"How many times have I watched this theory of Taoism? There are still many gains. Hehe …"
The median celestial fiend Yude sighed at the edge and felt that his avenue was a little more fulfilling and smiled.
Then I looked at the seats in front of me full of fighting spirit, ready to work harder. I can’t compare with Glory Lord, but I can’t even compare with these four seats in front, can I?
"Ha ha Yu De, you want to chase us, but you need to add a few more efforts to make it possible."
The lion doesn’t care to smile when he sees Yude’s eyes. Competition is the driving force. If it is not Yude, it is also a good seedling. It is just a line from their level.
"Ha ha …"
"And you should also work harder not to have such a good practice environment, which is worse than other Taoist friends outside! As far as I know, there are really many people who have reached this realm outside nowadays! "
Li You and Chen smiled at this. For them, the more powerful the temple is, the better. Naturally, there is nothing to suppress dissidents.
The more strong people gather their luck and merits, the more powerful the temples will be, and then they will be able to better assist them in their practice, and then snowball and expand to suppress and exclude dissidents. It is impossible for all kinds of dark and one-sided temples to appear.
Even in the temples, although they have different status limits, they are not pure.
This is a very loose organization hall, including the founder, the glorious Lord, who is equal in quality, who is not attached to whom, and there is no so-called interest dispute
Even Yuan Heng, the glorious Lord, has won the respect of the whole temple only because of his most powerful strength and often reserved guidance for members to practice.
Therefore, this is the phenomenon that the glorious Lord, the leader, seems to be very beneficial. This benefit is not a strong deterrent but a spontaneous formation of members.
Many gods and demons unite around the glorious Lord of spiritual leaders to form a loose and cohesive organization. This is the temple!
"Yes, it is said that the first middle-ranking celestial fiend Chunyang, Zhoushan Dadi Zang and Xuanhuang are better than us, so we can’t slack off!"
Over the years, even if Yuan Heng went out to travel, he still gave some advice through the temples from time to time. This precious daughter will naturally tell what she saw and learned during those travels, so that her daughter can have a good growth.
The first fiend, Chunyang, was a time ago when Yuan Hengtong’s great supernatural power crossed the poor distance and was far away in the west. He listened to the silence and introduced the pure Yang god, who was deeply impressed in Yuan Heng’s heart. Yuan Heng was amazed and concluded that this was a ghost with limited future.
Yu Zang and Xuan Huang met Yuan Heng when he was in Fengqi Mountain. At that time, they came to Fengqi Mountain to congratulate Fuxi on his promotion, which surprised Yuan Heng. These are two people who can really compete with Chunyang!
"No one in the wild knows that there is a super strong person hidden in it. You can’t look down on heaven and man like a frog at the bottom of the well. It is brave, diligent and brave!"
Neon cold then put the three images and breath out so that people can know each other.
The gods suddenly felt awe-inspiring in their hearts. They didn’t say anything on weekdays, but they were still quite proud in their hearts. At the beginning, they made enough benefits from their temples in the feast of competing for thousands of ways. During this time, every member had made enough progress.
Although I can’t compare with the aurora flow, I still have enough advantages over others. Now I don’t think that the masters are better than one.
"Dear friends, I am Liu Lan, but there is one thing that needs your help besides the advanced ceremony."
At the same time, the gods also ended this unique way of talking about Tao, and each of them took back his Tao fruit and made it manifest, and then he said, "Lan Lang"
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Chapter ninety-three Disaster from heaven
Ps, hehe, the relationship is very complicated
"Things are more than one hundred yuan will be when the dragon first scales alliance …"
Flow haze mood inexplicable slowly things slowly to …
Looking back on this short time, Lan’s heart was extremely complicated. The Spinibarbus clan he created was just a small ethnic group, and he never thought of taking any benefits by himself through this race.
I am a member of many temples, which is similar to most temples. I almost never worry about my luck, because now they have enough luck for their own cultivation. Although the more luck this thing is, the better, even if I get some luck, I can’t bring about any qualitative changes myself.
Moreover, as the self-cultivation becomes higher and higher, the temples can gather more luck, and the more luck they are assigned.
Moreover, the monastic atmosphere in many temples is also very good, and there are pioneers from time to time, especially the guidance of the glorious Lord, which saves them time, which reduces the demand for gas transportation in disguise
To say that the Taoist scriptures are mixed with the Yuan Dynasty, or that the ancestors need merit and good fortune?
Don’t say that it is still far away from you. According to your current speed, what you lack at that time is actually not too far off the mark. According to several research plans and discussions of the temples, you can also fill the gap greatly.
Because of this, the gods of the temples have never fought for any fate.
Even if we develop races, it’s just some spices left over from their creator’s cultivation. What’s more, it’s another way to practice quietly behind these races.
Even some time ago, they just wanted to better shelter the Hui ethnic group by joining hands with the celestial fiend in the northern part of the universe to create the Northern Ring Holy Land.
After all, these ethnic groups, in the final analysis, are created by the blood of their first heavenly fiend, and they can almost be regarded as their own children. It is absolutely impossible to say that they have no feelings, and the holy land is actually a disguised form of shelter.
It’s a pity that people hurt the tiger but hurt people’s hearts!
What happened to the Spinibarbus is really a disaster at home. From the day, the Spinibarbus has been adhering to the will of Liulan and has expressed love for the hegemony of the world.
It’s a pity that nowadays, the family is fighting for the world, but the scale alliance has come to beat people!
The so-called tolerance is unbearable!
Nowadays, the Scales Alliance is not only trying to hurt the Spinibarbus, but also trying to beat itself!
Liu Lan is the superior practice speed of all the members of the temple. He is almost afraid of people, even if the middle one comes, it will take a fight to know who has a harder fist.
Now the Scales Alliance has sent people to come over for three transgressions and two times. Although with his breakthrough, he will barely stop the other side and barely remain unbeaten, but his children can’t get it.
If it’s a normal race confrontation and you lose, Liulan won’t say much about keeping the race after the defeat and developing it again in the future.
But now it’s a whole alliance door siege, which makes Liu Lan unbearable for her children to let others bully her so much. If this dad holds his nose and recognizes it, he will lose his face directly …
"That’s what friends are like. The scale alliance is really cruel and pitiful. My children are besieged by them like this …"
Said here flow haze in the heart also can not help some sad.
"How dare his scale alliance be so arrogant?"
Soon someone helped Incheon, but it was an equally high-level digital celestial fiend. Although the daily friendship with Liu Lan was nothing too great, it was the first statement at this time.
We are all members of an organization, and we have been getting along with each other for years, even if our feelings are not right. Where can we meet outsiders who are so bullying?
"Yes, we must give them some color to see see!"
Liu Lan’s friends and Jiuge immediately decided to let their friends vent their anger!
"The northern part of the universe is the sphere of influence of our temples. We can’t just forget it!"
For the celestial fiend in the northern part of the universe, they are all a camp.
Because the three leaders in the north have a good intersection with each other, and Kun Peng and Xuan Gui are not in this side, the northern part of the universe is almost the site of the temples, even the other two forces are actually within the shelter of the temples
Will the north be regarded as its own territory? If the gods can watch others invade it, it will be regarded as its own territory.
"What do you mean, dust friend?"
At the end of the discussion, the mysterious goddess came to the temples and turned her eyes to the dust. They were better at spying on fate and counting.
"What do you think of Dust Daoyou?"
Seeing the people asking them what they mean, the lion left and threw the question to the dust.
"It is certain to make a move, but I always feel a little strange."
Chen frowned and thought about the question, "Why did the Scales Alliance come to our north when it put aside its eastern territory? There should still be a lot of territory in the east?"
"If the site can’t be effectively distributed, even if it is occupied, it shouldn’t get much luck?"