that needed to be vented, and then he suddenly remembered something when Se changed!
Qian Fu paused on the spot, and everyone was in a terrible hurry, but Luo Yun had no patience to wait for a cold hum. After that, he personally went to Qian Fu’s side and picked up Qian Fu’s things.
With a wave of his hand, Luo Yun showed some tricks, and saw that things had crossed half an arc in the middle, and some things were neatly arranged on the ground.
There are piles of Chinese and immortal stones, all kinds of rare refining materials, Dan medicine, clothes, books and so on.
A sharp-eyed person saw the problem from that pile of things. "Those two whips are exactly the same as those poured out by Xiao Wen!"
"Money boss that two whip should be Zhang Hu and six elder brother? Do you think they are suspicious of their death and have been carrying their belongings with you? And that stack of paper symbols is also the sixth brother, right? And those tattered cloud boots, the door-shaped fairy and the air lock. Can you explain to me where it came from? In fact, you don’t need to talk. Didn’t you just say that there was no connection with Meng Xiang in the past two years? Those two whips in your bag are exactly the same as these dozens, which is enough to say everything. "
"No matter how you weave the cloud boots and the door-shaped fairy, you can’t make up a reasonable explanation, because their root is that I borrowed the fairy from your black mine and changed it. Normal people will take them with them, so don’t regret it." Xiao asked, talking, it was already a slap in the face to the four things, but he first looked at Qian Fu and then looked at himself with five fingers. "Money boss, that’s it. No one can cover up the sky. You committed heinous crimes in the black mine. How can you cover up the past? Today is you still.
Qian Fu completely restored calm at that moment and looked straight up at the high platform. Xiao asked me what was going on in my heart.
One interest, two interest, three interest Qian Fu suddenly closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I confess."
Chapter 55 List
When Qian Fu’s "I confess" was exported to the big mine hole, it was as if it was immediately stagnant. No one spoke anymore and even his thinking was completely stagnant.
The first person to react was Meng Xiang, a gang of supervisors. Someone directly howled, "You can’t recognize the money boss! What can we do? !”
"surnamed Qian, you can’t cheat us! !”
"Boss Qian, this is not what we said before!"
"My Lord, everything here is directed by Qian Fu and we don’t have it!"
At last, the supervisors couldn’t hold on completely, and none of them shouted out all kinds of ugly words.
Qian fu opened his eyes again, but he didn’t go to see them at all, but he still looked at Xiao Wen