You are amazing. What do you think?
Hehe, I’m a veteran stockholder. Jiahui giggled.
Xiaolin doesn’t seem to care about this. She is now asking when Xin Jiahui will come to sit in the village, so she asked Jiahui when you will come.
It’s no use going now.
Come and play.
Xiaolin said in a pleading tone now, but now even in the past, she can do exercises because the world is simply terrible now. Everyone knows that this kind of flying knife is either injured or killed.
In two or three months, now is not the right time. Besides, I’m quite busy now.
Well, I’ll wait for you.
Putting it bluntly, Jiahui was in a particularly good mood, because she knew that if she doubled the stock, she would get tens of millions of dollars, which was a lot of money. She sat in front of her head and carefully studied the changes in the disk. Her heart gradually developed a very detailed trading plan, but she could not say it yet.
Jiahui wanted to understand everything and went upstairs alone. She was half lying in bed, hugging her beloved treasure chest and leafing through her treasures one by one. She felt more carefree after reading one after another.
Before you know it, it’s getting dark. It’s almost 6 o’clock. Why haven’t my parents come back yet? Jiahui was secretly anxious. At this time, her cell phone rang.
Jiahui company, your father won’t go home when it’s late today. You have taken care of the doors and windows.
In the words, Mother Yin Jiahui hurriedly asked what happened.
It’s okay. It’s just that the first inspection team in the province has come. I, your father, want to spend time with you.
Jiahui immediately became white in her heart. After she spoke, she suddenly remembered that she was still half a bag of crabs in the car. If she didn’t eat it, wouldn’t it be bad?
No, I have to ask him what he is doing at home.
She thought of this and called Zhang Jun.
Hey, what are you doing at home?
Oh, getting ready for dinner. Why?
I haven’t eaten yet, and you don’t call me Jiahui.
Then come on, I’ll wait for you.
She drove the BMW off to his door and then carried the half bag of crabs from the trunk and quickly ran to a door. She saw Zhang Jun at the door and looked at herself and said that there were crabs here.
Then destroy it.
Zhang Jun said, taking the crab and coming to the kitchen, and her mother greeted her and said that Jiahui had come and had not eaten yet.
Aunt, I just come here hungry. I often come and go to her. She is not so polite. After a few simple words, I went to the kitchen. Uncle Jiahui asked
The building went to buy green onions, Zhang Jun said
Oh, it’s not enough to know that you like abalone and green onions in sauce. Zhang Jun took over and said.
When I talked, I saw my father coming back from the outside. He was holding a few green onions in his hand. Jiahui quickly took it over and said that I would do it.
When she was a very good cook, a plate of abalone with delicious sauce was placed on the table. At this time, the crab was steamed. Now this season, it can be said that the crab is very fat. If you cover it, you can see that it is full of yellow delicious abalone. The delicious crab makes your mouth water. My father said that he would bring a bottle of wine from the cupboard. Zhang Jun poured half a cup for himself, and the family just sat down and ate slowly.
Although there is no ostentation and extravagance in the hotel at home, it is the happiest thing for a family to eat together. Jiahui is just like her own family here. She casually took the crab and handed the lid to Zhang Jun, but she ate no yellow crab meat. Why don’t you eat yellow mother asked