Hearing the words of these two people, the facial muscles of Yan Lu suddenly twitched. Obviously, this sudden change can’t be discussed in a few words.
Haha, since you don’t know what to do, okay? I’ll give you a suggestion, so I’ve been keeping a very low profile at this moment, ready to enter the world of Mi, but Yuan Ye is uncharacteristically laughing and doing my hand.
Well, when I heard Yuan Ye’s words, I suddenly looked at Yuan Ye coldly. Although they didn’t attack for the time being because they couldn’t kill him, it was not his turn to gloat here.
It is said that the emperor is terrible. Brother Ball, let me see the power of the first emperor. Don’t kill it. With Yuan Ye’s words, a white ghosting is flashing in the past. Now it’s direct. The white beard’s old precursor, the white light, is suddenly swollen, and its claws are as strong as destruction. Without mercy, it’s against the back.
Rainy days sword face suddenly this ferocity attack that Bai Hu old complexion is also a change of palm dancing, and the sword in that hand instantly turns into a huge sword with a length of two meters, and the sword is blown to that white ghosting.
Peng two instant bombardment together, however, the impact did not last long. The sword was directly caught by claws and burst, and all the residual strong breeze poured into Bai Hu’s old body.
Hum by little jerk a claw boom that Bai Hu old is also a stuffy hum footsteps pedal even a hundred meters back just stopped looking at the white ghosting face some shock this transient front Bai Hu old clearly feel this little thing is terrible in.
Not good in this little delaying tactic, he deliberately delayed, and when he came over from Warcraft, Bai Hu was horrified and said that his sword right hand was directly abolished today.
That’s still in intrigue with each other. The six masters saw that Bai Hu Lao was directly blown away by Yuan Ye’s blow, which was also a big surprise. These six people no longer dared to fight for their body movements. Almost at the same time, seven people beside Bai Hu Lao were vigilant and looked at the little jerk in the cold. Damn it, Yuan Ye, it was really sinister when he provoked us and deliberately delayed.
This little beast is much stronger than Yuan Ye, so I can’t kill Yuan Ye and kill him first.
Smell speech The other six people hesitated and nodded their teeth. After several wars, they said that Yuan Ye was dazzling. I’m afraid this little Warcraft is even more dazzling than the little Warcraft. It is far more terrible than Yuan Ye. Especially, it is said that holding the emperor and bearing the back foot will make a big statue of nine turns to the peak and a big statue of ten turns to the power. Compared with the big statue of nine turns, it is a qualitative leap. These seven masters have extraordinary knowledge, but they know how strong the big statue of ten turns is.
Swish swish.
A series of earth-shattering howls suddenly resounded through the virtual seven masters, and the whole body strength soared at the same time. In a blink of an eye, thick and extremely violent energy fluctuations swept from the seven human bodies like a storm, and Fiona Fang was scattered in chaos.
Death is a complete scream, and it rings directly from the deer’s mouth, but it is a pair of dark-painted dense claw-shaped palms and fingers with the same sharp sword, which is generally slightly curved and kind of terrible strength is secretly condensed.
Peng talons Yan Lu’s figure moves, and the shadow is directly changed by a flash. Now, the little bastard’s huge black claws slammed into the sharp breeze and directly blocked the little bastard’s whole body, and then he grabbed it at the back of his head.
Tianyu Luo Cha
When Yan Deer Hand, the others also happen to cast their fierce and big moves, and their bodies suddenly surged and quickly formed a series of energy attacks in all directions of the little jerk. Seven kinds of energy were surrounded from seven directions, and it seemed that they wanted to devour the little jerk into Chapter DiYiSiWu and lost.
The seven masters instantly showed a very tacit cooperation. The left and right sides, together with the party, sealed off the little jerk’s retreat completely, and seemed to know that the little jerk couldn’t fly and took full advantage of his hands. He didn’t give the little jerk any chance. The seven masters’ murder was a show of suspicion at this moment.
In the face of such terrible means of the seven masters, even Yuan Ye, who has always been very confident in the little bastard, can’t help but worry. People say that only after the seven masters joined forces with the emperor, a big statue of nine turns was strong enough to reach the strength of the big statue of ten turns. The little bastard was stronger than himself. It was not the emperor or the first emperor, and that strength should be even more terrible. However, Yuan Ye could not help but shake his confidence a little.
Then the little jerk who stood at the core of the energy storm didn’t respond at all. It seemed that he didn’t see the terrible attack of these seven masters.
Little bastard holds his head high with a white sword, and if it flashes on his head,
Suddenly, a thunderous noise rang out, and the center of the little jerk was full of firm but gentle shots in all directions. At the same time, the two tender unicorn horns were twisted at the moment.
Whoosh, suddenly, the little bastard’s body was twisted, and then his snow-white body turned into a white sword, which flew directly at the sky.
Poof, there is almost no resistance, but Yan Lu’s two terrible claws are directly pierced by this flying sword together with the right chest, and this flying sword directly penetrates the past.
Poop, poop, poop.
If you stop, the flying sword will still have long eyes. Generally, you will face the tacit understanding to the limit. Seven masters will fly one by one. No one can stop this flying sword, whether it is a big move bombardment or a sword blocking the key.
The big move directly penetrates the weapon armor and directly destroys the indestructible person. All individuals are completely defeated by this white sword.
Finally, with a loud noise all over the sky, the white sword flew off the ground and magically turned into a little jerk. This strange scene directly saw Yuan Ye’s brain short circuit. It seems that this is the first emperor’s early mans power is not too big.
This time, the seven masters of one sword attacked four great statues and nine turns to the peak, and the weakest red-faced fat Shi Taibiao was directly in a state of half death. This is still a little jerk who stabbed his right chest and abdomen and waited for a while, but did not pierce their hearts and brains, otherwise he might fall directly into the second kill scene.
And the remaining two people are the feminine woman and the landlord Gotama, who was finally attacked. Presumably, the strength of the little jerk is not terrible at that point. When attacking these two people, the power is also reduced a lot. Therefore, although these two people are seriously injured, they are not in a state of death.
Why is it so strong and so strong? At this time, Gotama is still in a state of legal belief. He knew Yuan Ye was terrible and didn’t want to come here. But what he finally didn’t want to see happened was that Yuan Ye dared to go up the ladder so boldly. First, he relied on the world of mortals. Others couldn’t kill him. I’m afraid the most important thing is that he knew that Warcraft was coming, and he had no doubt that his strength had entered the realm of great honour and ten turns after getting the first emperor’s sword, and I’m afraid it was not low in ten turns.
Ten turns to the big statue, that is, seven more big statues and nine turns to the top, and the strong peak is not its opponent. These two direct roots are a day and a geological gap.
Without the slightest hesitation, the feminine woman immediately turned and flew to the sky, and Gotama was not stupid, but she also fled almost at the same time. However, the two men just flew a figure, which was suddenly ahead.
Go back to Yuan Ye’s cold face and look at the two people recovering a lot of quarrelling and gathering in the palm of his hand like a storm. A terrible fluctuation spread rapidly.
Lei Zhen’s quarrelling between Yin and Yang hit like a flood, while Yuan Ye’s expression slammed his right palm against the back.