Later, when approaching Zun, a flash suddenly rushed into Zun Tianling.
"I see, there are such interesting things!"
One punch will strengthen the ice explosion and break up while watching Yuan Ling’s incarnation experience.
At this time, Yuan Heng looked at the tower with a lot of blazing eyes.
To get a statue left by the ancestors, it will definitely add a heavy weight to your immortal road!
A small step can give you such strong inspiration. What about the top floor?
What should there be?
Waving the Xuanyuan water control flag in your hand seems to be a perfect magic brush, and you draw a set of seals in front of your body, and like the most perfect painter, you draw these seals into a perfect picture.
And then into the virtual as its ice explosion source!
Yuan Heng, now most of the forces have broken out to suppress this small world and block it. The will of this world will extract more forces from the interference of the small world to deal with these dog skin plasters, and generally lock up their own ice explosion.
Otherwise, if he needs his Yuan Ling incarnation, he will come to find himself with Lingbao.
Now, Yuan Heng, the incarnation of Yuan Ling, has finally got a little spare capacity.
"What’s the matter? There is such a powerful force of will in this world that there is still a subsequent party? "
Round blue thunderballs swept towards Yuanheng.
To Yuan Heng’s surprise, although these thunderballs didn’t have the crazy blasting power as expected, they directly blew him back and flew away because of their rapid strength!
Boom boom …
"Does it want to take itself somewhere?"
Feel this force will continue to retreat and then set off in the same direction. Yuan Heng has a faint premonition in his heart.
"No, now 99% of my strength is restraining and suppressing the small world, so there is no ability to adapt!"
Now the situation is too bad for Yuan Heng.
Once Yuan Heng stays at the place where the world will be made, the consequences will never be what he wants.
Yuan Heng believes that he can escape from the blockade of this small world at worst, even though he is worried about his life and wants to recover his strength at the head of the crisis.
However, this means that not only the resources and fate of a whole small world will go with it, but more importantly, the core of that world-the Golden Pagoda will also say goodbye to itself.
That’s too much for Yuan Heng!
This is a statue that may impact the immortal ancestors!
It is very likely that this Taoist ancestor will seal his feelings when he hits immortality, and the greatest possibility is at the end of the ladder!
With these experiences, the success rate may increase a lot when Yuanheng impacts immortality in the future!
This is Yuan Heng. It is absolutely impossible to give up!
"Stop! Stop it for me! "
Yuanheng directly threw Genesis out with the intention of relying on this powerful distance to make Tianbao only a short distance away from the associated Lingbao to stabilize himself to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Calculation!
There is no doubt that Yuanheng’s accompanying Lingbao power is 100% compatible with its owner, and it takes almost too much power to maintain it, so it can play an extremely considerable power.
The great law of Genesis has risen to a horrible level through the increase of Genesis.
Turns out to be instantaneous will yuan heng Fiona Fang thousand kilometers all thunder ball directly annihilate the end!
Suddenly Yuan Heng’s eyes shrank, and I don’t know when the world will actually seal him off for a while. That strange ice burst out and condensed out a knife across the Wan Li ice blade facing him!
"You can’t just be forced over!"
Yuan Heng’s eyes are flashing with bright silver brilliance. He has a hunch that once he is forced into the position planned by the world will, he may leave here, and everything will become a dream.
Hoo hoo!
Although Yuan Heng’s heart is very unwilling, after all, his body has no extra force at this time, so he can watch the ice blade cross.
Although the ice blade didn’t hit Yuan Heng hard, it was not an ordinary thing after all, but it was absolutely difficult to trap Yuan Heng!
At this time, concentrating and suppressing the ice explosion part of Wanli only forms a Wan Li ice blade, and its power … can be imagined!
Therefore, almost one yuan constant is directly thrown back!
"Never move … what a body!"