And over 300 digits, there is only one nether world, that is, the temples!
This is tolerance!
This is the measure!
This is the mind!
In the glory of the Lord, even if the fire and water collide, the light and darkness interweave, and the struggle between creation and destruction will only have one sound, one direction and one will!
They talk about practicing waterways, fire paths, yin and yang, and five elements … They all believe that the path led by the glorious Lord leads them to eternity!
In all the temples, the saying that there is no common cause for discord, no common cause for concord simply doesn’t make sense!
Because there is no difference between the Tao and the glory of the Lord, there is one true Tao in all the temples-eternity!
"The glory is in my hands, and the glory of the temples will block the treasure seat, and all the temples will have a seat!"
A total of 330 people with different innate abilities and unshakable will of the earth gathered in the temples.
At this time, the core of the gods’ will is also in full bloom, immersed in the ocean of will condensed by the immobile will of the gods, and a wisp of wonderful Tao Yun surges in it, in which the core exudes a strong Tao Yun source, which is slowly growing stronger.
This source is so pure that leisure represents the core ideological and will pursuit of all members of the whole temple, which is also the core purpose and foundation of the whole temple!
Otherwise, this source will be the birthplace of Bao Ling Fetus and Bao Yuan Ling in the temples in the future … to be continued.
There should be another chapter in ps night (speaking of which, this vip chapter is really a little troublesome and can’t be continuous), and I will come back late if I have something to go out.
Chapter ninety-five The gods game
"Very good!"
Yuan Heng nodded with relief. For an organization, its cohesion is definitely the first problem. Sometimes it doesn’t matter even if the number is small, but it must be able to stick to its purpose from beginning to end.
"We are confident that we can finally upgrade the temples to the first Tianbao level, but others don’t have our confidence!"
The gods nodded proudly in their hearts, and everyone present could deeply understand what a powerful fortune means to an organization.
"Nowadays, heaven and earth have enough to grasp the impact treasure series. Although I don’t know how many, it is definitely not too much!"
I looked at the temples with great emotion. I was very glad that they had decided, but the temples were the most suitable embryos for them. "And the hope of the scales alliance is very small, so they pinned their hopes elsewhere …"
"That’s the number! They have hit their minds on a huge number of amazing racial creatures! "
"Racial creatures? !”
Yuan Heng showed some thoughts to the gods. Actually, their temples were not without this idea at the beginning.
In the past few years, many members of the temple have made various assumptions, some of which have been proved to be effective by practice, and three of them have been perfected by the gods for years and listed as the top three secrets of the temple!
These three secrets will bring great benefits to the gods in the distant future.
But more proposals were directly rejected.
This is naturally due to the fact that the idea of acquired racial development is effective for various resources.
For example, faith and conviction!
Actually, there is no such thing as a celestial demon body before faith, but only something after its sublimation-willpower!
Willpower is an extremely mysterious force. At the beginning, Yuan Heng divided the five realms of mortal, one thought, incarnation, Vientiane and Guiyi according to his own experience, and there were only five realms. Now, most of the pioneers stop at one thought, so you can imagine the mystery.
However, although the first heavenly fiend zhongji is a character who stepped into the threshold of will, it does not mean that other creatures are all aware of willpower.
Just like today’s wilderness, today’s acquired creatures have faith!
And the will can also be called the will of the avenue. As the name implies, it is only after you have a feeling of the avenue that you can have the opportunity to form the will.
And the temples are where the will of the gods lies.
After all, the will of the avenue of the gods is limited, and therefore the temples must grow slowly through a long period of time, so someone has made a hypothesis-
Can those acquired creatures believe in the power to refine the temples?
There are several gods first, but there is no limit to the number of creatures the day after tomorrow!
Therefore, if they are willing to spend their time as ancestors, their faith is almost exhausted. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if they could spend their faith and reduce their consumption?
Unfortunately, this seemingly beautiful proposal was rejected in the end, although it caused a lot of controversy!
There is one reason-impure faith!
That’s right, the faith is really magnificent, and the hope of advancing to the treasure realm is not too great. This discussion is really quite good. After all, although the faith is not as pure as the will of the gods;
But faith is quite wonderful after all. If you have enough faith, even if you pile it up, you can finally pile up a glimmer of hope!
But for all the temples, it has a lot of hope, and naturally there is no need to give up.
"It seems that this robbery should be based on racial rivalry."
Does it take a lot of luck and faith to practice Qi Yun Bao?
It’s immeasurable!
However, for some reason, many celestial fiends have a white heart, and the success rate of this method is the greatest, even if it can’t succeed at one stroke, it must complete its most basic core.
Therefore, the alliance of our own organization can have a statue of Tianbao, and many Tianfiends will never be soft and will do their best!
And the site is the focus of competition. With the site, there will be resources, and with the resources, the strong can be cultivated.
As a result, the population growth will worry again. Finally, with the fate of the population, the power of faith will continue to converge.
"Ha ha, although my temples have no demand for this thing."
Yuan Heng smiled inexplicably. "But the north is also the sphere of influence of our temples. Other forces must do their own things if they want to occupy it!"
"Ha ha …"
The gods also have a smile on their faces, and their hearts are all white. This northern territory really must be given away, otherwise it will offend many Taoist friends.
After all, they don’t need this thing in the north. If they just occupy it, isn’t it a typical pit?
We all know the development of the wild. Besides, if the wild can really have a few more treasures, it will also greatly promote the development of the wild.
This they these first day fiend heart is with the tacit understanding.
In particular, they, the top forces in the wild, will actually make compromises and temporarily let more resources out.
After all, the resources occupied by the top forces are indeed the most in the universe, and many of them are directly occupied by the temples.
If you don’t give in, it would be a big joke if a few first treasures were aborted because of this …
And this is the scale alliance, which knows that the north is the site of many temples, but it still sends people to provoke it.
This is also the reason why several small ethnic groups, such as the Spinibarbus, can still fight there without being wiped out.
However, although it is a tacit understanding, these top forces will naturally not get a concession, and they will also get some compensation.
How much you can get naturally depends on your own means …
"In winter, you can take a few leisure friends to Liulan to help you sit in one."
Although it is decided to give in, it is natural that it cannot be directly defeated. "Dust, please inform the holy land and let them send some elites to the battlefield to experience it!"