But also if you feel something.
Because to reach the main realm of mixed yuan god, the strong can be like Yuan Heng now, so they can have a third choice!
In the pupil of God, the divine light soars in Yuan Heng, which is actually a force to detect the source of insight!
"Hum! Give me the town! "
Without exception, the expected counterattack followed, which made Yuan Heng suffer a light injury. He could feel that this counterattack seemed to be much stronger than the previous one.
It turned out that Yuan Heng, who was already prepared, was injured a lot better than the previous one!
However, Yuan Heng didn’t stop to be prepared. Yuan Heng’s direct and powerful power suppressed this self-eating force at one stroke!
In the pupil, you can faintly see a flowing river. I don’t know where it is coming or going. Stars are blooming in it, dotted with brilliance. This pale river exudes a strong and immortal atmosphere.
"Ha ha found it."
A little light hidden in the fog now opened its mysterious veil in Yuan Heng’s eyes.
Yuan Heng smiled at the corner of his mouth, and he had the will to return to the realm and the immortal exquisite mind. After Yuan Heng laughed, it seemed that the whole world was full of brilliance.
At this time, Yuan Heng was in a good mood and was a little proud.
To tell the truth, this secret place has a high level!
That’s right. At this time, Yuan Heng finally recognized it. This is an extremely rare and special secret place.
From Yuan Heng’s point of view, this is definitely a rainbow world that contains nature in the western part of the wild world!
Outside the secret world, it is a special Jedi named Poison King Mountain who owns the map among the celestial demons who own the avenue here.
However, no one can imagine that this is a special secret, and the peripheral poison king mountain range is just a barrier!
And what’s more special is that this secret land is a restrictive special secret land!
Of course, there is something more special than the most special. This secret land is not completely attached to the secret land of the universe. It turns out to be a special secret land of a small world!
That is to say, this secret land has a special secret land where the core of the small world can recognize the master and the semi-independence!
This discovery made Yuan Heng ecstatic!
Yuan Heng did not hesitate to get hurt twice, but he still got a lot of information.
That’s the secret realm. It really restricts the entry of the strong mixed series!
That is to say, the highest limit of this secret realm is just Yuan Heng’s practice now-pick Jin Xian!
It can be said that if you don’t enter here, even if you are a mixed-yuan god, it is absolutely impossible for the super strong to find this special land.
Because of this, Yuan Heng has a proud reason.
Think about this secret land. Normally, the strong can recognize the Lord only when there is a mixed yuan God realm, but the actual problem is that the mixed yuan God is not allowed to enter this secret land!
And Yuan Heng now acts as a bug role for a while and chisels a hole in the original perfect default setting!
"oh? Do you want to run? "
"Ha ha, if I let you run away for so long, wouldn’t my injury be for nothing?"
Yuan Heng saw that thing, that is, the core will of the world, and seemed to perceive that his eyes were mobilized by various means to hide and pick his eyebrows. Spiritual is really high!
"Hey, hey, I Yuan Heng haven’t really worked hard since I stepped into the peak of pick, and I’ve been waiting for so long. Where will you run away at this moment?"
Yuan Heng grinned and cooked the duck. Can it still fly …
"Ha ha ha ….."
Seeing that the core of the world is running faster and faster, Yuan Heng burst out laughing.
"Glory to me, surround my heart forever, destroy and bless me!"
Accumulated all the years and achieved glory. The explosion of power at this time is absolutely terrible!
It is definitely not an empty talk to cut the road retrograde before the wild!
And such fate creatures as the top first fiend are even more exaggerated and scared. After the outbreak of manpower, none of them can predict where their ultimate limit is.
This kind of fate creature can be said to have developed to the extreme in the wild world, dzogchen is immortal and eternal, and there are even avenues. This strangeness is only possible when it reaches its peak and the world is sublimated at all costs.
And once Yuan Heng’s first fiend force broke out, would it be like terror?
Watching the imaginary Yuan Heng no longer entangles whether he is caught in any dreamland or not, and no longer probes into himself. What is the party here now?
See as yuan heng laugh suddenly this world suddenly turned black.
Turns out to be Yuan Heng’s own center, the silver airflow is surging wildly for a while …
The whole world seems to have instantly entered another world, and the crazy spread of silver Guanghua seems to cover the whole world with itself!
Silver road marks form pillars that run through every corner of this silver world. These road marks are dense, each one is different, each one exudes its own meaning, fluctuations are different, and even shapes are different!
Even if you look closely, you can clearly see that these Daoyin departments seem to be miniature worlds with flowers, trees, fish, insects, birds and animals floating in them!
In these worlds, different avenues are interpreted, and each one seems to be a corner of the eternal glory road.
Then they are not only linked to each other to form a pillar of heaven and earth, but also support the strong position of this side in the world. Some of these road marks are still colliding, evolving, growing and then destroying …
After the destruction of the world, it produces more powerful destructive power than the powerful destructive power, which is mysterious and unpredictable, but strangely produces more and stronger worlds.
Hundreds of millions of miniature worlds are floating and sinking in this larger world, and an unmeasurable measurement avenue is running according to an unmeasurable trajectory. This is reincarnation!
The birth, growth and destruction of billions of worlds …
Worldly desires was born and died …
All this is reincarnation!
No matter what happens to all these things, they are still shrouded in this massive silver world, running in this silver world, the longest river runs through the whole world, and everything in this world is the beginning and the end of the long river!
So …
They are also operating under the control of Eternal Glory Road! to be continued
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Chapter one hundred and twenty Explosive glorious Lord! (2)
In a short time, the whole world has turned into another world. This is a silver world, a world full of silver airflow!
This is Yuan Heng’s strongest state!
My territory is my decision!
Yuan Heng is now in this environment.
He yuanheng can’t see through the dreamland whether he is in himself or not, and he will no longer pay attention to all kinds of curved roads in it, because this is someone else’s world and must follow other people’s rules