Even Yuan Zong, who is getting mixed up day by day, should be killed together. On the whole, this trip is the best time for them to wait for Buddhism and Taoism to mix with Yuan Zong.
It’s hard to think that cold evil is such a devil who is used to intrigue.
All evil spirits are aiming at the scenic area and longing for the mountain, but they don’t want to be the Buddhist monks in Wudang Mountain for half an hour.
In the southern sky, a pale golden mass appears as fast as light. If you look closely, you can see that this is a light-hiding image, and it is by no means a light-hiding one.
Being able to drive hundreds of people to escape the light by themselves is the only thing that can be done in the world, such as Yu Yueling.
Wudang Mountain Taiji Xuanjing was created by Zhang Sanfeng, the founder of wu-tang clan, with a hundred years’ hard work. It is a blessed land, and it is even more precious than Kunlun Mountain Xuanyuan Sect.
Today, in Tai Chi Xuan’s territory, there are only ten people with minimal repair strength. When the younger brother guarding the mountain gate saw a pale golden light coming from the sky, he was also very puzzled. Is it because the elders came back and Cocoa just left?
However, it is not because he thought about the opportunity that the huge light-escaping group has suddenly broken the peripheral ban of Tai Chi Xuan. Is it that people can actually break the ban on their ancestors?
When the Shoushan brother was horrified, the golden light was already crashing to the ground, and the light faded away. The first thing that impressed the Shoushan brother was Li Yueling’s lazy smile.
If a fairy looks like a fairy standing on its side, who can she be if she is not a warm jade, and behind Li Yueling, she is followed by various monsters, some of whom are human or half-human, half-demon.
Some even show about three or four hundred people.
It’s really hard for you. I’m in Yuan Zong to guard the mountain gate, but I don’t care about it. Li Yueling is very polite. She said softly and ordered Daotuode poison shadow pig, big tiger, two foxes, five apes and six to go into Qingyi venue. I can’t remember not to hurt people as a last resort. Don’t damage this grass and trees. You know, this is our future Zongmen station in Yuan Zong.
When the mountain guard brother heard Li Yueling’s words "Yuan Zong", he was completely confused. But Li Yueling told Tuode and others not to be polite. Since Zhang teaches not to hurt their lives, it is always no problem to stun and throw Tai Chi Xuan.
Poisonous shadow first rushed over, and after Li Yueling cast his extremely brilliant psychic ability to ascend and repair, he has been promoted to repair that mountain guard brother in the early days of the Ming Dynasty, but where can he resist at all in the later period of agility? It was instantly thrown aside directly after being stunned by poisonous shadow.
The same thing happened in Emei Jinding Xianjianzong Station, where Xueer Dragon Whale King and others led 200 mixed Yuan Zong masters to a sudden drop.
If the roots don’t storm the Xianjian Sect’s headquarters, where can they resist? It’s just that Cher can solve it with his fingers in the middle of Yuanying.
Quickly clear the Xianjian Sect’s headquarters. After seeing that all the disciples of Xianjian Sect lost their golden roofs, Cher Li Zhuo was full of exotic flowers, exotic plants, birds and animals. The Xianjian Sect’s headquarters could not help but shake his head and say, I really don’t know how my younger brother Yue Ling came up with this wonderful strategy, but then again, these famous sects’ headquarters are really blessed with a yearning for mountains, and I don’t know how many advantages they have.
Then her eyes turned to the three Chinese characters depicting the sword Sect of the immortals in the mountain gate.
This name should be changed.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven Unexpected game
After entering the Taiji Xuanjing, Poison Shadow and others left some people who shouldn’t stay here any more, Li Yueling and Li Zhuo introduced the golden jade beside Xianya Mountain at the high point of Xuanjing, enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Elder sister yueling xueer, they should have completed the first step, right?
Li Yueling smiled mysteriously. Sister Xueer, my four demon brothers are stronger or weaker than our side. What is the real scene?
I really wish I could see the surprised expression of Buddhism and Taoism when they pounced.
Just count your schemes. At most, you have taken somebody else’s lair. This hatred is deep enough. You can think it over. Jin Nuanyu smiled and asked.
Field, of course, is to mix with me, Yuan Zongchang, and to mix with me. Yuan Zong died, and Li Yueling pretended to be the devil incarnate, and enlarged and laughed
Don’t pretend to be like you. If you are really that kind of murderous person, you won’t take photos of them again and again. They’re not allowed to hurt people’s lives. Jin Nuanyu and others know Li Yueling’s roots and reveal his way with a smile.
Li Yueling Nai, who was beaten back, wry smile, said, "It’s rare for me to play the devil once in Small jade, and you caught me."
Jin Nuanyu regarded Li Yueling as poor and urged, "Come on, come on, come on, what are you going to do?"
Speaking of things, Li Yueling finally looked at her, and here she gave you a poison shadow. Tuode returned the pig, the tiger, the fox, the five apes, and the six of them helped you add you. I believe that people in the world can threaten this place. We play the territory.
what about you
Li Yueling replied, I want Sister Xueer and them to meet up and give the Buddhist and Taoist gang a rear-end collision to eliminate future troubles.
Jin Nuanyu seems to be unable to bear the thought of killing. Do you really want to kill? Besides Xianjian living in wu-tang clan, we are also very bitter against other sects. Aren’t we going to make enemies by fixing the true boundary?
On her, you think it’s naive to mix Yuan Zong. As early as the time of Chuangzong, he had already become a sworn enemy. Don’t you forget that most of our disciples are demon-trained? Yes, this is not the case. Those people who were sent by Buddhism and Taoism can bear it, but it’s too inconspicuous to mix Yuan Zong before, and people are interested, but this time is different.
I think you are running out of methods when you can stay in the human world. In the short term, the number of hidden dangers in Yuan Zong will be threatened. After that, it is most likely your imagination.
Now, many Buddhist and Taoist monks in wu-tang clan have attacked Nianyushan, hoping to kill me in Yuan Zong. This suspicion has picked us to be at odds, but it also gives me the best excuse, otherwise, it will be a good way to deal with wu-tang clan Xianjian Sect.
In fact, you can rest assured that we have to deal with wu-tang clan Xianjian Sect, which is just other Buddhist sects. I’m afraid all of them are vying to mix Yuan Zong after I kill the chicken and worship the monkey. Li Yueling is full of confidence.
Jin Nuanyu chews Li Yueling’s words carefully, and then she seems to realize that Ning Mei Judo Yueling, you go ahead and give it to Nuanyu here.
Know me warm jade Li Yueling smiled and picked up the golden warm jade and kissed it lightly on her forehead. Then I went and went back.
When Li Yueling flew to the golden summit of Emei, it coincided with a white dress fluttering snow and the dragon whale king four demons greeted each other, while six people smiled at each other in the middle.
The head was hit by Xiao Yan Xiao Jiu. Let’s go and meet those Buddhist and Taoist monks. Cher seems to be very excited today and has a strong desire to fight.
My hands are itchy. The Dragon Whale King sighed along with it.
It seems that Li Yueling’s remarks that he wanted to create a demon in the mixed yuan hall really stimulated them.
Let’s go, let’s go. Li Yueling put it to use with a smile, and immediately turned into a golden light. He went to Yuan Zong’s Zongmen compound to miss the mountain.
When Shishengshou and the Buddhist monks arrived at Nianyu Mountain, it was snow cloth outside the mountain that blocked the way.
This defense is forbidden, not only by Cher’s hand, but also by Li Yueling’s infusion of fairy force to strengthen it. Even the achievement of fairyland stone life is broken by faith. Of course, this is also a plan for Li Yueling to delay.
This mixed yuan clan is a strongman who can actually cloth this powerful defense ban. It seems that it is not easy to end this exorcism line. It is already felt that this defense ban power has been tried by people such as Shi Sheng, and it is inferred that this ban on people can’t help secretly in the heart.
It’s a rush to Buddhism and Taoism, but at the moment, this defense is forbidden, which also makes many people who are weak, but they are arrogant and really upset. They sacrifice magic weapons, thunder and fire, and smash them against the defense ban.
For a moment, I yearned for the thunder around the mountain, and it was brilliant, but in the eyes of Shisheng, I couldn’t help but shake my head again and again. This kind of root-giving is not a manifestation of my strength.