This avatar no longer belongs to the avatar, but is a kind of heaven.
Buzz, buzz, buzz.
The huge king of heaven and earth touched the magic circle and stopped.
I’m afraid it’s impossible to stop such a huge collision force even if it’s cultivated into an epic, but this magic array has been achieved because it has changed the rules of heaven and earth, and the power of the king of heaven and earth is not worth anything in front of such rules.
This is immortal and terrible.
The king of heaven and earth finally paused to stop, and the huge silver magic array suddenly exploded and dissipated in the virtual space as if it had never been seen before.
This magic array is obviously not the power of the seven nights demon king, but a life-saving charm of his body.
And the owner of refining this character record is a super master with immortal spirit, probably a big demon statue.
It’s really sinister. For seven nights, the demon king also broke out in a cold sweat. If my father hadn’t given me a life-saving charm, with which I could save my life in times of crisis, I would have been seriously injured even if I could escape the Yuan God.
Shit, this is the immortal level of the spirit of the time operator. Only in this way can the life-saving charm be refined. Yong dae Kim cried, and the huge mental shock shocked Meng Fei’s mind. Meng Fei hasn’t figured out what happened.
He just hit it, and it can be said that it was a blow to kill the mind. Wan assassin Jin Dian stabbed the king suddenly and instantly killed five steps, but suddenly everyone stopped being frozen in the virtual people’s minds and stopped working.
Kill him. The life-saving charm has been damaged. You can click to kill it at once, otherwise it will be late. Meng Fei will also be alert quickly. Everything you talk about at this time is false. Once again, it is now or never.
This guy is practicing the life-saving talisman with immortal spirit. There must be some good things to kill him, and I will be rich. You know, there are many immortal levels outside the fairy house.
However, at most, this immortality is physical immortality or Yuan God is immortal in spiritual immortality, but there is not even one in Meng Fei, which shows that spiritual immortality holds an equal position in all worlds.
In the blink of an eye, Meng Fei once again spurred the large array to prepare for impact.
Also want to cast this trick? It’s too late for seven nights. In the eyes of the demon king, the magic light shines brightly, and the silver magic light department is wound around the king of heaven and earth. Suddenly, it seeps in to stop the large array from running.
Although Wang Ling of heaven and earth is a very competitive warrior, the large array inside is absolutely not less than the number of fairy devices. The large array inside is running, and he can’t escape a blow suddenly, but he is not afraid when he is ready to win.
It’s not good for this person. It’s hard to prepare to kill him again. His body is extremely powerful. I’m afraid ten kinds of qi just don’t know what the state is, whether it’s the initial state or the middle state or the position.
Meng Fei felt that the king of heaven and earth was entangled in the other side’s true qi, and it was difficult to move again, and it was difficult to course to the maximum. I couldn’t help roaring and screaming, and I tried to get rid of it.
I’m afraid this person has reached the limit, and it’s not far from the epic territory. Jinlong started to seal the gods’ light and secretly condensed to prepare for the sneak attack on it. Meng Fei fought and cooperated very tacitly many times, but he was surprised by it.
Meng Fei’s hair stood on end, saying that the ultimate state is also called the universal method. When all kinds of magical powers are practiced together, they will be poor and powerful. This is a very high state, one step away from the epic state
Even in a big sect, such a master is paid a very high salary, and the elders should respect him, which is far from being able to compare with some people who say that they are superior in their initial position.
Give me a break to know that this person has reached the point where he said that he wants to kill this person. It is already a kind of extravagant hope. What’s worse, Meng Fei also found that there are 20 powerful fiends flying in the distance behind this person.
None of these big fiends are in the three-legged sword. Ubi Yanna flies away, and the evil wind big fiend is ten times more powerful. If you embrace it and cloth it into some kind of magic array, you may be refined by the other side even if you exert your creativity.
When it’s urgent, get out of each other’s control and then leave the magic pool.
The star wheel turns in his mind, and his true qi is absorbed in a large array in the land king’s ridge on this day. This large array is called the star wheel. When it moves, the land king’s ridge furnace suddenly shoots more than ten zhangs of stars.
These stars actually formed a knife wheel with high rotation, and the wind and fire roared and cut all around.
Sloppy actually cut off the magical power of the seven nights and immediately got out of the bondage.
It’s a good thing that the king of heaven and earth, the demon king of heaven and earth, spent thousands of years working hard to fight the god of war, but in your hands, he couldn’t wield a powerful force. The cold sound of the demon king for seven nights was fully developed
Hands don’t stop at the left hand, waving five fingers, counting the black qi, flying to condense into a symbol, and forming a smart array, Wan pot cover mercilessly.
Monty winding wire array