As soon as she entered Grace Cathedral, Liu Youren swept over and asked, "Angelica dahurica, let me ask you if Aunt Sue was coaxed by Miss Da? Or did the old lady order her to go? "

Angelica dahurica unhurriedly said, "Sir, although the old lady doesn’t live in this house, she is still the old lady’s mother. I can’t * * * wait on my mother to do my filial piety. Aunt Sue and the fifth young master will do it instead of you. This is what the old lady means. […]

Those ghosts in the gathering of Yin banners were received by Tianshi people after decades of hard work. Now that we know that we can’t treat the ghost king, we naturally refuse to be swallowed up by him.

The motive method is to take back the gathering banner. The ghost king saw Juyin’s banner fly away and took away the food in his mouth. Of course, you won’t let Tianshi people have a harsh sneer at his mouth. Suddenly, his arms crossed and there was a violent shock. From the ghost king’s body, […]

In the incantation state, the two people will become fat and their appearance will change, and they will grow organs that normal people don’t have, such as Sasuke’s incantation state. At the second time, they will grow big-handed wings, while Kimimaro will grow a tail. Jyuugo can even turn his hand into an axe, and so on. A few replicators can partially incantate like Jyuugo.

Chiba doesn’t want the red beans to become like that. Moreover, if the host is in a state of incantation for a long time, it will run away and eventually lose itself. This kind of operation is given by orochimaru through incantation, and the copy of incantation is still subject to orochimaru. The curse on […]

Lu Xiaoning turned to look at dad calmly, saying, "I’m satisfied to a certain extent, but at least I’ve done something evil and pretended to be a koo. Although she hasn’t got what she deserves, I think my father must be dissatisfied because I punctured your most proud pustule."

"She is your sister" Liu Youren angrily. Lu Xiaoning did a great job. She had no sisterhood at all. "Why didn’t she think I was her own sister when she pushed me into the water?" Lu Xiaoning speaks cold language. "Xiao Ning, don’t talk," said Uncle Jijia. Lu Xiaoning obediently replied "Yes". Then I hung […]

"wander? Did it hurt you? "

"Of course it hurts? The girl’s skin is tender and not bumped! " "Then I’ll pay you a gift!" With that, Pi two dog just hugged Liu Wen and kissed her. For several minutes, Liu Wen cried and said, "Brother Dog, is this how you make amends?" "Wenwen, I see you like this gift very […]

Liu Youren looked at his mother and looked away from her. They bowed their heads together and looked at Lu Xiaoning and Lu Xiaoning. His eyes were indifferent and alienated as if they were looking at an irrelevant person.

Liu Youren suddenly became angry from the heart, and I don’t know where to get up by myself, pointing to Ji Sanye. "How dare you beat the court MingGuan? You are a unruly. You are a unruly …" Liu Youren’s speech is vague because his mouth is broken and his face is swollen. Ji Sanye […]


Snow … The doomsday natural disaster formed a natural disaster. The first seven days after the world was broken, the fairy directly spit out one mouthful blood. "Qing Ming, although your practice is not a natural disaster, you are indeed a genius. It’s a pity that I will let you die a little faster in […]