Hyun-keng’s keen perception of the blow and the slight change in his face before made the other two join hands.
Not the kui is a long-term partner. This tacit understanding is really good. It’s just that three divine lights appear at the same time in an instant. According to the trajectory combination of Sancai Array, they jointly stand in front of Liu Lan’s avatar.
Virtual seems to stop and then suddenly break, and after three breaths, it is only after natural strength that it is restored to calm.
The result turned out to be the simultaneous annihilation of both attacks!
This result is really unexpected to both sides.
Hyun-keng’s three men looked gloomy. They didn’t want to join forces, but they couldn’t beat each other. They just kept each other in the wind. They couldn’t do it. If the three men were not friends, they might be suppressed in the wind!
Doesn’t that mean that if a person meets this guy alone, he will be easily defeated by the other side?
But in fact, it’s not just that the three of them look pale, and Liu Lan is also disappointed that he is bound to blow and miss.
Because both sides were surprised by the strength of their opponents and were beyond their control, they chose a temporary truce after a short hesitation.
Hyun-keng’s three men are not alone. If they can’t win, then report to them. Naturally, they can send reinforcements again, and the other party will die.
For Liu Lan, he is not alone. Although he is confident that he can stop the other party, his ethnic group can’t stand still. Maybe the Spinibarbus will be swallowed by the other party.
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Chapter ninety-one Promotion
When Yuan Heng passed through a gathering place filled with poisonous fog, a dark purple light suddenly burst out from behind and came towards him. Because the color is similar to the poisonous fog and the speed is very fast, it is difficult to make a gap.
Although the incident happened suddenly and the whereabouts of the other party were difficult to distinguish, it was cut off directly with a hand knife when it was half a meter away from Yuan Heng.
Take a closer look, but it turned out to be a tiny, palm-length black-purple snake with scales covered with small thorns, which are filled with rich poison rules and strong toxicity. I think if it stung, the result would not be so wonderful.
Yuan Heng’s face and eyes are calm. After all, he has killed several kinds of these little things these days and has become accustomed to them.
After shaking his head, he walked into this little snake and came out. According to these experiences, there are some good things in the foundation where these toxic gases are condensed.
"This is the magic poison yayoi stone? !”
Eyes slightly fluctuated with satisfaction and put it away.
This magic poison yayoi stone is a kind of congenital treasure with quite high grade. It is the poison that condenses to a certain extent and then reacts with some kind of innate lingshi to produce good things. It is the ultimate poison that kills everything before vitality can produce treasures.
It’s both a poison-making and a detoxifier, depending on what’s wrong with you.
Since Yuan Heng got closer and closer to the core, various poisons appeared. These poisons were creatures created by a fairy who practiced poison. But after careful observation, Yuan Heng found that these little things had no signs of true spirit!
This shows that these poisons are not really living things, but are the products of excessive toxicity in this area
However, according to Yuan Heng’s estimation, it is very likely that these poisons will gradually give birth to their true life and become real intelligent life when this amount of robbery comes in the past, and they can also formally form a group!
And don’t look at Yuan Heng’s slaying so quickly, so these poisonous insects are nothing;
Although the power level of these poisonous insects is not high in terms of pure power, that is, the degree of Jin Xian, it is simple for these little things to hide their traces in this poisonous paradise, and the speed is extremely fast and the toxicity is very high.
Once the monk’s consciousness is severely restricted, it is still dangerous and tests people’s reaction ability.
At the very least, even the master of Taiyi series is very easy to follow.
However, to be able to adapt to this environment, the income is still considerable. Usually, poisonous insects have to be killed, so some very good innate spiritual materials will be buried in their hiding places.
This is just shaking in the middle and you can have a harvest that satisfies Yuan Heng. So what is the core?
Yuan Heng’s body movement is about to continue to go to the central part. Although there are some good congenital treasures, they are not in his eyes. What he needs is something of a higher level.
Suddenly, the body paused and looked up at the divine light flashing thoughtfully in the virtual eyes.
However, Yuan Heng just separated a wisp of Yuan Lingli and then disappeared in a wonderful way. After Yuan Heng didn’t get distracted again, he just disappeared in a flash.
One of the temples ranked at a middle height among the gods. Suddenly, there was a big light, and the speed of visible light quickly condensed, and then a great figure of divine power was formed.
After that, this figure did not stop, but it exuded a lot of will and mighty mana fluctuations into its mountain seat.
Suddenly, a wave of boulevards emanated from the seat of this mountain peak, and its surface was densely covered with chains of gods and letters, which gradually became more complicated.
At this time, all the gods are still in the temples with a kind smile, and they have stopped communicating with each other. This change is not strange to everyone. Which member has been promoted? Let’s see if this vision is promoted or not.
With the changes of the times, the gods have accumulated from the long practice to the climax, and the flood is about to usher in the era of picking up immortals
Nowadays, since the glorious Lord took the lead in advancing to pick Jin Xian Fuxi, he came from behind to achieve the top innate demons, and the second one was the top demons left after picking Jin Xian.
After that, Nu Wa also broke out quickly, and the third place was successfully promoted. After just 300 yuan meetings, all the top celestial fiends also continued to advance.
It’s like a fight. Those who are still in the middle of the game have also ushered in their advanced craze. Only their temple members have increased by more than 100 immortals in these years!
This is the original number, and the number of pick immortals in the temples has exceeded 200, which is a good result.
Although this is due to the strong luck of the temples and the treasure of luck to suppress the luck, plus the good atmosphere of the temple members to exchange ideas, it is very convenient to realize enlightenment and practice much better than others
Plus, from time to time, there are masters of the gods such as dust and mysterious immortals who preach the temples.
Even the gods of many temples are the first to pick up the golden fairy series, and the brilliant master preaches every 1000 yuan. This great power has also shown his own avenue several times to let them face the terror and coercion. This is pressure but also motivation, which makes them condense the idea of catching up.
A few years ago, the glorious Lord and Xuangui and Kunpeng, two innate fiends in the northern part of the vast wilderness, joined hands to establish the sacred land in the northern ring. After their race joined, their harvest of fruits increased rapidly, which made their avenue accumulate deeply and rapidly.
These factors, their advanced speed is naturally faster than others.
But even so, it can be seen that the universe is about to usher in the era when the pick fairy is the average level and the pick fairy is the master.
And those who are ready to enter the mixed yuan are the top super masters!
It is a common practice to teach them advanced experience and help other Taoist friends in order to succeed in the temples. It is in this good atmosphere that the temples will attract more and more celestial demons to join the strongest gods organization in the northern part of the world!
You know, in the past few years, there were even several other areas in the temples that were able to join, which shows that the temples have developed like this
The gods not only waited in the temples, but also called those members who were scattered immortals to prepare to listen to the promotion experience.
The promotion ceremony in the temples was not long, but only three days. The promotion member succeeded directly.
However, although the time was short, the quality was not low, and his seat was directly elevated by one section, which directly reached a section stronger than the general members’ promotion to Luo Tianxian.
"Hehe, it seems that this Taoist friend has done a good job. Here, it can only be seen that the influence of avenue and will mana is rarely able to be promoted, but it is really rare."
This is also the one here who is not arrogant and arrogant. Why should I be weaker than others?
If you rush to be promoted and lose face, it will be your own thing. No one will do this, so even if you can be a little better than others after promotion, it means that this person has deep roots.
"Hey, this is not a friend? He’s a born god beast with such a high road? "
"Yes, this is indeed a Taoist friend of Liu Lan. It is said that Taoist friend of Liu Lan was promoted for a long time ago, but at that time, he was not only busy consolidating and repairing, but something seemed to be delayed until this time to hold a promotion ceremony!"
All the temple members say more or less, that’s not to say less. Over the years, members have joined one after another, and finally there are 300-odd samples. Except for Kun Peng and Xuan Gui, there are dozens of temples with them, which not only catch the remaining gods in the north, but also attract many other places.
Everyone has at least a friendship, and almost every member has so many like-minded friends.
"Ha ha, friends, I have seen Liu Lan here."
At this time, when many gods were talking about it, Liu Lan finally completed the promotion ceremony in the temples, and his own high limit made him feel happy
The temples are a condensed embryo made by the glorious Lord and then condensed into a treasure by the will of many gods and demons. The embryo is a treasure embryo of merit and fortune!