The only thing Malfurion can think of is that Blockx Ronin Tyrande once met an orc. Although Blockx is a brave fighter, he has no magic. So is it Ronin? That is almost impossible. The mage should leave with Raffinklester.
Who? He finally asked who.
My name is Krasus.
The sudden change disturbed Malfurion, a sound he had never heard before, although it sounded a bit like Cenarius. Whoever this Krasus was, he was not a night elf, but something else.
Can you still feel our voice?
It’s me, but Krasus
I once showed Tyrande that it seems difficult for me to touch my dream beyond her bondage, but I hope it will let you
Let me have a look at this crystal cage by Malfurion, who doubts the possibility.
It’s a cunning trap, Krasus continued, which surprised the night elves. Obviously, they can see where Havice is holding him now, but I’ve dealt with it before
What must be done now that Malfurion’s spirit is further mobilized?
Now that we have moved your body.
What did you do to move his body? It was a real risk.
I know the risk very well. When Malfurion didn’t object further, Krasus continued to say that it must be brought to us. You must listen carefully because we have to do it quickly.
The night elves waited nervously for them to save him from the crystal and he would do what they asked him to do.
I must see the crystal and see every aspect of its natural properties. You are a druid. You can show me this.
In response, he explained that Malfurion observed a crystal department. He looked at every corner and pointed out that the crystal was strong and its possible weakness. He saw nothing to encourage him, but he guessed that Krasus knew how to do it.
There, the sound that drifted away from the body stopped him on a certain side. Malfurion had studied and noticed a small flaw before, but it didn’t show up at all.
This is your key. You will touch it and see what happens to this weak link.
The first time he did this, the flaw was small, but it was still clear. Why didn’t he think of it before?
They say that wisdom comes from experience. Krasus suddenly said, I am still proving this old saying.
He ordered Mafari Olympic Forest King to teach him skills to perceive the width of a flaw and understand its ultimate natural attributes.
You should be able to notice that the most problematic part of it is its key.
I can’t. Oh, yes, yes, but Malfurion felt the position. He squeezed it and was eager to let it go, but it didn’t give in.
You are strong, but you are not trained enough to beat your mind further towards us and let us in. No matter how many of us there are, we will be your extra strength and wisdom.
Malfurion tried his best to clear his mind and let himself go to Tyrande’s mysterious Krasus. He immediately felt two differences: Tyrande’s thought was sincere but firm, Krasus’s thought was wise and disappointed, and strangely, it was that kind of disappointment.
Now try again.
Malfurion described his dream as a tangible thing. He gradually pushed the flaw, but when he was strong enough, it bent to verse 25.
Suddenly, I felt that two other people were also helping him push Malfurion. I can almost imagine that Tyrande, another one, was struggling to push the flaw around him, and a tiny crack became bigger. When the flaw was hit very slightly, a tiny mouth appeared.
This is your way. Krasus urged him to get through.