Ji was relieved that Xiao Ning would not be involved. His father didn’t tell him anything, but he could think of it with his toes. It was all written by his father.
Uncle Ji said, "Let Lu Youren get out of Lujia at noon today!"
Third Master Ji Shi Shiran said, "This is a must. Up to now, he has been biting Xiao Ning at random and wants to ask the government to arrest Xiao Ning. It’s really a bit of fathers and daughters’s silence. Are we still polite to him?"
If you don’t repent, you will die.
Lu Xiaoning didn’t know anything about what happened in Lujia today, and now her attention is attracted by another thing.
In the middle of the morning class, someone came to see Huangfu Yunlan, and when she heard the news, she told Xue’s physician that she had left in a hurry. She vaguely heard what the people who came to see Huangfu Yunlan said … The grandfather was involved in the river embankment repair, and he was called by the emperor to go to this matter, even if Princess Qin asked Huangfu Yunlan to go to the Empress first, then she herself would come to the palace later.
Huangfu Shaozhuo built a river bank, which made people angry and complained that Lu Xiaoning had long heard in the drugstore that Huangfu Shaozhuo deliberately blocked the river and forced those shippers to leave as soon as possible when they got the pass. Moreover, Huangfu Shaozhuo also asked the passing shippers for property under various pretexts, which was forced to collect in the name of free donation, but the money did not really build a river bank, but fell into Huangfu Shaozhuo’s pocket. Now everyone calls Huangfu Shaozhuo pickpocket.
This kind of person is unlucky and deserves it. Lu Xiaoning hopes that the emperor will severely punish Huangfu Shaolong.
And Liu Fanghua has been waiting for Huangfu Shaolong to pick her up in Lan Clothes Shop.
"Will Miss Shi come?" Siqin lost confidence in waiting.
"What are you talking about? Of course, the world will come. "Liu Fanghua doesn’t have much confidence. It is said that Shao Long knows that she ran away from home and went to him. He should pick her up as soon as possible.
Siqin would like to ask Miss Wan Yishi what to do if he doesn’t come? Where else can they go? They have all come out of the house, and the cruel words have also been dropped. The key is that they are penniless now.
But she was afraid to ask the young lady, and her face was already very ugly.
After waiting for a long time, the owner of Lan Clothes Workshop finally came.
"You still go back first!" Fang Zhu said
"What? Master Shi said that? Didn’t you tell him where I can go now? " Liu Fanghua look panic way
Master Fang shook his head. "I haven’t seen Master Shi, and I don’t think I will see him for a while."
"That’s why?" Liu Fanghua learned that this was not Huangfu Shaolong’s intention, and he had reached his throat and fell back into his stomach.
"The world is in trouble now. Today, he was joined by several suggestion adults. He has been called into the palace for questioning," Fang said truthfully.
I don’t know when I can come out. It’s never a problem for these two to stay with her all the time.
Liu Fanghua just fell to her heart and suddenly got up again. Did Huangfu Shaolong get the suggestion? Liu Fanghua carefully asked "that … the world will be in trouble? Is it a big trouble? "
Fang main road "if I know? I don’t understand officialdom. "
Siqin begged, "Master Fang, can you let us wait for Master Shi here? My young lady won’t rest assured until the Lord returns safely. "
Don’t the owner of the workshop say, "I still want to do business here. Miss Lu should go back and wait. I believe she will come to Miss Lu as soon as she gets the news after she leaves the palace."
Liu Fanghua and Siqin looked at each other. What can we do? They have gone home.
Liu Fanghua bit her lip and said, "I have left home and can’t go back."
The owner laughed. "It’s really no good. You should find an inn to settle down and tell me the address. I’ll tell the master later."
Siqin said weakly, "But we … have no silver."
Fang Zhu smiled for a while and said, "I’ll lend you 12 silvers first! Settle down first. "
We can’t always let them stay here. Now the situation of the Qin Palace is not good, which can be said to be very bad. She doesn’t want to get involved too much.
After a cup of tea, Liu Fanghua was politely sent out of Lan Clothes Shop with twelve taels of silver.
"Miss have juryo silver can top? Seeing that the world is going to get married today, I’m afraid it will take a long time to pick up the young lady if she can’t come today. Twelve silvers won’t last much time. "Siqin worries.
Where can I eat enough when I live in an inn for twelve taels of silver? The owner of this Lan Yi Fang is too snobbish. He fawned on the young lady before, but now he knows that Master Shi is in trouble and sends her away like a flower.
Liu Fanghua’s eyes were gloomy. She didn’t expect it to be like this. Twelve silvers are really too little.
Lu Fanghua glanced at Siqin and rested on Siqin’s waist pocket. "How much silver do you have?"
Siqin meant to cover her purse. "There’s not much left."
"Give me the purse" Liu Fanghua ordered tone way.
"Miss, this is a handmaiden. It’s hard to save." Miss Siqin Xin is still wearing a pair of jade earrings and a golden lock on her neck. Why don’t you pawn it but want to make her purse?
"What are you doing so stingy? When the world comes, let the world double back to you, "said Liu Fanghua, and went to pull the Siqin purse."
I’m calling to see that there are still more than three taels of silver in it. I stared at Siqin discontentedly. How did the girl save so much silver?
Chapter 4 Get Master Lu out, please
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At the end of the fourth century, money steward brought a group of people to Lujia door on time.
Lujia’s door is closed. He always adds two thick sticks to the door and then squats on the ground and cries.
He has been guarding this house for nearly nine years, and now he finally can’t keep it.
There were several calls outside, and there was no response inside, so there was no sound outside.