"alas! “
"Fortunately, this celestial star light is also a light source, which should be changed into a ray array, right? “
On second thought, the idea appeared in my heart.
I feel great. calcium dobesilate capsules’s constant mind turned to poverty, and the meaning flashed in my heart, and I had an initial formation.
In an instant, a large ball of light emerged from Yuan Heng’s finger, and the meaning of poverty surged in it.
This light seems to be the first light, the eternal light, the growth source of all things in heaven and earth, with endless vitality and mystery. This is indeed the mysterious light that Yuanheng realized from Nu Wa.
The light is shining all over Leigu and entering the light country. At this moment, the poor and violent people are also meek and generally illuminated by light.
"The heavens thunder together! “
Yuan Hengqing drank a cup of thunder as if he had ordered the heavens to thunder, and in one hand, he held an instantaneous hundred million thunders.
The heavens are full of thunder, and Yuan Heng, a friend of the first celestial fiend, is naturally impossible to be unfamiliar with Lei Dao.
Booming …
Billions of thunder entered the light ball, but instead of the expected comet hitting the earth and exploding, it instantly formed a light ball.
There are two kinds of light thunder balls: Great Everbright Tianwei and Big Xiao Killing. This is similar to that guy’s trial avenue, but it’s worse. I don’t know how much this is the power gained by Yuan Heng and Tian Lei in their spare time communication. Although they are not satisfied, it is still relatively acceptable in practice.
Yuan Heng put Fang Guanglei ball together here, and the thunder gas increased its power without stopping, and once the eyes turned, I saw Leigu fully.
Reach out and grab 991 congenital thunder with extremely high quality from the four directions of Leigu, and then refine these congenital thunder into thunder prints. These thunder prints are suspected exceptions, which contain all kinds of thunder, truth and meaning, and have also entered the world. In the future, it will be possible to evolve a small-scale world of thunder.
If Yuanheng can receive the eleven kinds of congenital thunder and enter them respectively in the future, it will be tempered into a spiritual treasure after going through poor years in Yuanheng cloth.
"forgive! “
Mind move yuan heng will this thunder ball directly into the thunder valley thunder pulse core will be integrated into it.
"Light Gaga everbright Lei Guang died in kill array! “
Seize the opportunity, Yuan Heng took the opportunity to put the refined Leiyin into a good position in advance.
"boom! “
A wave will instantly cover the whole Leigu Yuan’s perpetual motion. After the arrangement of this law is completed, the actual situation will close the strongest power of the large array.
Then, instead, there are a series of roads, in which the innate light Raytheon forbids the light and the meaning of thunder flows. In the valley of thunder, the source of innate thunder pulse can be described as endless interlocking.
Although there is no avenue in this road of Dawei Lei Guang’s kill array, it is absolutely impossible for outsiders to break through the large-scale blockade by moving in the light and thunder cycle
"Finally, it looks good."
Yuan Heng looked at this way and stood up in a large array, but it was calm. This thing was not enough to make his mood fluctuate. "But it was a further glimpse of the practice of combining light and thunder. It turned out that some things were just in his mind."
At this moment, Yuan Heng was about to enter the closed state, but suddenly a wave of fluctuation in his heart was a whim.
I just closed my eyes and tried to reopen them. I didn’t expect things to come one after another, although it was not a bad thing.
Yuan heng naturally knows that this whim is a chance and is coming to his side.
The chance to close your eyes again is not strong in Yuanheng’s perception, so I don’t really care about it.
It’s a pity that the idea of being so disturbed and closed is no longer strong enough to open your eyes again and look to the East, so that you can see this opportunity clearly.
"This is? “
Yuan Heng looked at the scene hundreds of millions of miles away in astonishment, which attracted him with the innate Excalibur containing light and wonderful truths.
This innate Excalibur is derived from the Light Road, which contains the Cang Tao. This is a big branch of the Light Road. Although it is only a median innate magic weapon, it has great potential to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and ten Body collection?
Yuan Heng seems that this Excalibur will be promoted to the top innate Excalibur in the future just around the corner.
So this sword is naturally predestined friends with him.
What is this?
It’s already the main road, and its own chance has come. This is the innate Excalibur. Does it seem to be taken at this time?
Yuan Heng pulled the corners of his mouth, didn’t he call himself to collect the body for this little girl?
"But I can die, but my way can’t be cut off! “
Has been hit hard and dying frequently, but the thought of being taken into the heart of the people is still a worry. At this time, they are definitely not far away, and it is easy to be recaptured, which will give them a force.
You can die, but you must die meaningfully!
"Cang Li, I’m going back to Yuan! “
Qing Ming’s face suddenly burst into a burst of determination, and his body bloomed into tens of millions of cyan brilliance, and then his body gradually faded.
"Cangshan Excalibur sword I only! “
One doesn’t mean sighing, there’s a faint sound left in the original place, and then all kinds of brilliance merge into Cangming Excalibur.
"You can go with me! “
The sword sings cold and mournful, and the blue brilliance flashes suddenly and violently. The giant sword blooms in a faint way. This is inherited from the innate magic weapon source. I didn’t expect it to be inspired by a little guy who is just less than the realm of Jinxian.
This is the light of the sword and the light of the road. At this time, it seems that a blue sun will come to the top of the head and the black storm will be wiped out and scattered!
Qing Ming Yuan Shen is getting weaker and weaker, but it has a different flavor, which is not easy to be immortal!
At this time, Qing Ming realized the immortal pass of Jin Xian!
If it is in the usual Qing Ming, even if the Tao is firm, he will be ecstatic, but at this time he is silent
It’s too late.
"die! “
In the light of the sword, there was a sigh, and it didn’t give the other party another chance. In the light of the sword, it swallowed the other party directly …
"Little temper is really big stop …"
With the sound of a dream, a crescent ribbon will directly block the Cangshan Excalibur, which has reached the extreme edge.
"Alas, I didn’t expect this to end in the end …"
A ray of light is almost penetrating the Yuan God. In the eyes of Excalibur, it is calm and not turbulent. The whole body exudes a weak sense of Ruo Ruo Avenue, but it turns out that it has fallen into an unknown situation.
At this time, Qing Ming has regretted that although he can’t completely end the pursuit of several people, he has tried his best, hasn’t he?
"Hey? What’s going on? “
A beautiful spirit, a beautiful image of a secluded orchid, emerged from the void, as if from the fragrance of laurel in the moon palace. At this time, I couldn’t help but feel a little silent. This scene really surprised her.
Looking at this scene, Wang Shu was a little overwhelmed. She and the creator of Qinghu clan, the bodhi old zu, are friends. This time, she came to visit him in the Leiwei Baoyan community, so she hurried to stop him after she felt that several little guys of Qinghu clan were in danger.
But everything in sight made Wang Shu frown. Things didn’t seem to be what she imagined …
"Hum! Daoyou tube is too wide! “