The fusion of star-cutting, disaster and urban development
As Ye Chen drinks a lot of fragrant incense, his body becomes illusory and turns into a dreamy white light, which is slowly sprinkled on the dagger. The dagger is slowly erected in the white light, but the dagger is pulled by the power. The bow string is tightly propped up by the hilt of the dagger. The fusion of the dagger is very simple, that is, the dagger can be shot at the dagger. This seems to be simpler than the fusion, even if there is no dragon and fox power, it can be done at will, but it belongs to the power of two breakers. The fusion of the dragon and fox power to complete a bow and a sword is not as simple as the superposition of the power of the bow and
Whether the sword body or the bow body is wrapped in a ring of fox white light, even the bow string that is too small to be seen becomes bright white. The bow string is pulled by Ye Chen bit by bit, and the white light is completely overshadowed. It belongs to the sword-cutting disaster, and the blood mountain is huge, which is more repulsive than the qi machine. Everything around it is extremely far away. I don’t know how many stars move in the distance. The interference of this great force has abruptly changed.
Destroy it. From the moment you were born, this is the end you were doomed to. Ye Chen is in a low state of consciousness. The shadow of the Great Devil is reflected in the sea, and the incredible scale and speed are crazy.
The Great Devil was fleeing wildly. He didn’t try to interrupt Ye Chen when he was gathering strength, because he could still move his roots at will when he was gathering strength. However, no matter how hard he fled, he still clearly felt a pair of bloody eyes staring straight at him somewhere. The memory of the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor told him that it was the blood ghost chasing the soul arrow. It was impossible to escape from it wherever he fled.
A star-like golden trace is swinging across the disaster bow. Archery is no longer red, but white light is wrapped in gold. At that moment, the huge outside of the line of sight becomes darker than the swinging element. The material is swallowed up by the great power of this method. The golden awn seems to split the outside in half.
The great devil is growling. When the cold and suffocating feeling comes from behind, he gathers his own strength. A destructive force that can destroy the stars faces the golden arrow. It will be an impossible thing. The only way is to resist and offset the power of this arrow by his own strength.
However, when the disaster struck, the threat from afar made him desperate. The memory from nowhere didn’t deceive him. When the two forbidden devices were combined into the third forbidden device because of dragons and foxes, it was powerful enough to cause the end of things and creatures, that is, the southern emperor, the northern emperor or his great demon king.
The power of the blood ghost soul-chasing arrow didn’t disappoint the Great Devil. In his enlarged demon pupil, the dark vortex that was hit by him didn’t roll. The golden arrow didn’t cause any impact on it. Even if it didn’t touch it, it was directly dispersed. The golden arrow cut the dark vortex and nailed it to the chest of the Great Devil in a scream. generate’s evil body turned into debris all over the sky in the golden and white power explosion.
Cut the star sword and turn back to the disaster. The bow is still connected with the white light. Ye Chen looked at the disaster in the distance with a pleasant smile and was lifted by him again.
uh uh
It’s still the voice of the great devil. His body is broken, but the voice is still clear except for the pain. Suddenly, dark smoke rises from nowhere and covers him. His body has become debris. In the dark smoke, a dry and dark figure is slowly forming, accompanied by a curse than resentment.
You can’t kill me. You can’t kill me. I am the strongest demon in the world. My demon will never disappear, that is, you can break my body a thousand times. My demon will never be destroyed. Hahahahahahahaha.
Pity, ridicule and disdain finally melted into a indifferent smile, which appeared on Ye Chen’s face, and the bowstring was once again pulled by him little by little in the big devil’s wild laughter.
Chapter 546 Destruction
You can’t kill me. You can’t kill me. I am the strongest demon in the world. My demon will never disappear, that is, you can break my body a thousand times. My demon will never be destroyed. Hahahahahahahaha.
Pity, ridicule and disdain finally melted into a indifferent smile, which appeared on Ye Chen’s face, and the bowstring was once again pulled by him little by little in the big devil’s wild laughter.
In an instant, the big devil stopped laughing, the dark smoke stopped wandering, the turmoil stopped, and even the stars seemed to move as if they were absolutely still at this moment, and then they were frozen at this moment for a long time.
After being completely quiet, Ye Chen pulled up the bowstring and slightly moved his hand to shoot a golden awn, but everything around the golden awn was still in a frozen state except this flight. The golden arrow flew so slowly, without coercion, sound or power, and it was different from the previous blood ghost chasing arrow, which was shocking and gorgeous, but it flew so slowly, but it came to the big devil just before he formed his body.
White, golden and red three kinds of light broke out at the same time, flooded tens of thousands of miles in an instant, swallowed up the big devil and swallowed up Ye Chen’s body.
This time, the Great Devil didn’t even scream at the end. He just formed a body and suddenly turned into ashes like smoke and dust, and then turned from ashes to emptiness, but it didn’t end up in a force of legal solution and was taken to an earlier emptiness. Your demon soul was reborn in the dark. Is it possible that even the dark elements around Wan Li were annihilated and you were reborn? Today, it is a great gift from heaven. Let’s end it in this blood sea.
The sound is still reverberating clearly here, but it has not been echoed by the Great Devil. The white, golden and red light around it is weaving vertically and horizontally, and everything is destroyed and swallowed up. Only he stands still in the center of this power, calm, without any waves and no harm. His soul power has made a final confirmation until he can no longer smell the energy breath belonging to the Great Devil. His mind moves, and a golden light flies back to his right hand from different directions, and a circle of white light quietly condenses into a white girl form beside him.
The Great Devil has destroyed his body or his demon soul. Before he died, he was still the strongest power, but his strongest power didn’t even have a chance to struggle in front of this third forbidden device. That is, he shouldn’t show his strength in front of the forbidden power to cut the stars, swords and disasters. Although powerful, he can’t help but break the word. The true meaning of their forbidden power lies in the ultimate fusion of dragon and fox power. It is really forbidden to be in Wei.
Power returns to the sea of blood, the arrow of rebirth creates disaster, hell slowly dissipates, and the huge black hole moves in step with the scope of power dissipation. Ye Chen looks at the sword and bow in his hand, and the words are over. This is why you recognize my Lord and give me life. He closes his eyes and smiles and says, Does it mean that your life is finished?
Well, Naner answered unexpectedly that her voice should not be excited, but there was a vague trance.
Feeling the two smells, suddenly Ye Chen didn’t ask Naner to look up and say it seems that it’s not over yet.
The black hole in the blood circle arrow force department is newly generated to make up for the sudden emergence of two tall shadows in front of Ye Chen, one is a golden shadow and the other is a red shadow. Although it is vague and illusory, it is still recognizable as the golden one. A tall male red is a female figure.
The Great Devil was born because of you, and the root of several disasters is also your Great Devil’s soul. At the same time, you are now dead, and you can rest in peace. The Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor looked at the two figures in front of them and said with an expression on his face.
It’s no surprise that they are now Ye Chen, the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor are dead, but the deepest part of the disaster bow seals their last consciousness, and this consciousness will wake up at the moment when he shoots the blood-sea reincarnation arrow for the first time. Only by cutting the star sword and merging the disaster bow can they shoot their ultimate move, the blood-sea reincarnation arrow. The moment when this arrow is shot is bound to be the destruction of the Great Devil.
Ye Chen, the Southern Emperor and Northern Emperor, realized that Naner was surprised and absent in the sea, and even Ye Chen felt the slight trembling of the sword in his hand, which was to Naner’s violent mood swings.
In front of two tall shadows, the South Emperor and the North Emperor knelt slowly in front of him.
Holy Emperor, save our daughter. At the same time, they make a weak and illusory sound. The soul consciousness sealed in the bow of disaster can’t last them long.
The holy emperor Ye Chen was slightly dumbfounded.
We have to cut the stars and recognize the chaos of the Lord. The Ten Holy Beads destroy the root of evil. You are Gao, and no one can surpass the Holy Emperor anymore. They tell him with humble and low heads and pious gestures.
Ye Chen closed his eyes and opened his horse and said, Go ahead. I know where your daughter’s soul is and where her body is. She is a pure child and will forgive you.
Thank you, great holy emperor. We don’t ask her to forgive us. We can always worry about her around the emperor. It’s time for us to go. May heaven and earth last forever.
In the increasingly vague sound, their figure finally dissipated and briefly appeared. They left in a hurry, and this time it was really completely extinct. It was no longer possible for them to realize that they were not glad to witness the destruction of the Great Devil, but their daughter.
Since I love my common daughter so much, I struggled so hard that Ye Chen sighed lightly.
Master, my heart will beat so fast and it hurts a little. Isn’t the South Emperor and the North Emperor already dead? What, they will show their daughters? They are enemies. Where are their daughters? I still want to know what I will do in the sword. Who am I really the master? Does Naner’s voice make people tremble a little? She asked one question after another in a whisper. Suddenly, she had too many things in her mind to know the answer.