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However, this recruit a thunder Yuan Zun center, and the local stars in Fiona Fang immediately turned into a yellow fragment. The scope of destruction made Yuan Ye have to retreat again.

shout Finally, I got rid of the exhaustive attack. The elders of Thunder Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, and the corners of my mouth turned out to be bruised. The clothes of Thunder Yuan were smashed into pieces by Starpower, and they were generally embarrassed to wear beggars. It’s incredible for those spectators to […]

Lin Xiaoyou, you are now my Wanjin Chamber of Commerce, but I am going to come to see this drama. Although I can’t intervene in the life-and-death struggle, if an outsider makes trouble, I will not allow the Wanjin Chamber of Commerce to answer the smile and say,

While talking, Xia Wanjin’s eyes are also carefully swept in the forest, especially when he feels that if the forest animal sends out subtle force fluctuations, his eyes can’t help but shake gently. It seems that I really told Dong Su that now Lin Dong has successfully entered Yuan Dan’s territory. Xia Wanjin’s eyes flashed […]

In a blink of an eye, four years has been the past, and Yuan Ye has also slowly opened his eyes. Soon, a sense of extreme fulfillment has also come with his own consciousness.

Tao Zun’s nine-turn intermediate four-year cultivation has broken through a small realm, but it is also a matter of self-effort. Now it is by no means a problem to reach the peak of nine-turn. Even now, Yuan Ye’s actual combat strength is even greater than the average person’s breakthrough of two or even three small […]

When the rules change, the absolute giants can only do things when they reach the level of immortality, and the magical powers understand the rules of the universe, thus reversing the time and changing the emptiness.

This avatar no longer belongs to the avatar, but is a kind of heaven. Buzz, buzz, buzz. The huge king of heaven and earth touched the magic circle and stopped. I’m afraid it’s impossible to stop such a huge collision force even if it’s cultivated into an epic, but this magic array has been achieved […]


Thunder and lightning in the sea, dark clouds, pouring rain, high winds and showers, causing great waves. Two figures stand in vain and look up at the sky. Hey, didn’t you say that the boy is back now? Henderson looks around, but all the rain near 200 feet will be drained by a strange force […]

Brother Yan Lu, since you have this discussion, why don’t you help me escort Mijie to Wan Yunxing? My Wanjialou Treasure should be no less than your North Cold Valley. You see that Wanjialou landlord Gotama smiles all over his face.

Hearing the words of these two people, the facial muscles of Yan Lu suddenly twitched. Obviously, this sudden change can’t be discussed in a few words. Haha, since you don’t know what to do, okay? I’ll give you a suggestion, so I’ve been keeping a very low profile at this moment, ready to enter the […]

Fists once again severely hit the wave of endless and vigorous quarrelling, which finally made Yuan Ye’s body suddenly and violently retreat and stuffy hum a trace of blood slowly down the corners of his mouth.

Repelling Yuan Ye and Zhang Yuanjun didn’t strike at once, just like clapping your hands and dusting after finishing the work. You just sneered at Yuan Ye. I’m afraid your defense is the strongest I’ve ever seen. My continuous attack turned out to be just to hurt you, but I said that all external means […]

This time, the Demon Sect has made great efforts to form this powerful strength because of The Hunger, a great devil with exquisite world and cold evil. Similarly, they all hope to take this opportunity to wipe out the Buddhism and Taoism Sect in one fell swoop.

Even Yuan Zong, who is getting mixed up day by day, should be killed together. On the whole, this trip is the best time for them to wait for Buddhism and Taoism to mix with Yuan Zong. It’s hard to think that cold evil is such a devil who is used to intrigue. All evil […]