Repelling Yuan Ye and Zhang Yuanjun didn’t strike at once, just like clapping your hands and dusting after finishing the work. You just sneered at Yuan Ye. I’m afraid your defense is the strongest I’ve ever seen. My continuous attack turned out to be just to hurt you, but I said that all external means are in front of the quasi-statue of dzogchen.
Don’t you know that I used to slay the Thunder Yuan Zun independently, and you are even worse than Yuan Zun. Yuan Ye sneered at the corners of his mouth. At the same time, Yuan Ye shook his hand and the discerning sword was swept away, and the angry man rushed into the blade with the last tide, and with such vigorous quarrelling, the snowy sword suddenly became humming, even the surrounding area buzzed together.
Hum, even if you killed Yuan Zun, you obviously paid a huge price, because your strength is too weak now. It is better to solve you earlier and save those guys from fighting back. When you see Yuan Ye’s behavior like this, Zhang Yuanjun’s eyebrows are picked up, and his dry hands are aimed at Yuan Yeshen’s dark haze, and quarrelling is crazy in his palm.
When the power condensed to the end, Yuan Ye finally stopped conveying the palm, clutching the trembling white sword, and looked up at Zhang Yuanjun, who was holding the palm, and slowly lifted his hands over his head and split the force.
The twelfth sword of the demon-sealing gives up one’s life for righteousness
As the drink resounded through the sky, a huge golden sword awn with a foot of tens of meters suddenly shot at the tip of the sword, and finally it was directly cut at Zhang Yuanjun and swept away.
Fist drenching
Looking at the eye pupil, the golden firm but gentle Zhang Yuanjun’s eye pupil shrank slightly, then sank and drank. With the light in his palm suddenly released, the fist with a huge energy of more than ten meters suddenly emerged strangely, and finally, with a fierce strong breeze, he angrily blasted at the sword mans.
Valley battlefield several eyes staring at two attacks are full of extremely terrorist forces, finally crashing into each other. At this moment, the harsh energy explosion suddenly resounded in the sky like thunder, making people temporarily deaf in both ears.
Overwhelming energy ripples expanded from the collision, and Zhang Yuanjun squinted at it, which was distorted because of the spread of energy ripples, and just wanted to induce Yuan Yefang’s face to change suddenly.
At the moment when Zhang Yuanjun’s complexion changes, a blue figure suddenly hugs at the spread of energy ripples, but now it is. Zhang Yuanjun’s sword is mixed with vigorous power and straight at his face.
court death
Seeing each other dare to directly attack Zhang Yuanjun from the surface with a angry smile. Soon, the palm of your hand flashed out and it was very easy to clamp the finger of the sword god. However, when his eyes swept in front of him, he saw a trace of sarcasm.
Well, just as Zhang Yuanjun was suddenly absent, a cold wind mixed with strange hot strong breeze suddenly emerged behind him.
Yuan Ye actually took a bite of a tiny golden censer in the other hand. The censer was generally smashed directly in Yuan Ye’s hand.
What’s that incense burner? I laughed to death. I saw Yuan Ye’s big appearance and finally hit him with a incense burner. The disdain in Zhang Yuanjun’s heart made people extremely look down on Yuan Ye. It was very casual to hit the incense burner with one punch.
But at this time, the accident gave birth to the incense burner, which actually became one hundred times larger in an instant, with a diameter of two huge Dan burners smashed directly at Zhang Yuanjun.
Not good, Zhang Yuanjun’s face changed dramatically, but he didn’t respond at all, so he was smashed into his stomach by Dan furnace, and then a huge golden furnace cover went to Dan furnace, a small furnace with a transient small direct path radius of half a meter.
Xiao Yin burned him to ashes for me. Yuan Ye immediately shouted.
Hey, hey, this is the sound of the melting dome furnace, and then there is a raging fire directly in the melting dome furnace. This fire can melt even the hard ore in the smelting process, even if Yuan Ye goes in, it will be dead and alive. Zhang Yuanjun’s defense is not Yuan Ye, let alone Yuan Ye.
Mao’s huge impact bell usually comes from the melting dome furnace, and all the melting domes are shaking violently at the same time, but Zhang Yuanjun can’t escape from the bondage of artifacts, and the artifact department is just like the artifact field, and then it is the artifact day.
That’s awesome. Although the power of this melting dome furnace during the battle is not thrilling, it’s still terrible by surprise. After all, who cares about a small furnace? Yuan Ye has relaxed Zhang Yuanjun into the melting dome furnace. Of course, it’s more convenient to hold a sword-shaped artifact in his hand. After all, Rui Xigang can rely on the thirteen attributes of the artifact to entangle for a long time. Yuan Ye’s strength, plus the owner of the artifact, will reach a new height.
See Yuan Ye Zhang Yuanjun suddenly everyone is a face of consternation. There is no doubt about Yuan Yeqiang’s great presence, but Zhang Yuanjun is, after all, two pillars of the wind and the clear soul. Today, the bottom brother of the wind and the clear soul was almost killed by Hao Tianzong, and Zhang Yuanjun was re-imagined. In the end, the wind and the clear yuan statue Wang Gang faced Yuan Ye Duanmu Yunji Xu Ying’s five-party star array, and the odds were slim.
On the other hand, it is obvious that Yuan Ye and Zhang Yuanjun are also anxious to see Wang Gang’s roar after the war. In addition to Yuan Zun’s ultimate trick, it can be said that not only a large array of five stars will stabilize him, but also Duanmu Yunji and Xu Ying will break away from Wang Gang.
However, in the eyes of Emperor Haotian’s younger brother, he was satisfied and excited. The most hope of fighting was victory, and their most hope was the victory of their patriarch. Once again, their patriarch defeated a top leader, which would be a great encouragement and pride for them. Long live the patriarch, and the patriarch’s enemies kept coming and going.
Being called by Tianzong of Science to clear the soul to the wind is a bleak morale. It is simply a complete destruction of less than a million brothers. I still hope that Feng Qingyuan and Zhang Yuanjun will be completely desperate today, and they will surrender to the wind and clear the soul, and the plague will spread rapidly.
Yuan Ye didn’t care too much about the different emotions of the two sides, but looked at the burning flames in the melting dome furnace and heard the screams fade away. Yuan Ye smiled and committed adultery. Is he dead?
Before the melting dome furnace could answer, there came a weak voice. If you dare to kill me, my family will not let you go.
Oh, I’m not dead yet. When the fire is getting worse, Yuan Ye has a cruel sneer at her mouth.
Suddenly, the raging fire rang with more piercing screams.
Bastard, do you know that you are not the root of my family that can offend Zhang Yuanjun? Still screaming and trying to threaten Yuan Ye.
Hum, I can’t offend me in your family, so you can offend me? It’s just a buffoon. Yuan Yegen doesn’t take this threat seriously in an attempt to marry his wife, even the emperor Yuan Ye doesn’t.
If you dare to kill me, I will tell my family the secret law before I die, so that you will never be born again
I’ll let you live forever now. Yuan Ye suddenly became angry and added a raging fire to the melting dome furnace.
Ah, Zhang Yuanjun screamed and handed it directly to dozens of miles. This is because you forced me to wait for me to escape, and I must get back at you a thousand times.
Talk with melting dome furnace gas port to thick smelly black fog, the black fog unexpectedly this soul force.
Master he wants to escape melting dome furnace immediately way
Well, Yuan Ye nodded, but I didn’t expect this haze guy to be able to turn the soul gas into a strange gas immediately. When the furnace is heated and expanded, it will be the same as boiling water kettle. Otherwise, the root method will continue to burn at a high temperature, and the furnace will also have pores. Today, this black foul-smelling fog has escaped from the gas port of the furnace.
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