While talking, Xia Wanjin’s eyes are also carefully swept in the forest, especially when he feels that if the forest animal sends out subtle force fluctuations, his eyes can’t help but shake gently.
It seems that I really told Dong Su that now Lin Dong has successfully entered Yuan Dan’s territory.
Xia Wanjin’s eyes flashed in his heart, but he couldn’t help but feel amazed. This young man stepped into the small Yuan Dan territory, and even the number of people he read had to sigh at his talent. Then his smile on his face became more and more warm, not because of any power, but because he completely understood that human investment was bound to be right this time.
Since it’s not wrong, try your best to invest. After all, who can predict whether the teenager will step into his dream of more than ten years in the future?
By then, it will be worthwhile to invest heavily.
Lin Dong also smiled and immediately turned to Lin Zhentian. They said, Grandpa and Dad, this is President Xia of Wanjin Chamber of Commerce, and this rock master is the four seal operators, and my spirit or the master led the door.
Hehe, you little guy don’t want to damage the old master Yan. He said with a smile, although he gave Lin the first three layers of practice, at most, it can make Lin become an operator. The rest are Lin’s self-cultivation
Listen to these two stamping stamping even inflammation city is to shake a shake big shots such as Lin Chen day heart is full of consternation, obviously did not expect Lin to inflammation city in February was able to talk to these to big shots.
This small is not sad.
Lin Zhen-tian’s great roar made them look at each other, and some howls were also booed. Now Lin Dong is gradually surpassing them.
It’s about time. Go in first.
See all introduced Dong Su is also at a side smile say with smile
Smell speech Lin Dong Xia Wanjin and others also nodded. Soon Dong Su was the leader, but he didn’t go to those people’s many channels. Instead, he entered the arena from an apparently special channel. Ten thousand gold chambers of commerce, the three top forces in the city, can always enjoy a lot of convenience.
A group of people walked along the spacious passage for a few minutes, and then their eyes gradually widened, and the avalanche of noise was also rumbling in their ears
Looking at the giant horn cattle farm in front of me now, Lin also couldn’t help but vomit lightly, as if to vomit all the surprises in my heart.
Lin Dong and others are now in a stand with a very good view. At this time, some people are already sitting in the stand. It seems that it is not an ordinary person. It seems that this should be the exclusive place for some prominent people in the city.
One of the three top forces of Wanjin Chamber of Commerce in Yancheng, and today it is Master Xia Wanjinyan’s face-to-face. When he arrived, many people were smiling and greeting Wanjin, while Master Yan was dull, but no one dared to be dissatisfied because of his dullness.
There are many areas in the arena, but today you Wei Tong fought for life and death. Obviously, this area has the largest number of people. When Lin Dong kept looking at the arena, Dong Su also smiled and explained.
Lin took one look at the stands around him and nodded with a wry smile. It’s quite secret that the blood wolf helped to give, but it was declared by them to be like this.
County President, you’ve come early.
Just as Lin Dong, when they were noting the venue, suddenly a slightly familiar smile came from the rear. Hearing this smile, Lin Dong’s eyebrows were wrinkled and turned his head. However, he saw a large group of people pouring in here. The leader was Yueshan, the blood wolf gang leader. In addition, Lin Dong saw a familiar figure beside him, that is Wei Tong, the door owner of bloodstained clothes.
After Lin Dong saw that Wei Tong, he obviously found him. When his face was exposed with a sneer, his palm was lightly scratched in front of him, which meant a lot. Today he is going to kill Lin Dong.
Lin Dong stared at him indifferently. This opponent, who gave him a great headache two months ago, is now and can no longer make him feel extremely difficult. Unfortunately, Wei Tong, the protagonist, does not seem to know that the positions of the two sides are gradually tilting.
Today’s life-and-death struggle is some fun, but it is just blood. Yueshan walked slowly to Lin Dong and smiled, but that smile seemed particularly cold to Lin Dong.
I didn’t expect you to kill the ancient shadow of Bloodcoat Gate. How do you say Bloodcoat Gate is also a force of my blood wolf gang?
YueShan that ancient shadow has run to intervene in other people’s affairs, and it’s deserved Xia Wanjin light way.
You and I said nothing. Today, this life-and-death struggle will come to an end. Yueshan sneered and immediately patted Lin Dong’s shoulder. I hope you can live through today. Yueshan is also a talented person, but you can come to my blood wolf gang after your interest.
Say that finish YueShan also smiled, no longer say more turned around and went to the stands.
Small this time I see where you can escape Wei Tong intensely staring at Lin Dong corners of the mouth smile particularly ferocious.
Lin caught a glimpse of Wei Tong, and then turned away. The direct action was to ventilate Wei’s forehead and the veins stood out.
You are arrogant now. I want you to beg for your life later. You can’t let Wei Tong gnash his teeth and sneer at it. Immediately, he turned to Yueshan with a kiss xiu robe.
Lin looked at Yueshan and others’ back, and the cold mountain surged in his eyes. That Yueshan looks rough but vengeful. This kind of person has offended you a little, but he wants to kill him with Wei Tong’s knife. I’m afraid this Yueshan abacus can’t be realized today.
Be careful. Dong Suqiao’s face is dignified. Even Lin has successfully entered the Yuan Dan territory, but if he is careless, he is also likely to die in Wei Tong’s hands. Anyway, Wei Tong is a real Yuan Dan territory with small perfection and strong strength.
Lin Dong nodded with a smile, and the lion fights even worse. This Wei Tong still has a poisonous dog with fangs. Behind his life-and-death struggle is the Lins. If he loses, the Lins will be finished. He must win.
With the arrival of the blood wolf gang, the sun gradually moved to the central position and the noise in the arena became more and more high.
There were professional referees in the arena, so when Chen arrived, he was a figure in the spacious venue.