Then the karma generated by destroying a complete small world will be enough to cry. To be continued.
Ps hehe, it’s a little late today. Wait, there’s another chapter.
Chapter one hundred and three dumbfounded!
"Hehe, I really hate it less then!"
Yuan heng is some wry smile at this time.
For Yuan Heng, his road repair is almost at its peak in the middle of nowhere!
The trinity golden iron triangle road is perfect. Although the eternal glory road is difficult and obscure, it is even worse than nature and time. Everything Yuan Heng practices depends on Yuan Heng’s own creation from scratch.
However, Yuan Heng’s practice speed is still much faster than others, which can be seen from his first entry into pick Jin Xian.
Speaking of which, we can’t judge Yuan Heng as "reading less", can we?
But at this time, Yuan Heng really had this feeling.
They, the top pioneers, practice their own roads, but I am with them.
Or they are the source of their own avenue, and their every move is like the direct rolling of the whole avenue, which has great power
From this, they, the creators, in the final analysis, will not create an attack and defense avatar class at all.
Because they can’t root!
Let’s take a look at the magical power created by Yuanheng himself. The early magical power of soft forging has been directly incorporated into his own physical practice, and it has become a true body that will never move for generations.
Great law? This is the companion Lingbao, but it doesn’t count;
Eternal Daoyin has been officially transformed and sublimated, and one member of the Trinity Avenue of Yindao Chengyuanheng is directly crossed out;
The god-limiting wheel is also sublimated from the magical power of the Tao, and it can also be crossed out as a member of the avenue body;
Power avatar? Forget it, these are all attached to the physical practice.
Even now this violent silver world?
Hehe, this is just the manifestation of Yuanheng’s own eternal glory, and the root is not magical.
then what
What other magical powers did Yuanheng create?
Well, to be honest, there seems to be no, no, hehe. It seems that there is still a sermon avatar missing?
For Yuan Heng and others, such a creative strong person’s every move is mixed with this own avenue, which is 100% powerful and powerful, and it can temporarily explode in multiples, so there is no need for other specially created magical powers.
This is their advantage, because the original is the perfect.
But now Yuan Heng finds himself seems to be lacking in consideration. If he can have a powerful auxiliary avatar at this time, he may become it now.
Yuan Heng thinks carefully about his own attack power and defense power, and there is no shortage of many auxiliary abilities, but he just lacks those abilities with various functions.
"Grind it!"
Secretly sighed indeed as expected or experience to find the problem.
But patience is such a thing that he never lacks!
After 300 years, Yuan Heng is still at ease. Since Yuan Heng broke out with his own power, he completely imprisoned the core of this small world and the will of the world. After Yuan Heng intervened in the small world, he competed with the will of the world for world control for 300 years.
To tell the truth, Yuan Heng still has a lot of luck in this operation.