Zhang monk for a boring smile shrugged and didn’t care about Ka Miao attitude.
At this time, the saint Xinghe asked with a smile, should the Pope fight in the sky? Let’s see it on the spot. Isn’t there an orbital warfare field?
However, you come with me. The Pope first flew to the sky and headed south, while others followed him. It took about ten minutes to fly, and a huge arena of warfare appeared in everyone’s eyes.
This is a typical European square. Pope Salo greeted the guests and found their seats. After that, the decisive battle of the European Pope’s blood prince is coming.
Ka Miao was dressed in a black cloak, and the Pope was dressed in a white robe. Both of them were floating in the air, confronting each other. Their strength was rising a little bit, and none of them watched the war again. The department was all absorbed in watching Gao’s upcoming world war.
Prince Ka Miao, the first Pope, once told me that he was still a disciple. The Pope smiled and said
But now that you are the world-famous Pope of the Holy See, I’m still an old deathless blood clan. Ka Miao’s face is still cold and more combative than his eyes.
In that case, let’s fight. The Pope still hasn’t moved
I can’t speak the rules. Ka Miao’s words haven’t finished yet. My body has moved with the ghosting image, and I have crossed a pair of fists and danced thousands of times. The Pope is personally enveloped by Ka Miao’s fist, while the Pope has stepped back. How to defend against the Pope by Ka Miao or to defend easily? The two figures have already surpassed the speed of sound and teleported from one place to another.
Ka Miao’s fist hit the Pope’s palm and resounded. A black force emanated from Ka Miao, and a holy white force emanated from the Pope. It was foggy for a day, making it impossible to see the fighting situation clearly.
Monk Zhang looks at the sky and has no impatience in his heart. Although talking, this kind of fighting is also the best way to grasp the speed of repairing depth. Hand-to-hand combat is the most energy-consuming and worse. Two people punch and palm with great power. Half of the square has been destroyed. Except for Monk Zhang, these places are still lacking, other places are in tatters.
After playing for about tens of minutes, it was still evenly matched, and neither side took the wind. Ka Miao also seemed impatient with this kind of play, and suddenly disappeared dozens of meters behind the Pope, now holding a thin sword in his right hand.
And the Pope also turned his horse, and a flash of white light showed a thin sword.
Ka Miao is getting bigger and bigger, and a pair of black meat wings are born from behind him, and they are constantly flapping. Gradually, these wings are covered with more than two black balls of light, which suddenly shoot at the Pope at an incredible speed, and then several black balls of light are sent from his wings, and the balls of light are as absent-minded as raindrops.
The Pope’s golden yellow mask still shines brightly in the refraction of the sun, which seems to indicate that the Pope’s mood is still very calm and not fluctuating at this time, but the Pope’s mood is still very calm.
The Pope’s sword in one hand seems to be slowly covered with black balls of light. No matter how many black balls are shot from Ka Miao’s wings, the black balls are cut by the Pope’s feet, and Ka Miao seems to know that this attack has no wings for the Pope and stares at what the Pope seems to be thinking.
You haven’t taken the initiative to launch an attack. Do you look down on me? Suddenly Ka Miao said coldly
The Pope seems to be one leng and then laughs. Of course, it’s not your secret attack. How can I attack?
Go on
Ka Miao’s body suddenly spun and spun quickly. Everyone present heard Ka Miao drinking a dark tornado.
The black tornado swept across the earth as if it were a real tornado. It was a full hundred meters high, and the black tornado covered the sky. Zhang monk and other theater goers didn’t feel any discomfort except seeing this tornado, but the Pope was in a battle field with a thousand unspeakable tastes.
The Pope flew uncontrollably to the center of the tornado, and his white robe was blown high, which surprised people. His arms were so bright and delicate that it didn’t look like a man could be there. These people were not idiots. A terrible idea flashed into people’s minds.
Come on, monk Zhang stared at the Pope with a bare arm and couldn’t believe the words.
It may be that Yuan Jue also found something unusual. I’m afraid Yuan Jue watched the war and almost all of them were surprised for a short time, while the three cardinals of the Vatican were sitting there with their faces blue and silent.
After all, the Pope was involved in a tornado. The tornado roared, and the Pope was weak. The black storm circle squeaked. It was a bat sound.
No one knows exactly what happened inside, even the audience can’t see the war situation inside. They saw the tornado turning around, and the surrounding buildings were destroyed one after another. It didn’t take long for bats to fly from the tornado to disappear, and the bats exhausted from the tornado. Monk Zhang and others saw that the tornado was actually getting smaller and smaller, far from being violent just now.
Ah-ho, when the tornado stopped, there was a terrible scream inside. A shock in monk Zhang’s heart was Ka Miao. From this sad and unwilling scream, monk Zhang knew that Ka Miao had lost.
The black tornado gradually stopped rotating, and the tornado gradually disappeared. Two figures quickly divided into one white and one black, and the two figures were very eye-catching. When people saw Chutian clearly, they all opened their eyes.
The spectators were surprised not because Ka Miao was bleeding in the chest, nor because Ka Miao looked embarrassed, but because the Pope’s golden mask had disappeared, and a golden yellow hair fluttered and a beautiful face that made men sigh was displayed.
Everyone present has seen all kinds of beautiful women, but everyone agrees that flying in the sky is the most beautiful woman they have ever seen. The noble temperament, seduction and innocence show a hint of charm and spotless white robes to match this perfect leisure face.
This is Dijie, a goddess given by heaven.
Tiansisi has a complicated look, and her eyes are staring at the sky, which is three points more beautiful than her. The Pope sighs in his heart, and he has always been confident in his appearance. She has been hit hard today.
Eldest brother, this Pope is really a Siebel. He can’t help but give a sound to monk Zhang when he recovers his mind.
Monk Zhang, like Yuan Jiao, is in love with people. Even if the Pope is so beautiful, he can charm him for a while. At this time, monk Zhang has already returned to normal and can’t help laughing. This thing is more valuable than this duel between the dark church and the Vatican.