Don’t we need to break in to see Liu Guodong, two people continue to walk in front of the monk Zhang said with dissatisfaction?
Hey, hey, big brother, I think we’re going to see Liu Guodong now, but we’ve killed the bosses by ghosts. Judging from the previous remoulders, it’s impossible to do this just because of a black meeting
There was a burst of footsteps before monk Zhang spoke, and it seemed that there were many people.
Here we go again, Yuanjue Naidao
Mom forced the boss to kill Zhang Monk’s right hand, and the red sword was flashing with a faint red light. Now Zhang Monk in his hand sneers at one yuan. Today, we can get rid of a cancer in the people of Hejing City.
It was dark ahead for hundreds of people, and now both of them are equipped in a unified way, and a pretty machine gun is held in their hands by these people. When they see Zhang Monk, they don’t talk much.
Zhang monk sullenly killed the past man all the way. When killing a thousand miles, the ground was covered with blood. Zhang monk Yuanjue had no compassion. Since he is the enemy, he will be completely eliminated. This is the law.
But two people still neglected.
Zhang Yuanjue killed the hundreds of people and couldn’t bear to look back, but they didn’t see the blood gathering little by little and the bodies slowly turned into mummies.
Finally, the two men came to the headquarters of Scorpio Gang. They flew in high school and saw the ground. An ancient manor was beautifully built and large. They stopped at the gate of the manor.
Hehe, it’s a good thing for two Taoist friends. Come on in. The gate of the manor was suddenly hit, and a male voice came in, showing extraordinary Taoist power.
Monk Zhang smiled and said who was the pavilion in the past.
Can you guess the man’s voice track
Zhang Yuanjue stopped boasting and walked into the manor. The manor was designed according to Suzhou garden style, which was very beautiful, but they were not in the mood to appreciate it, because they found that the manor was really too many masters, at least more than 20 Xuandan masters.
Through the garden, I came to the front of the manor house. The room looked very quiet and there was no sound, but the powerful force came through the room.
Go in, since so many people greeted us, monk Zhang smiled indifferently and pushed the door, and the two of them went in.
However, the layout of the hall is neither fish nor fowl. It is a pure modern hall, expensive white leather sofa and red carpet room. A cabinet in the corner is blowing a cool breeze.
The hall is very big. Zhang Yuanjue is at the outermost part of the hall. In the innermost part of the hall, there is a man sitting on the sofa. A middle-aged man with long hair and shawl is leisurely holding a goblet and drinking red wine.
Two friends sitting next to the middle-aged man pointed to the sofa smile and said
Zhang Yuanjue smiled and you’re welcome to sit on another sofa. The horse walked behind the middle-aged man, and one of the many men took a bottle of Moutai and two China glasses from one side of the cupboard.
I heard Feifei say that your Moutai liquor isn’t it? The middle-aged man continued to smile and said
Both of them are surprised. Although monk Zhang is suspicious of Shangfeifei now, she shouldn’t know so many things about ghost killing, but I still didn’t expect Shangfeifei to be a ghost killing.
Monk Zhang is not a middle-aged person. He slowly drinks Maotai and pours Yuan Jueji a glass instead of a middle-aged person. He slowly says, Well, I’m a little surprised, but what’s the matter with Ge?
It is extremely important for the two armies to fight against psychological warfare.
The middle-aged man’s face twitched slightly when he saw that the two men were still calm. Then he said that the outside world said that monk Zhang was famous in the monastic world by Yuan Jue’s name, but they were all wrong. You are much better than your brother, aren’t you, Mr. Zhang?
Monk Zhang’s face remained unchanged and he still smiled. The outside world said that Liu Guodong was an ordinary black society, but who knew that it was also there to kill the boss, right, Mr. Liu
Good. After you say that, I invite you to join the ghost killing and ask two opinions.
Bad monk Zhang said
I think this Taoist friend is not our Taoist middleman. I don’t know what position Taoist friend recognizes in the heavenly magic religion. Yuan Jue suddenly smiled and asked faintly
The middle-aged man stared at Yuanjue with a wisp of light in his eyes, but Yuanjue didn’t see him. He still smiled and drank wine and waited for his answer.
The middle-aged man laughed and clapped his hands and praised the two mental strategies. Liu Mouren admired me. Liu Guodong is now satisfied with the two guardians of Monty’s holy religion.
I’m very satisfied. Now that we have all solved our doubts, Yu Ping must also be a Heavenly Demon Sect, and his position is certainly not low. You Heavenly Demon Sect have been working hard for so many years just to break into the split road. It’s a pity that you met our brother Liu Dharma. You should wake up.
So you two are not willing to follow us anyway. Liu Guodong slowly sat up straight and his tone became cold.