Finally, I got rid of the exhaustive attack. The elders of Thunder Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, and the corners of my mouth turned out to be bruised. The clothes of Thunder Yuan were smashed into pieces by Starpower, and they were generally embarrassed to wear beggars.
It’s incredible for those spectators to see that Yuan Zun was in such a mess and was still a far-reaching honour person, but at the moment, everyone can see it and no one can intervene.
Hey, hey, it’s not a small price to pay for coming near me, but this array is unpredictable. I want to kill me first, or I won’t die, but you will die. Yuan Ye is proud of the sound, and at the same time, it was destroyed by Thunder Yuan Zun’s big move, and now it’s gradually around Thunder Yuan Zun again. Pang Da Xing Li has been put into the star world again. Although Thunder Yuan Zun already knows that these strange areas can be passed by energy, when his eyes pass through the mirror and see that the energy in the opposite world actually circulates, it still makes his heart cold.
After all, human power is limited to the total exhaustion for a moment, but the marginal power of the stars in the sky is also exhausted, so everyone knows who has spelled who.
If we can’t let him continue to exile the star power, maybe he will really lose to this small damn Thunder Yuan Zun’s roar. He has waved his hand and deeply pierced his body with the relics of the beast statue. Then he listened to a sound like a deep sigh and a gnashing of teeth from the Thunder Yuan Zun. When he looked up again, his eyes were completely shining with strange golden light, and his cheeks muscles were also glowing with golden light. Everyone seemed to be hard to the extreme. At the same time, the more violent and turbulent the strength of his body’s thunder attributes was, the moment actually soared to the more general concept of Yuan Zun.
Lightning prohibition and lightning pulse
Listening to a series of crosstalk, the large array of stars on Sunday is full of stars and thunder, and the two forces compete with each other to bridge all kinds of energy collisions and fly wildly like water spray.
After all, Yuan Ye’s power of law is not his power. If Yuan Ye wants to hurt him, he must destroy the array first, otherwise all the damage will be borne by the large array, but Lei Yuan Zun is sorry, but he is desperately trying.
In the end, although the thunder Yuan Zun’s move is far more fierce than just now, it will eventually resist the force of the stars and the terrible thunder attribute power will also melt the flying dust.
The situation seems to be one-sided, and the Yuan 459 law is broken.
Before Thunder Yuan Zun fought, I was worried that I couldn’t beat you like this, but I didn’t have such concerns after the First World War. I tell you that the array is full of strength. You can’t break the array, but you have to destroy it by brute force. It must be that you will run out of strength sooner or later and you can’t consume the array power. Yuan Ye proudly points to the amount of star power every day. Do you know that you consume stars every hour?
Thunder Yuan Zun also showed that although his attack can temporarily destroy a part of the large array, it will instantly restore the roots without any loss, and his strength did consume a lot after his two unique skills.
Thunder Yuan Zun, no one can break this array world, not to mention that you don’t know the array method at all. If you want to break it brute force, you must instantly explode the array method force and energy at one time. You don’t have such a strong trick, so die here today. I don’t want an enemy Yuan Zun to escape. That would be terrible.
Yuan Ye Xin Yin rang in a large array. Everyone such as Huo Guang, a large array of seamounts and enemies, pricked up their ears and listened. At this time, people were all excited. Yuan Ye killed Thunder Yuan Zun, and they ran a thousand of the four giant sects. Which one didn’t hate Thunder Yuan Zun? I’m afraid Kouyi was the only one who wasn’t happy.
Xiao, do you want me to be the strongest trick of thunder? Thunder Yuan Zun’s cold sound got up.
Big Yuan Zun controls the power of big attributes. Every Yuan Zun has his own ultimate trick of corresponding attributes. Needless to say, this ultimate trick is powerful, but these tricks have one feature: the enemy will die or die, otherwise the big move will never stop. The dark Yuan Zun died in this way. The ultimate trick collided with Lei Yuan Zun, who dared not try.
Ha ha ha Yuan Ye suddenly laughed. I’m not you. I’m trying to force you.
As Yuan Ye’s words just fell, the stars condensed into an arrow.
The arrow is golden in color, the front of the arrow is condensed by the pattern of stars, and the tail is divided into six wings. Even the most beautiful words in the world can’t shape it. However, this simple and elegant arrow is full of unspeakable horror.
Thunder Yuan Zun’s arrow embodies 60% of the strength of the large array. I will be interesting to see what you don’t do to resist Yuan Ye’s proudest smile.
At the moment, no matter who sees it, Lei Yuan Zun’s crisis war can’t break the large array, and Yuan Ye will never die. Yuan Ye will be killed by Yuan Ye sooner or later. Lei Yuan Zun can feel his strongest strength. No, once the energy of this large array is broken, it will die faster.
Thunder Yuan Zun’s face is cold to the extreme, my friend. Don’t you want a relic of the beast? I can give it to you. I won’t ask if you want to kill Kouyi.
Haha, now you agree to my request, but I have offended you. It’s not reassuring after all if I don’t kill you. I don’t want to face a Yuan Zun chasing Yuan Ye at any time. I smile with a wave of my hand and the stars suddenly dim because almost all my strength is condensed in that arrow.
The golden arrow struck a strange trajectory and rushed to the Thunder Yuan Zun. In the vast tide of star power, the golden arrow has turned into a golden light and cut through the sky.
However, at this time, Lei Mingyuan’s face was more solemn.
If you don’t resist the golden arrow, it contains great energy. At the same time, you can use the six golden wings at the tail to change your position and lock your opponent. Then you can imagine that facing such an arrow, Thunder Yuan Zun doesn’t evade or defend at all, just like that.
The golden arrow was shot at the statue of Lei Yuan, and it was weird. The static theory was whether the golden sharp arrow or the statue of Lei Yuan was still in the collision moment. Then I heard Kaka’s fine and crunchy defense armor of Lei Yuan, and then there was a crack, followed by a chain reaction. The armor was covered with cracks and expanded continuously, and then it collapsed bit by bit.
However, at this time, the nature of the thunder in heaven and earth ended with a large array of stars, but at this moment, in addition to the stars in the sky, there was a terrible dragon.
Peng suddenly thunder Yuan Zun’s body was shot directly by the golden arrow.
At the same time, the thunder Yuan Zun’s majesty was heard in heaven and earth.
Lei Taigu’s ultimate magic spell thunders Kyushu.
Thunder Yuan Zun’s strongest trick finally moved, but this strongest trick, Thunder Yuan Zun, didn’t attack Yuan Ye because he knew that the large array could not attack Yuan Ye. Thunder Yuan Zun attacked this strongest trick along the direction of the golden arrow.