This result is really shocking, but it is very close to Zhoushan Mountain!
What is Zhoushan?
That’s the embodiment of the avenue-how powerful is Pangu transformed by Pangu’s backbone?
After all, we can guess its power;
However, it is very intuitive to have a measurement standard just by looking at this vast world.
You know, the vast world has special rules including nature, time, destruction, fate, etc., including the three thousand avenues, which are perfect. The distance between the quantitative world and the eternal world is only one step away.
And Zhoushan is one of the quintessences of this great man-the backbone column is dedicated to suppressing the universe and supporting Tianzhu!
Although Zhou Shan’s suppression of Wei Neng may not be as exaggerated as HarmonyOS and chaos bead’s suppression of the whole chaos in HarmonyOS, it is definitely not a fake and shoddy product, which is absolutely comparable to several pieces of earth and Tianbao teamed up with Wei Neng!
You should know that the universe is the first treasure in the world, but it has already produced Baoyuanling. In the universe, it can borrow a lot of power to rival the ordinary Daozu series!
Night Lu three people stared at the center of the explosion, and if it didn’t work, they could run away …
Actually, these idiots don’t know how stupid they are to walk in the world of the universe, but they can’t be blamed. Not all the worlds have this kind of abnormal creature …
This powerful explosion has actually turned a statue of Shinto into a great power-the great power of the central earth has alarmed you. You know, every big domain is the first heavenly fiend. This area is dedicated to its owners. As they become stronger and stronger, their limits are getting higher and higher. Once they reach the mixed element stage, they can sweep their eyes all over their own big domain at any time and place without any effort … They can directly deliver the attack to the other side without any loss of power …
And pick the god has not yet reached this level, but if they want to know things without the same limit, God will deliberately cover them up first, and almost nothing can hide this big event!
What’s even more frightening is that this loud noise attracts a terrible statue in a remote place …
"Swallow the sky … destroy the ground!"
Being slapped again, Les’s heart was depressed, and a horizontal heart came from the abyss. The master of the demon Lord (equivalent to the wild and the mixed yuan) finally promoted himself to the realm of the demon Lord before he could create magic.
A feeling of stickiness, stagnation and depression broke out. This is a super trick that Les has planned for a long time. Les was born in the dark giant. Although it is unreasonable to remember life at an innate level than the first heavenly fiend, Les has finally shown a real power of the master of mixed elements after the force broke out. A kind of sacred power diffuses to fill the magic texture and burst into power. Finally, there is a real power different from mixed elements!
At this time, Les finally showed the real charm of mixed yuan. He looked at Nu Wa calmly, but his mind was completely opposite. He was humbled and thought that if he could not break her defense this time, he would immediately withdraw!
Les finally found this pervert helpless. If Nu Wa’s attack power was really not high, Les would have burst into tears …
Yes, Nature Avenue is indeed a little weak in attack power compared with other war-fighting avenues, but it is definitely a super abnormal condition in other aspects!
Vast and continuous mana is only the most basic feature. I have never heard of those who are proficient in the Tao of Nature and can be consumed to death!
This is not only reflected in the strong mana, but also the terrible resilience. Even if the mana is pumped in an instant, it will be enough to return to the peak in an instant!
It’s hard to imagine that the terror defense near off the charts is almost unheard of. Among the monks of the same level, it’s almost impossible for these godsworn to break the defense! Unless it’s a very rare super strong Uber, and it’s also a Uber who is proficient in attacking, it’s possible.
And even if the defense is broken, it can be recovered in an instant with little impact, and the defense may become stronger after being broken …
Proficient in the Tao of Nature also means that this monk is absolutely outstanding in the aspect of physical cultivation. The Tao of Power absolutely does not expect the other person to be too lazy to study.
However, these are just appearances. The real horror of Nature lies in its creativity!
For example, Nu Wa not only strengthened her own defense strength, but also created a half-magic weapon and half-magical trick to make up for her own attack power-Milo Canon!
Chapter seventy-four Super nuwa great god
I don’t know how to set the goddess Nu Wa up like this, sweeping away the decline and shaping the image of a powerful goddess in the wild. Everyone feels like hahaha …
Nu Wa is proficient in the Tao of Nature, and naturally she knows a lot about this avenue, among which the advantages and disadvantages are clear.
The Tao of Nature was created by Nu Wa, but it was not created by Nu Wa, which made her lose a lot of experience of creating her own avenue and a lot of benefits. In many cases, those powerful people who created their own avenue will have many disadvantages compared with them.
At the very least, the limit of Nu Wa’s control over the Avenue of Nature is far away. Those who create a great road must be attached to the Avenue of the Wild when they are weak. Once the road is turbulent, such as the robbery of quantity, they are definitely doomed to fall!
And those who can make great achievements are in a much better situation. At least, it is not impossible to earn a chance if their avenue is strong enough.
The so-called loss will gain, although there are no advantages of those who create the Tao, but these monks who practice the inherent avenue of heaven and earth also have their advantages
At the very least, the speed of practice is usually guaranteed, and compared with them, it is still very sufficient. After all, all kinds of things that create a strong Taoist body must be worked hard by themselves.
From this, I have enough time, but now I am armed to my teeth.
Playing on the Avenue of Nature is its creativity!
Different people practice the same avenue, and the result is different. Even the same realm can form a gap between heaven and earth!
And Nu Wa Yi is one of the best.
She not only limited her advantages to strengthen the incomparable resilience and defense, but was directly pushed to a new level by physical tempering, which created all kinds of magical powers to cooperate. If it weren’t for killing in an instant, she would be able to recover in an instant and still be in the peak dzogchen state!
Want to instantly kill a monk who is a great practitioner of nature?
If it’s the peak of the road, dzogchen, the Almighty of Nature, even the ancestors must consider it carefully!
That’s right, the Avenue of Nature is so abnormal. This is the reason why Nu Wa can compete with those peak ubers just by practicing the Avenue of Nature.
What is more, Nuwa has made an in-depth study on her own weakness-attack power. After all, playing on the Avenue of Nature is creativity. If you really think that the Road of Nature can’t make a difference in attack, you will lose.
After all, the Avenue of Nature is one of those very special avenues that can compete with time and fate. How is it possible that the Avenue has such obvious weaknesses?
Maybe there are many ways to make up for it, but Nu Wa chose one of them. According to her idea, since she can’t attack physically, what about external forces?
Lingbao has entered the vision of Nu Wa, which has a unique advantage in refining Lingbao. However, if it is too time-consuming to refine Lingbao the day after tomorrow, it will be slightly modified by Nu Wa, so the Milo Regulations came out.
Milo is all-encompassing, God is wild!
The idea of Nu Wa is that since one treasure is in hand, when I have a top-level spiritual treasure and need to spend a lot, what about those disposable ones?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of top-level Lingbao one-time explosive power?
Milo’s law is to integrate all kinds of things and magical powers into a small law, and then you can release the magical powers prepared in advance at any time and place to the enemy. Think about it. How terrible is it to release several magical powers in an instant?
Even Nuwa can ask other Taoist friends to help seal all kinds of magical powers into it, such as Fuxi Gua Tian Di?
In fact, at this time, Les tasted the feeling of scalp numbness. It was fine before. Nu Wa only relied on the characteristics of the Tao of Nature to form the effect of all kinds of invulnerability. Everything relied on her own extreme mana and inexhaustible mana to defend against poverty, and forced her to beat Les against the road of earth power.
Although the face is not very good-looking, but at least I am worried about my life, but at this time, after Les released a big move, Nu Wa finally made efforts!
"Hum! Swallow the sky? Also destroy the land? "
I feel that Shengwei Nu Wa feels the unique coercion that belongs to the mixed power, and her face slightly changes and she sighs. This goddess bathed in poverty has finally started to kill her heart!