Dugu Yannan led the robots behind him to salute respectfully.
Dugu Yannan, you have confirmed their whereabouts, but you know that this matter is too important to be an accident.
Mechanical Wang daren rest assured that if I am not fully sure, I will definitely not dare to report Dugu Yannan’s heavy mouth.
Now that you have found the target’s whereabouts, this is what you deserve in return. The black flying saucer makes a gap and a drop of black liquid floats directly.
Duguyan Nanda hurriedly hands a lead that a drop of black liquid package gently into a jade bottle Chapter one thousand two hundred and eleven Chase.
Every drop of mechanical family source liquid is priceless. This drop of source liquid can create a powerful mechanical family.
Not only this kind of liquid is more beneficial to some monks who practice body terran, but it can make them realize that a little bit of mechanical body strength is of great benefit to their future cultivation and promotion.
Including Emperor Heifeng, the monks of the surrounding mechanical clan are all envious.
Black Flame God’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and the Romon Imperial Mechanical Family is also faintly competing. For robots, there is too much affection in his heart because of interest drive. Now that you have determined the direction, don’t continue to delay. Finish it as soon as possible, big sleep.
The black flame said that we should start at once.
Mechanical Wang Heiyan, the first two monks of God, drove flying saucers in succession, followed them and went straight to Meng Fei and others to recover from their departure.
Silver moon UFO Lin Weiyuan sat on the floor with his back on a soft couch, holding an altar of wine from time to time, with a faint smile on his face.
I didn’t expect King Xuanyuan to return to this superb law practice, which really made us see this road. If it weren’t for the hand of King Xuanyuan, we don’t know how much trouble we would have encountered.
Meng Fei shook his head and said, this is a trail, which can also deceive the average person. It is easy for people to see through this law prohibition if they really meet the master king.
He speaks manually, but his fingers are deft. When he touches it, the two runes attract each other but repel each other across the distance. In this rotation, the two runes give off a little breath and disappear completely.
This disappearance is not covered by some kind of power, but formed by yin and yang.
Because of this delicate balance, the balance of the two runes will be broken when a little impact is made.
The two runes will collapse and be annihilated in an instant when an exceptional force hits a strong spiritual force fluctuation, or when the gods are strong enough to sweep and break the balance.
Suddenly, Meng Fei looked up at Lin Weiyuan and nodded his head to show that he understood that the waves in front of the tiny fingers suddenly turned into colors in the fluctuations, so that he could clearly see the situation outside the UFO.
Meng Fei whisked away this group of little things composed of black and white runes in a thin layer of Yin and Yang source power package and quietly penetrated that layer of transparent film and fell into it.
Arriving at the outside world, a layer of yin and yang sources weakened rapidly and disappeared quickly, leaving only two black and white runes in the outside world.
Meng Fei manually dropped seven pairs of black-and-white runes in a short time, which were distributed in the passing path.
After doing this, he nodded slightly and Lin Weiyuan disappeared in peristalsis with a wave of his hand.
This is the fifth time that Meng Fei has handed out runes.
However, the subtle means is to condense these two runes and to offset and merge the two forces, which requires a lot of accomplishments. Now, Lin Weiyuan’s eyes are flashing. Although it is not the first time to see her face, it is still difficult to hide her admiration.
This condensed black-and-white rune seems simple, but its effect is not as good as usual. He personally tested his knowledge of Yuan Shen’s spiritual cultivation, and he was able to detect it at all.
Detection can’t be better
Meng Fei looked calm and smelled the words, and his mouth was faint. Adults praised Wang for his special cultivation power and just realized that he could condense such runes.
Wei-yuan Lin smell speech a smile is not much to say, raise your hand and drink the wine bottle in one gulp.
It’s a sure decision to take a long detour to a remote and barren area and remain safe until now.
I hope the rest of the journey will be safe until they reach the old capital of China smoothly.