Thunder and lightning in the sea, dark clouds, pouring rain, high winds and showers, causing great waves.
Two figures stand in vain and look up at the sky.
Hey, didn’t you say that the boy is back now? Henderson looks around, but all the rain near 200 feet will be drained by a strange force without falling at all.
Ghost ancient busy black robe hunting ring at the moment look up light way in the sky.
Day Henderson looked around, only to find that there was no doubt in his heart except the flash of dark clouds and raindrops.
But at this moment, a huge noise came from the sky, which was not a thunderous external sound, but a unique wave that could only be detected if the world was really powerful and strong.
Dozens of great powers in the vast mainland opened their eyes at the same time, showing shock.
In the dark sky, there is a hole with the size of a hundred feet, and the tyrannical breath emanates, and a tall and straight figure is in this hole at the moment, and the previous figure directly steps forward.
Meng Fei looked up at this day, the sea breathed a familiar breath, and the corners of his mouth smiled a little.
He finally came back after leaving for decades.
Ghost ancient busy head up his ghost ancient mind connected, but also Meng Fei mind connected, even if thousands of light-years away, they can sense each other at the moment, nodding slightly to him, and now he is beside him.
Meng Fei eyes fell slightly surprised and then nodded and smiled. It seems that you have been practicing very hard over the years or you will definitely have a chance. Otherwise, you will not be so busy today. You can reach the abnormal state after absorbing the magic gas from the abyss. This really makes Meng Fei happy.
Ghost ancient busy slightly thoughtfully and then shook his head and said, it’s still very calm than the inappropriate voice.
Meng Fei chuckled and then turned his eyes slightly on Henderson, wondering, why are you going to stay there, old guy? Why don’t you come here quickly?
Ah, well, Henderson replied with a fart, and then abruptly interrupted to gently cough. Master Meng Fei, a child, has found out whether you can be bossed around Henderson in those days. I want my name, and you must be respectful to me after I accept my position.
I want a beauty, and it must be as beautiful as that little beauty Bai Xiaotong, otherwise.
Meng Fei corners of the mouth frivolous light way otherwise.
After Henderson saw this, he gave a terrible quiver in his heart, and he lived a happy life. Now he must never admit that he is a coward and have to grit his teeth. He is even more handsome than he needs to see his face.
Otherwise, the master will abandon you and re-choose an obedient master. This fellow said that there is no room for manoeuvre.
Meng Fei shook his head and said, it’s really too noisy. I can’t hear you clearly. Wait a minute. He looked up at the dark clouds and the thunder roared lightly.
Language fell roaring thunder moments static all over the sky Lei Guang directly disappear heaven and earth only raindrops going on the sea Chapter six hundred and sixteen Boundary means.
Henderson, what did you say? Say it again. Meng Fei turned around.
Henderson gasped and quietly dispersed the thunder all over the sky. Is he worse than his master at this point?
Well, the status of master and servant will not change, but you must promise your master other conditions, although his tone is still firm and he lacks most confidence.
Meng Fei shook his head and said, "The rain is still too heavy to hear clearly."
The imaginary flame melts into a sea of fire in an instant by condensation. The temperature of this sea of fire is extremely high, but it can be virtually incinerated. The dark background color of the sky is directly evaporated and dissipated, and the sky turns crimson until the last cloud dissipates. The flame slowly recedes.
Drink away the thunder and burn out the dark clouds. A moment ago, the thunder and the rain poured down, but the eyes were the wind. The sun shone on the calendar, and even the high wind seemed to be burned and disappeared.
However, in this warm sunshine, ghosts and ancients feel chills all over the body.
Trembling for half a ring, I can grind my teeth. I don’t want to change my status, but the beauty must or the master will quit.
Henderson hissed at the bottom and stubbornly guarded the last bottom line in his heart.
Meng Fei smell speech silence immediately facial expression turned to light a palm deep in the virtual row.
Breath crashing and cracking a thousand feet crack, and now it’s all silver and white, and the violent explosion has caused the sea surface here to become violent and unstable.