"Whoo …"
Finally Yuan Heng kicked a sigh of relief and finally paused.
Take back the Xuanyuan water control flag. After all, this thing is not finished refining. It is not as good as the associated Lingbao.
"What the fuck is coming again!"
Seeing that the situation has been suppressed, I didn’t expect that a giant thunder ball with compressed essence came again!
"Nine crits!"
See another thunder ball, Yuan Heng. Finally, I can’t bear it. I will directly play the avatar who has not had power for a long time with one punch!
Make the power Dao Yuanheng finally let the eternal motionless real body show a flaw. At this time, the strong giant explosion power directly threw Yuan Heng away for a distance.
"Boxing style!"
Punch back directly, and the recoil will slow down your retreat.
Although I don’t know where to go, Yuan Heng can detect the bad.
"Here is it?"
Yuan Heng looked at the inscriptions around him. At this time, a whole mountain of inscriptions was directly formed everywhere!
"This is the fourth source-Inscription Mountain!"
Yuan Heng’s face changed greatly. This inscription mountain is the only special place in this small world that he can’t see through except the core of the world.
Elsewhere, even if Yuan Heng didn’t probe carefully, he could faintly reveal some tips.
But I can’t see through here!
Each of these inscriptions is made of black unknown stone.
Among them, it is 10,000 meters high and less than half a meter small. Every inscription is inserted in the ground in a square, engraved with various patterns and carvings of different shapes.
And they also have some unknown characters burning all over the monument.
Yuan Heng doesn’t know these words, but it doesn’t matter. He’s a congenital ghost. He doesn’t know words, so he can come here in vain at a glance.
And these are more complicated, which vaguely contains a bit of power, I am afraid it is not a simple word.
Therefore, if you want to translate it, you still have to spend some time before he can translate it.
But …
"Ow … Woo hoo!"
A furious roar sounded.
Then Yuan Heng directly felt a monstrous coercion and directly interrupted his thoughts.
When I looked up, it was actually a huge figure rising from the mountain with the inscription. At first glance, I felt that it was as desolate as it had been for centuries.
A series of streamers flashed in the eye hole of God’s pupil, and Yuan Heng’s eyes were almost divided into two miniature silver black holes.
"This is … what?"
I don’t know how many billions of miles in length, two claws in front of me, one horn broken, two huge eyes radiating cold, silent, barren and cave-like.
Far away, the unknown beast growled and stretched out its huge claws and then … rushed forward!
Suddenly a monstrous claw crossed to blink when obstacles appeared in front of Yuan Heng.
"Not good!"
As soon as Yuan Heng appeared, this behemoth knew that it was not good. It was absolutely necessary for him to pose before he could fight against his opponent. Now he is at the lowest ebb. He can never be an opponent. The only way is to …
"Power returns!"
In just a moment, Yuan Heng did not hesitate to take back all his strength. At this time, he could not consider anything.
So this force, which is enough to suppress the whole small world, collapsed in the whole world, and the virtual seal column collapsed, and the whole silver world collapsed like a water moon in a mirror
This one, which is located in the most eternal river, represents that the thing where Yuanheng Daoguo is located immediately reacts and directly rushes over Yuanheng’s head and enters Yuanheng’s body.
In other visions, they converge into a monstrous vortex, and converge on Yuanheng’s head, and then …
Straight through!
At this moment, even the giant claws are at a standstill in this terrorist force!
I saw a little thing like an ant that actually caught himself and blocked the beast, and suddenly a huge roar.
The monstrous force blessed the animal’s paw and took it again, vowing to wipe it out completely!
Suddenly the sky were to fall, the whole world was to be annihilated, and nothing was left!
This time, Yuan Heng looked up in a rage mixed with a monster horse, and suddenly he felt that everything was broken. All the iron in heaven and earth was out of order, and he himself …
At the center of this riot!
"The streamer is rhythmic!"
A deep roar Yuan Heng is deep, and a huge hand appears, which is mixed with the recoil of crushing the whole world and eternal silence without showing weakness!
Life avatar!
Yuan Heng, who has been calculated by the will of the world for a long time, has also accumulated a lot of anger. Now, at first hand, it is a magical power!
Since Yuan Heng ordered the avatar to be re-melted, with the accompanying Lingbao Genesis, a whole world has been created in the void!