This time, after Yuan Heng entered this small world, it was not enough to pose a threat to it in its subconscious mind, so naturally there was no other defense.
As a result, Yuan Heng broke out in one fell swoop when the world will didn’t react.
At this time, the competition between Yuan Heng and the world will is already the will, endurance and resilience of both sides.
To be honest, if it was in the heyday of this small world, Yuan Heng would hardly have this opportunity.
It is almost impossible for an individual to be stronger than a world before reaching a certain level!
And the simple will to achieve a realm of Yuan Heng self-confidence will never be inferior to others!
"Haha finally found the core of the world!"
Finally, after Yuan Heng advanced step by step, he found a little strange light. Yuan Heng was suddenly overjoyed.
Following this ray of light, you have a definite goal, Yuan Heng, and it is easy to break the will of the world. Finally, it will hinder you from breaking into the core at one stroke. If you want to thoroughly refine the core, then this secret world will be completely renamed.
That’s a … A round golden pagoda?
Yuan heng blinked and continued to outbursts. At this time, God’s eyes could not help but pause.
Fortunately, Yuan Heng’s state of mind is extraordinary and instantly controlled, and he has to be countered by the will of the world that is almost completely defeated.
Well, after Yuan Heng scanned it several times again, I made sure it was really a golden pagoda.
Or a tower with ten floors!
However, although I accepted the reality, Yuan Heng still couldn’t help but pull his mouth. This should really be the origin of the world, right?
Language sent a burst of questions Yuan Heng couldn’t help feeling that the world is strange …
Yuan Heng, the founder and strong man, has been to the source of heaven and earth, which is a marginal source!
It is the most spectacular scene Yuan Heng has seen so far that the branch of 100 million sources on Sanqianyuan Avenue will fill up the seemingly marginal sources.
It is also the only one who can really make Yuan Heng, who has achieved a will, almost fail to control the temptation.
Although the source of the small world is not as magnificent as the universe, is this gap too big?
The source is still tower-shaped?
This can’t help but make Yuan Heng’s heart alert. This can’t be a moth.
After thoroughly consolidating the war situation, Yuan Heng separated a wisp of Yuan Ling incarnation and came to this stupa with the self-defense treasure of Xuanyuan Water Control Flag.
Exhale a breath and hit the gate of the stupa, and then go in without hesitation.
As powerful as the universe, even Yuan Heng must avoid it, but Yuan Heng, the source of a small world, is confident that even if something happens, he can get away with it.
But after entering, all kinds of things happened, which made Yuan Heng’s eyebrows twitch. He found that he seemed to underestimate here.
It can be seen that this stupa is not limited to the shape of the stupa. There are faint strange tracks in this stupa, which reveal bursts of breath and weave pictures.
At first sight, the jungle is wild and gorgeous, the star lake is remote and deep, and the dark corridor and the road inscription crisscross to erect the inscription mountain.
Besides, there are mountains, lakes, rivers, seas, sky, stars, lava, and so on.
This let Yuan Heng know that this is a small world that has developed into a perfect one.
It can be said that this small world is almost perfect except that it has not yet developed a birth spirit, so it is still lacking!
Among them, the most conspicuous nature is the four major sources.
Among them, the first two are places where Yuan Heng has met and gained a lot of benefits, and the last two places, the dark corridor Yuan Heng, have also touched, but the inscription mountain has not been caught so far.
Yuan Heng couldn’t help feeling that he was born as a powerful and perfect little world, and his will was able to hide the inscription mountain, the most important source of the world, under his nose.
After feeling finished, keep walking, and almost every step will lead to different world scenes.
It can be said that this stupa records the perfect map projection of this small world.
It’s really the core of the whole small world.
Yuan Heng continues to lift his legs and move forward. At present, everything must be refined by himself, and all this is appreciated by himself in the future.
But although it is on the road, Yuan Heng can also move forward step by step.
After entering this stupa, Yuan Heng immediately understood that it is forbidden to take off here, to remove the magical powers …
Finally, there is something that is not forbidden, that is, what the body spirit itself carries.
For example, Yuan Lingli and willpower …
Gang Yuanheng believes in evil and wants to try it. When he is about to rise, there will be no more.
It seems that Yuan Heng has been deprived of his own flight ability here.
However, even those who can’t fly are still dissatisfied with the walking speed. It’s only a day or so before Yuan Heng has crossed this projection corridor and arrived at a place with a different style.
"Is this a ladder?"
Well, Yuan Heng said that he was white and should not make such a fuss.
Here Yuan Heng has completely understood that this place is really not a natural creation, and the source created by heaven and earth should not appear in the form of a stupa.
Here is a long step, and each step is a piece of Fiona Fang’s half-mile black circle shaped like a round table made of jet. At first glance, you can’t see the margin.
Yuan Heng can’t help wondering if there is really a ten-story pagoda here?
Why is there such a ladder? Even if it is elongated, it is not so exaggerated, is it?
"Rumble …"
After Yuan Heng went to the front of the ladder, there was a dull sound.