With the change of his mood, the whole environment changes with him, so now he has a smile on his lips, which makes the whole world happy physically and mentally.
This is the Candle dragon candle nine shade!
"Ha ha, you are in a hurry today, but it’s a candle and nine shades to come to join my scale alliance. It’s gratifying. Ha ha …"
Zulong is in a good mood. Although a bully seems to make the whole world revolve around him, he is a self-centered strongman, but he is still very clear about his weight.
And Candle dragon, it’s a statue of the top-ranking and middle-ranking God fiend, whose strength is almost no better than his own. His joining has made the strength of the whole scale alliance soar by a big margin!
"Haha, welcome Candle dragon Daoyou. This is really a great blessing for my scale league!"
"Yes, it’s a great event to have another Taoist friend to join us!"
At the beginning, Zulong threatened them to join, but now they are all members of the scale alliance, and they have also benefited, so naturally they are happy that the alliance is strong.
In particular, this great power has made many celestial fiends happy in their hearts. Every time they join one, it represents the growing prosperity of the scale alliance.
"You have called you here this time. Besides celebrating the joining of Candle dragon Daoyou, there is still one thing we need to discuss!"
After the gods stopped to congratulate him, Zulong talked about what he had planned for a long time. "The development of your scale alliance has dominated the whole East China Sea and some eastern continents, but it has reached a bottleneck."
"If you want my scale alliance to flourish, you must occupy a broader world!"
It’s not stupid to see Zulong giving a speech to many great gods.
What bottlenecks are not bottlenecks are all some pleasantries. Who believes who is an idiot?
They don’t know how big the wilderness is, but they still have a rough idea of how big the territory they occupy now.
It is impossible to digest these sites, not to mention now, in the future as far as they can see.
After all, it’s a joke to want to rely on some little guys who don’t even have Taiyi realm to occupy such a huge packing.
Therefore, it is better to occupy fate than to occupy territory!
If you want to bring the names of these sites back to your own home, you will naturally have border luck rolling in.
Site is not the theme, fate is the goal!
The phoenix, the immortal volcano in the southern part of the flood, is calling for the Birds Alliance …
Kirin Cliff Kirin Scale Alliance in Zhoushan Mountains …
Not only are several racial alliances facing the flood, but most of them have formed their own alliance forces to occupy the territory.
This part of the development strategy is that the model of casting a wide net can gather fate if it occupies enough territory;
With enough luck, more talents can be born. This cycle can not only gather the luck and refine the treasure of the alliance, but also fully evolve its own avenue and speed up the realization of the avenue …
However, not all pre-gods developed in this way. For example, at this time, the three pre-gods in the northern part of the universe not only formed their own forces, such as Yuan Hengzhong Temple, Kunpeng Feng Shui Alliance, Xuangui Deying Peak, but also jointly formed a holy place-the Northern Ring Holy Land!
The forces formed by Yuan Heng’s three people are mainly for you, and the members of the Holy Land are those ethnic groups.
The holy land of the North Ring Road is a huge city built by Yuanheng three people together-there are many inscriptions in the holy city of the North Ring Road, which are inherited by the gods.
If you want to join the holy land race, you can send the elite of the clan to study in this holy city and get many powerful gods and demons.
You know, not all celestial fiends can think about Yuan Heng and let themselves be created. All creatures fit their own way. There are always some exceptions.
In the past years, a large number of talented and potential roads have been accumulated, but they are not suitable for their own ethnic groups, and the existence of holy places has given these creatures their own development soil.
And even those other geniuses on the road of practitioners can make great progress here by communicating with other geniuses and even by imitating others through other innate abilities.
Therefore, the development model of holy land was born in the vast expanse of heaven and earth.
Among them, the most famous one is the Weiyang Holy Land in the central area of the wild continent, which is led by Nu Wa Fuxi, and the top middle-ranking celestial fiend Xuan Huang Zang Jiangyan, Ju Kua and Yang joined, and nearly 100 middle-ranking innate talents joined its strength only in the Northern Ring Holy Land.
Chapter 19 War!
Nowadays, the road of gathering gas and accelerating evolution has been flooded, and the fruits are generally divided into racial alliance and holy land model
But in general, we still rely on external forces to evolve ourselves, and only rely on our own self-cultivation to realize our own intentions. There are not many people who rely on their own efforts to chase the first gods.
But less, but not finished!
And there are only a few people who can choose this road, not elites who have extremely firm self-confidence. They have an indestructible will that is stronger than the brilliant mind.
At this time, Chunyang, the first middle-ranking celestial fiend, was sitting in his own Dojo and carefully deducing the highest achievement he had achieved in the past years-being silent and caring for each other.
Chunyang is the first heavenly fiend in the wild west. Since the tripartite confrontation in the west (the silent Mount Sumi, the mysterious cave of the Luohu Dungeon and the secluded place in the western polar region), Chunyang has devoted himself to the silent hand that once instructed him.
Since the creation of relic Buddhism and Taoism, the realm of Taoism has advanced by leaps and bounds. With the years, Buddhism and Taoism have become more unfathomable and more perfect.
While Chunyang’s devotion to silence was directed by silence, and he realized the heart sutra of silence and nirvana, and referred to the magical power of quasi-testimony, which was created in one fell swoop by combining his own feelings after testifying in a dream.
"Shout …"
"Still can’t have one thousand one hundred percent sure …"
Chunyang sighed with his eyes open, but he said that, but his tone was full of firmness
There are still some things that can’t be perfected in this method, so once you practice it, it is quite dangerous.
"But time waits for me …"
Refers to a divine light, and when the mind moves, the divine light rushes out of the Dojo and flies to Sumi Mountain.
In my heart, I am determined to cut off all retreat and directly erase all negative emotions and close the mountain directly.