Then, the hand-held seal will sink into a wonderful state and fall into a deep sleep in poor years.
With the flood of many great powers gradually falling into an undercurrent and turbulent state, many great powers have lost their hearts, which is the last battle at the end of this robbery.
This last moment determines the distribution of resources and gas after the robbery.
The original pattern formed after the perfection of heaven and earth will be re-divided. It can be said that except for a dozen top talents who are at the peak in the middle of the flood, they can sit in the clouds and watch the sky storm on the chessboard and sit firmly on the Diaoyutai. If others want to leap to the top, it will be their last chance.
If you miss this time, you can wait for a quantity robbery to come, and the pattern will be reshuffled.
Once you lose, the gap between yourself and the peak of the flood is likely to be further pulled.
"Yin …"
A Gao Kang Long Yin rang.
A sky drops blue, and Lei Guang falls from the sky only as thick as a baby’s arm, but after falling, a huge thunderstorm resounds throughout the battlefield.
This lightning bolt directly hit a monk with blue-black hair and a water fork in the middle of Jin Xian’s head-
The friar seems to be directly blasted by this Lei Guang, and directly blown to dust.
At the same time, the monk’s place seems to have also been smashed to pieces, making its Fiona Fang thousands of meters instantly broken and making a harsh sound of "kazi" and "kazi".
At the same time, the skyrocketing wiped out hundreds of immortals around the monk.
This kind of situation emerges endlessly in the whole battlefield. Whenever the dragons ring, there is bound to be a Jin Xian and hundreds of immortals falling.
The battlefield will obviously be divided into two camps, one of which is naturally that those monks with blue and purple hair are one camp;
The other camp is quite messy, not only with different hair, but also with various styles behind it. It is obvious that this is a Coalition camp with various races, and it can be seen that most of them are the dragon monks.
"Go to hell, assholes!"
At this time, several Jin Xian saw that the people were often besieged by several enemies, and the number of enemy monks who would be besieged to death was almost three times that of their own, so I couldn’t help but be stunned.
These Jin Xian are all top elites in Jin Xian, and geniuses are able to be more than one enemy. After beheading several Jin Xian masters who besieged themselves, they saw the battlefield moving like their own unfavorable situation, and even one rushed to stop the friar Qinglong who had been laying thunder in the sky.
It’s a pity that this is a battlefield, and their personal strength is too small, and although they are geniuses, they don’t have the ability to force the cable to tide over the tide. After all, the other side is not clay.
After these masters were entangled by the enemy several times, the result can be imagined …
"Get out of here!"
On the sea, mana suddenly output, and a monstrous waterspout swarmed over the sea, forcing several opponents to take the opportunity to retreat.
The tens of thousands of monks went to war and ended in less than a day, while the original 10 thousand monks with blue-black hair were able to escape only less than 3 thousand
The original pale blue sea surface was directly dyed red, and the bodies floated on the sea surface, but more were directly smashed into dust, and even the bodies were not left …
Seeing that the battlefield has ended, the head of the Spinibarbus clan smashed the water mirror in the main hall with a fist and his face was extremely ugly.
The Spinibarbus is located not far from the junction of the North Sea and the East China Sea. Although its strength is not high, it can be regarded as the middle reaches in the whole wilderness.
At this time, the chiefs of the Spinibarbus clan cooperated with many elders of Taiyi, who were watching the distant situation in this hall.
With the rage of the heads of families, the water mirror was blown off and the whole parliament hall fell silent, and a depressing atmosphere filled it.
"We can’t bear to go any longer. Our resources and mineral deposits have been completely captured by more than half. How can we develop in this way?"