Since you want to die, it’s my hands and feet. In Zhao Xing’s view, Song Yun will definitely die this time and has no chance to come to Zhao Xing. He has also prepared many means. Now it seems that he can put aside the Chapter 145 Emperor Lingyun Tower.
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Song Yun left Qionghuafeng after the Emperor’s Lingyun Tower was taken over. Although it was very clear that Song Yun was not an impulsive person, it was Song Yun who didn’t know much about what the doorway was, and Xiao Qi needed to discuss it after he went back.
Brother Xiao took one today, but what happened in it still needs my brother to tell me in detail. After Song Yun returned to Zhuofeng, he took it and told Xiao Qi.
It’s a common thing for us, Hua Tianzong’s younger brother. On the one hand, we can exercise and wait for a lot of cultivation resources. However, it’s better for you to take some simple Xiao Qi for the first time. It’s not surprising to take it for every younger brother of Hua Tianzong.
I took Song Yun on the 13th and felt my heart thumped. This Song Yun didn’t consider that it was difficult for Song Yun to get the arrangement law materials as soon as possible. Song Yun didn’t consider it carefully, and Song Yun didn’t recognize that Yuan Tianding would give himself an unfinished process. I’m afraid it would be quite difficult.
What’s the pervert on the 13th? You actually took this. That’s what I’m saying. Xiao Qi just froze on the 13th. Xiao Qi has long heard that it’s not only difficult, but also a little careless is death.
Is it so scary? Where is the Lingyun Tower? Song Yun also points out that it is simple. Now even Xiao Ji is afraid of tigers. Can Song Yunde finish it?
Lingyun Tower is Song Yun’s key this time. Song Yun answered that one. It is required to rush to the third floor in Lingyun Tower. Song Yunlai has no feeling. Now it seems that Lingyun Tower is by no means a good place.
Lingyun Tower Actually, I am an emperor of Huatianzong, and there are many magical things in it. It is a sect dedicated to honing my younger brother. Speaking of shame, Senior Brother, I just broke into the second floor today. Xiao Qi seems to have thought of something, and his expression has become very bad.
According to Xiao Ji, this Lingyun Tower is actually specially designed by Hua Tianzong to hone his younger brother. When he enters Lingyun Tower, he will encounter several attacks of Warcraft. The strength of Warcraft is comparable to that of Wu Shen, but the number will become more and more horrible.
The world in Lingyun Tower is real, that is to say, those Warcraft departments are real and not dreamland. Once you are injured in Lingyun Tower, it is really hurt, and once you die, it is really dead. It is dangerous for Lingyun Tower, and Huatian Zongdi knows that unless you have extreme confidence in your own strength, people will not easily break into Lingyun Tower.
It is said that breaking into the third floor of Lingyun Tower can rank among the core brothers of Huatianzong. However, many ambitious people broke into Lingyun Tower, but most of them failed. Fortunately, they were able to save a fate, but they almost stayed in Lingyun Tower forever. Xiao Qi was only surprised when he knew that Song Yun had taken it.
Here, this Lingyun Tower is more interesting than I expected. Song Yunxiao Song Yun has long known that this matter is not simple. This Lingyun Tower is like a special preparation for Song Yun. It does not need strong strength, but this Lingyun Tower requires combat effectiveness. Song Yun is quite convinced.
Teacher younger brother, you don’t really want to break into Lingyun Tower. You don’t want to go to Lingyun Tower. Even if you fail, you can’t take it for a few months at last. Going to Lingyun Tower is purely a death. Xiao Qi saw Song Yun’s eagerness to try, and broke some worries in his heart. Lingyun Tower is famous, but it has already been all over Huatianzong Xiao Qi, but he doesn’t think Song Yun can succeed.
Song Yun didn’t continue to talk about something. Song Yun couldn’t tell Xiao Ji that it was Xiao Ji. When he saw Song Yun’s expression, he knew that Song Yun couldn’t give up easily. Although he was worried, there was nothing he could do. He had to tell his master Xiao Qi about it, but he didn’t know that it was his master’s hand.
Xiao Ji thought it was right. Song Yun decided that things would not change easily. After knowing the details of Lingyun Tower, Song Yun no longer hesitated to go directly to Lingyun Tower, which is a mountain peak deep in Huashan Mountain.
Far away from a huge pagoda, the golden light in front of Song Yun’s eyes is not dazzling, but it gives people a feeling that the height of the tower can’t be seen. I don’t know how many miles it goes directly into the sky. This is the treasure of Huatianzong, Lingyun Tower. Before approaching Song Yun, I felt a powerful power over the heavens.
It’s not the limit to rob the mainland of Yuan-qi. It’s still necessary to strengthen the emperor’s weapon. The power of the emperor’s weapon is thousands of times higher than that of the yuan-qi. Every statue of the emperor’s weapon is great. Once the power of the emperor’s weapon breaks out in conan the destroyer, it’s not difficult.
It’s not fun for an emperor to suppress the fate of sects and provoke sects to support them. Once the power of emperors breaks out, it is said that even Wu Huang can escape and suppress Yuan Tianding’s martial arts, but it’s easy.
Emperor is a sect, but it is said that Song Yun can not know what it is like in this large sect.
Song Yun didn’t hesitate to enter Lingyun Tower. Song Yun wanted to finish the arrangement of law materials as soon as possible so that Song Yun could feel at ease and practice, but now it seems that Yuan Tianding’s move must be meaningful.
It is not difficult to enter Lingyun Tower. If you are Huatian Zongdi, you can enter Lingyun Tower smoothly, but it is very difficult for Lingyun Tower to enter Yilai. Once you are besieged by Warcraft, the final outcome is probably a dead end.
Although the Lingyun Tower stands in Huashan Mountain, it is surrounded by silence. Generally, few people dare to enter the Lingyun Tower. After all, the terror of Lingyun Tower is well known.
At the moment of entering Lingyun Tower, Song Yun Yuan Shen could clearly feel the vast power of Lingyun Tower. Even Yuan Tianding’s state power of featuring the king was not worth anything in front of Lingyun Tower. This Lingyun Tower was a bit like Song Yun’s fairy taste in his previous life. This powerful breath was never in the fairy.
If you can master this Lingyun Tower, I’m afraid it won’t be difficult to be rampant in the mainland, but this thing is to think about it. Now Song Yun is not even an ant in front of Lingyun Tower. Chapter 146 The first floor.
Chapter one hundred and forty-six Entering the Lingyun Tower on the first floor is like entering another world. The surrounding environment is generally deserted. The land is full of desolate and bloody smells. Song Yun just stabilized his mind and a strong breeze came from behind. Song Yun didn’t even think about it. He drew a row back and screamed from behind Song Yun.
Song Yun looked back and saw that an unknown Warcraft had fallen in a pool of blood. Song Yun was not surprised at this. After knowing the details of Lingyun Tower, Song Yun’s nerves became tense and he could cope with all kinds of dangers at any time.
I chose a direction casually, and Song Yun strode forward, which is not a joke for Song Yun, but according to Xiao Qi, no matter which aspect I choose, I will encounter more and more Warcraft in Lingyun Tower. If you are strong enough, you will be able to kill all the way to the end smoothly, but you will see the entrance to the first floor. Of course, you can also choose to leave.
This Lingyun Tower is quite to Song Yun’s liking. Once you enter here, there is no other way to kill you except to move forward. If you can successfully break through Lingyun Tower, you should be able to win a lot of the cruel rules of Lingyun Tower. Song Yun didn’t care too much about it. There is no breakthrough in life and death without this cruel rule.
If you can be calm in the face of life and death, then what can be difficult for yourself? Hua Tianzong put Lingyun Tower here, which is actually of great significance. All the armed forces are bound to explode their potential in desperation, thus breaking through Lingyun Tower and dying in Lingyun Tower. It can be said that you are not enough, so you will die if you die.
Just now, that Warcraft is almost equivalent to the level of a nine-star martial artist. The strength of Warcraft is a little lower than that of Song Yun now. This is the rule of Lingyun Tower. No matter what kind of martial arts enter Lingyun Tower, it will be the first point of self-cultivation. The number of Warcraft will gradually increase.
Song Yunlian killed Wu Zong in nine planets, not to mention how long it took to practice for half a year. Song Yun’s killing Wu Zong’s nine planets level of Warcraft is actually a sword thing.
All the way to avoid Song Yun’s extremely fast progress, it was Warcraft one by one, and now the Warcraft department is in droves. This time, Song Yun met 20 Warcraft.
It is simple and direct for Song Yun to keep waving the sword. Whenever the sword moves, there will always be a death of Warcraft. Other Warcraft will continue to attack Song Yun, but even Song Yun can’t touch the edge of his skirt. Song Yun seems to be motionless, but he can always flash an attack in an instant.
After practicing in the gravity circle for half a year, Song Yun will not be physically strong to the extreme. In the gravity circle environment, all simple things will become more complicated, and it is hard to imagine that once it is suitable for the gravity circle environment, it will benefit.
In the gravity array, one thousand kilograms of gravity is always pressing on one’s body, and once one can bear this gravity, when it disappears, one will immediately feel that one’s body has undergone tremendous changes, and the speed is the most obvious point.
You can run 10 meters a second with one thousand kilograms of gravity. When one thousand kilograms of gravity disappears, running 100 meters a second is by no means an empty talk. Song Yunyi is exercising his body. I didn’t expect the body speed to reach this incredible level. I’m afraid those martial arts are strong in speed, and finally Song Yunyi is quite the same.