Tao Zun’s nine-turn intermediate four-year cultivation has broken through a small realm, but it is also a matter of self-effort. Now it is by no means a problem to reach the peak of nine-turn. Even now, Yuan Ye’s actual combat strength is even greater than the average person’s breakthrough of two or even three small realms, because heaven and earth are finally studying hard to rise. Although he has not cultivated the peak of Tao, Yuan Ye’s strength is now comparable to that of big Zun and nine-turn peak.
Brother Qiu, it’s time for us to go and fly directly to heaven. Yuan Ye also shouted at the little jerk, and his strength also increased. Many little jerks immediately followed.
Yuan Ye’s little jerk lives in the attic. With a flash of dust, Yuan Ye’s little jerk is now in this attic for four years, which is actually 14 or 15 days away from the final third round of battle.
And today is destined to be the biggest day of the third floor of Yuan Ye’s Millennium, and it will also go down in history, because the struggle between the five emperors, which has gathered strong vision, will reach the most exciting stage in Gao Chao today, and this time, the struggle between the five emperors for fierce masters is also a previous crime.
The strength of the seven gods is comparable to that of the gods. The strength of the small world of Warcraft is only tested by the gods, but the five emperors fight for the final victory. Today, the strongest masters on the third floor of this big Yuan Ye will collide with each other.
Of course, there are also two Yuan Ye Stuart who stand out from dozens of geniuses. However, for these two people, no matter their dazzling performance before, they are powerful, but once they are tested by the gods, no one will have confidence in them. They are also almost the top ten in Chapter 1417.
But anyway, at this moment, the Millennium Test Temple Square is already packed with people, and you can’t count the number of people. This Millennium is rare, and you can’t see the roots. On weekdays, you will show the most fierce fighting. Any practitioner will not miss such a grand event.
When Yuan Ye, a little jerk, came outside the square, he looked at the queue that almost blocked the entrance to the square. He couldn’t help but say something. Finally, with the help of several Millennium assessment temple personnel, he entered the square from a well-guarded passage.
Go through a long dark passage and then walk at the end of the line of sight. The mouth of the cave at the mouth of the cave is suddenly louder than noise, which makes Yuan Ye, who was just in a very quiet environment, feel uncomfortable for a long time before he gradually returns to his senses and looks up at the nearly dense crowd around the square. He can’t help but laugh and finally sits in his position.
At this time, in addition to the three referees, ten people in the huge square have seats, but at this time, these seven people are the second strongest God-level test in Luo Qiong, and the third strongest Zhuge Changhong, the mountain, the moon, the scenery and the rain, Bao Wenqian, the little jerk, Yuan Ye, and Stuart, the master, have also attracted a lot of attention, and seven people have glory. To tell the truth, even if this person hasn’t been the first to lose, it is also a great honor. Who dares to underestimate you?
At this moment, another person came slowly. Zhu Tianrong was surrounded by a group of people with the stars holding the moon. When Zhu Tianrong passed Yuan Ye, he looked at Yuan Ye with two eyes. His face was not characteristic, and a sneer could not help but emerge.
I want you to die here today.
Smell speech Yuan Ye that dark eyes over light cold face is evoked with a shallow smile to ZhuTianRong indifference, I’m waiting.
Brother Yuan Ye doesn’t know how the ten of us will fight later, but be careful if you wish Tianrong to fight. This guy is absolutely terrible in cultivating talents. Once you killed him in Warcraft, although he was very embarrassed, he didn’t use his unique skill. After Zhu Tianrong’s unique skill, he did great harm to himself. He won’t rank higher than me without that trick, and the most important thing is that his mind is not very broad. Once you let him lose face in front of several people. This time, even if you want to get it back, you will sit here.
Smell speech Yuan Ye one leng don’t want to this god level test strong BaoWenQian was kind enough to wake up when it is also a hand way thank you for waking up I remember.
For Bao Wenqian, Yuan Ye doesn’t doubt that Zhu Tianrong is also a strong god-level test somehow. How can he know Zhu Tianrong without a few brushes? However, this Bao Wenqian is equal to the god-level test strongman.
Soon after Zhu Tianrong entered the venue, a green girl also slowly entered the venue. The green girl was dressed in a very simple appearance and was young and beautiful. She looked like a little girl who could not help but hug her in her arms and protect her well. But when you look at her for the second time, you will vaguely feel a queen’s breath from her body, and the longer you look at it, the stronger the feeling of wanting to prostrate yourself on the ground.
As this person slowly enters the stadium, almost all eyes have seen the past. This woman is the first strength of the God-level test. Ruxue’s strength is two grades higher than that of the mountains and moons, and the most exciting thing is her background. Snow is a great statue of twelve turns, and it is also the best descendant of Tao Di, and that Tao is not a great statue of twelve turns, but also a stronger identity. The best brother said that whoever can meet each other in this world, Tianzun will meet each other. Tianzun Xiangtao is one of the few qualifications.
It’s almost no secret that everyone knows that if you can catch up with Xiang Ruxue, you can’t be gentle and fragrant and nephrite in your arms, but you can also become a member of the most powerful martial arts in the third floor of Wanzunxing. Because you gave your brother Xiang Tao a face of years and years, but you didn’t kiss Xiang Ruxue less, which is also the first person who can test so many talents. Therefore, if you get her, I’m afraid that the years and years will also guide you a lot. Who will doubt the ability of years and years?
However, although many people are interested in that kind of temptation, some talented men and lovers have tried to get in touch with Xiang Ruxue, but none of them embrace beauty, but all of them end up with black and blue wounds. The girl’s heart is pure and beautiful in green, and she doesn’t want to be so gullible in appearance. For those who are bored, it’s a beating, even though it won’t kill you, it will make you unforgettable. It is said that anyone dares to make noise. It is also an excellent martial arts practice. The prerequisite for her to find a man is to be able to beat her, but after all, no one can beat
Looking at the past Ruxue Baowenqian’s face is not good at all. Hum, what’s the big deal? Isn’t it because of your peers?
For Bao Wenqian, Yuan Ye also shook his head. These days, the background is extremely strong. For Xiang Ruxue, Bao Wenqian and others, Yuan Ye also has a general understanding, and Bao Wenqian’s reaction is probably that women are often jealous.
Little girls are all good, but it hurts
After Xiang Ruxue entered the arena for nearly five minutes, the number of people in the stands around the square was finally crowded to an almost bursting stage, and it was so dark that there was no end in sight, and the noise gathered together and finally went straight into the sky.
Then when the sound is getting louder and louder, the ringing bell finally rings in the square and listens to it. The noisy square is slightly quiet, and several eyes follow the clock to the extremely wide and wide Chapter DiYiSiYi The last battle.
The central referee Mu Ke, who gathered his eyes in the square, slowly looked around and circled in the square like a muffled thunder. After the first two rounds of competition, he was still qualified to continue to compete for the title of Five Emperors. There are still ten days left, and recently it is the third round of competition day, which is also the last day of the Five Emperors.
Mu Ke glanced at the excited spectators who were mobilized. Before laughing, I also said that some people may think that the second round of competition is unfair, including the third round. After the top five, they must accept the recognition of failure before they can advance to the top five. Not everyone can challenge the top five, but it is only natural to be admitted that you are the strongest. Therefore, it is also stipulated in the competition that failure will challenge life and death, even if you live, you must seal the price for a hundred years. Don’t try to challenge with the top five.
Mu Jia’s words suddenly fell to the ground, but there was not much objection. Instead, today’s top ten is almost the real top ten, which is fair. The most important thing is that the last five are not the candidates they can challenge, no matter how unexpected they are. They don’t care. They want to see a series of shocking wars.
Seeing the sound gradually quiet, Mu Ke is also clear, and now the top ten departments are entering the left battlefield.
Smell speech Yuan Ye slightly zheng ten people in a battlefield is also a group war five out of ten can also be a group war?
Although many people are not too white about Mu Ke’s words, Yuan Ye and other top ten masters still arrived at the left platform at the first time, and with the top ten masters watching the platform around the platform, the atmosphere was suddenly set up, especially when a golden robe looked handsome and mighty, and the pure and beautiful girl Xiang Ruxue in green was directly cheered by Gao Chaoqi.
Because the five emperors are not in the top five, then the first, the second and the fifth must be clearly distinguished. After all, the ranking power of the five emperors is also very different. In the third round of fighting, the rule is that ten of you will kill each other, and one of you will be defeated. If you are beaten, you will not be eligible to continue to score points. Of course, if you have enough points, you will have a chance to enter the top five in case you are killed. However, no matter how many points you accumulate, you will be eliminated directly. When two people are fighting, you must never sneak attack or fight two times, and so
After the final knot, rank one to ten according to the points, okay?
Muke the words sound just fell in the square is sounded some whispering, obviously this year than the different mode let them off guard.
I heard that Yuan Ye’s face was colored because he could fly, and once he flew to the sky, he was almost invincible, but I’m afraid his chances of winning were not great enough, because Yuan Ye had to beat one person less because of unbeaten points.
At this time, Yuan Ye’s first goal is to be the weakest Stuart, only to find that Stuart is also looking directly at himself. Yuan Ye’s face is also ugly. Although this Stuart is weaker than Pang Yan, it is not easy to defeat it even if his strength has increased greatly. More importantly, the test of the surrounding gods is strong. I am afraid that he has already regarded Stuart, the two weakest guys, as a score.
Brother Qiu, if I can’t do it later, I’ll fly to the sky. You beat Zhu Tianrong to the last breath and give me a kick. At this time, Yuan Ye also thought of another way to fight against the little jerk. Wan Zunxing said that if he wants to leave or will come back, the little jerk will reunite. Of course, Yuan Ye hopes that the little jerk can go with him. Whether these super masters can defeat Yuan Ye or not is also uncertain.
For Yuan Ye, the little jerk didn’t object at all. In fact, this model is already a great advantage for Yuan Ye who can fly, but Naiji’s strength is too weak. Even after this advantage, it is difficult to line up.
Okay, since it’s all white, then get ready
As Muke prepared to stop, Yuan Ye locked Stuart once again, but in the instant, Yuan Ye felt an impulse to cry and that Stuart had already cried.
Tragedy, tragedy, Yuan Ye Stuart is the weakest and wants to beat each other first, only to find that the other seven gods have set their sights on the two of them. I’m afraid it’s not because they have two hands and the seven gods have set their sights on them directly. Yuan Ye fortunately, many people know that he can fly, so he can lock Stuart up to six people and Zhu Tianrong will set his sights on himself, while the little jerk will set his sights on Zhu Tianrong.
Yu Yuan Ye came to lock Stuart, but when I saw this, I also knew that I couldn’t compete with these gods. I was directly preparing to fly directly to the sky in an instant to remain unbeaten, and Stuart no longer locked Yuan Ye’s eyes and rushed to be abused.
See a ten people are a tense posture that referee MuKe is also a big drink rang.
Call almost instantly in MuKe sound Yuan Ye regardless of other direct abrupt fly to the sky.