Yuan Heng soon opened his eyes and shook his head with a wry smile. "Should I say that it is worthy of the secret method of escaping created by the second crushing?"
"I went straight to the celestial world?" to be continued
Chapter one hundred and nine Venus Lei Guang died in kill array
Self-mockery and wry smile bemoaned one’s own situation. Is there a god who is more unlucky than himself?
I tried my best to break through the poison king mountain range, which was a terrible poison and entered a secret world, and I finally got my own ultimate reward through layers of tests.
The cooked duck just flew away!
Even Yuan Heng can’t help sighing at this time.
You know, this is a great opportunity, but it’s a legacy of Daozu!
Daozu and other figures?
If those stair Cheng Yuanheng can keep calm, the top floor may be impressed by the immortal Taoist, which makes Yuan Heng almost crazy …
This is what he needs most!
It can be said that even if you take a first Tianbao and exchange it with Yuan Heng, you won’t change these feelings!
"Ahem! "
Is a cough don’t check yuan heng can white yourself at this time the injury is heavy to a degree.
Although the preciousness of JingXie is not as important as it was at the beginning for the refined body Yuan Heng at this time, it still makes Yuan Heng lose some money by losing several mouths and dozens of drops of JingXie.
And it’s not just the loss of jingxie. This time, the will of the world and the beast are hit hard. At this time, the body is in a terrible mess, which is definitely the most serious damage Yuan Heng has ever suffered!
"Rumble …"
It is also a few purple clouds gods, Lei Heng, who passed by in a bad mood. Yuan Heng was also attracted by this rich thunder road aggregates.
"It’s really strange that there are not only blue thunder, but also purple thunder. It seems that this place is really a top congenital thunder vein!"
These two kinds of pre-gods thunder are two kinds of thunder with very high ranking, and the purple sky thunder is the first thunder of the heavens. Even for Yuan Heng, their innate power, this kind of thunder is also a big thunder for them
This is not the first time that Yuan Heng Wan Lei washed his body. Isn’t it the purple sky thunder that robbed him?
Therefore, even if Yuan Heng didn’t have a horse to find a place to close his wounds, he turned his attention to the depths of Leigu. Yuan Heng had a hunch that this definitely gave birth to some good things.
"hmm? Isn’t this God Xiao Yuan Lei Jing? There is such a big piece! "
God’s pupil instantly sees through all obstacles. Yuan Heng saw the hundreds of millions of thunder roaring madly towards the center in the depths of Leigu, and went to a purple fine stone with a thick thunder breath as big as one meter Fiona Fang. The surface was covered with lines of gods.
"Ha ha is really a windfall!"
Shen Xiao Yuan Lei Jing has a very high level of congenital treasures, and its preciousness is no longer chaotic. The fine stone is even more valuable. It is still such a big one. It is only a little bit like a fist to know that Yuan Heng got the chaotic fine stone. "I don’t know what his expression will be like if this guy knows that I got such a big piece of Shen Xiao Yuan Lei Jing."
The birth of this kind of congenital treasure is extremely harsh. At the beginning of its birth, it is necessary to gather eleven kinds of congenital gods and thunder to breed together, so that it is possible to appear a little, and then it is possible to take shape after years of tempering.
Almost without exception, this kind of thing was born in that short moment just after the creation of heaven and earth, and there will be almost no such opportunity to be born after the birth of embryos.
Even if there is a thunder road in the future to gather the innate thunder of the heavens, it is impossible to give birth to such a good thing again, because there is no such breeding environment and opportunity!
I think when the thunder came to the temples to talk with him, he was very proud that there was a little spirit of thunder in the depths of his thunder world and it was as big as two fists …
Wave Yuan Heng’s hand and put this rare treasure in his pocket. Then he is ready to quickly find a place to close it. After all, it is really awkward to always drag a wound.
"This place can also although ray some wrong but …"
After receiving this thing, Yuan Heng looked at the breeding ground. Although the thunder spirit was somewhat reduced due to the loss of God Xiao Yuan Lei Jing, it was still a first-class treasure to close the healing in it, and it was also possible to use Tianwei Lei Qi to erase the body and destroy the interest.
Figure move yuan heng appeared in the valley around the exploration of the terrain yuan heng satisfied nodded his head.
"It’s really a good place. With a little arrangement and guidance, you can become a congenital appearance."
"It’s a pity that I’m not good at this avenue of stars, or else I’ll guide Zhou Tianxing to combine this thunderous atmosphere with more than one law of thunderous stars, which is likely to condense out the power of thunderous stars …"
Yuanheng looked up at the vector star, and the reflection of the stars in the middle of the eyes was born and died, showing the mystery of the star path, as if hundreds of millions of stars were circulating in the palm of their hands.